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Hillary Clinton caught in another lie as New York Times reveals a second secret email address

Hillary Clinton caught in another lie as New York Times reveals a second secret email address

Rumors about Hillary Clinton went from bad to worse on Monday as a New York Times article verified her use of a second secret email address during her time as Secretary of State.

Hillary herself has confirmed that she used only one address during her tenure, but recent investigations prove otherwise. The former Secretary of State, along with her office and lawyer, seem to be caught in another lie.

Hillary’s team tried to shush the scandal by suggesting the belief that she used more than one address during her time as Secretary is a simple “misunderstanding.” Unfortunately for Hillary the timestamps on her emails prove her guilty without a doubt.

Using a secret server and email address to conduct government business is a wonton breach of protocol as far as the State Department is concerned. Pressure from Congress forced Hillary to hand over the emails, but not before she deleted over half of them, claiming they were personal.

Hillary’s story changed again last Tuesday when she spoke to the press, for the first time since late April, saying that the emails weren’t hers. They belong to the State Department and she has no say on when they will be released to the public.

The documents she gave to the State Department numbered over 50,000 pages. The investigation has so far revealed many suspicious emails to confidant and adviser Sydney Blumenthal, a longtime associate of both the Clinton family and the Clinton Foundation.

Email content includes unsubstantiated information on Libya from Blumenthal to Hillary, worrisome conversations between the two, and records related to the attack on US facilities in Benghazi.

Jeff Rathke, State spokesman, confirmed that officials are not “slow-rolling” the email release, but a federal judge disagreed with the State’s proposed deadline of January 2016 and gave the department one week to come up with a plan for periodic email release.

Hillary’s blatant lies bring suspicion on her family in addition to the Clinton Foundation, which has been under scrutiny lately as lines blur between Foundation earnings, family finances, and campaign interests.

Funny enough, Hillary is behaving as if she actually wants the emails released. She told press earlier this week: “Nobody has a bigger interest in getting them released than I do.” She explained that she wants the American people to understand how hard she worked as Secretary of State by allowing them to read the emails.

Many times has Hillary been accused of not living by the set of rules she expects everyone else to follow. Will this newest scandal be the straw that breaks the camels back, destroying her chance at presidency?


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