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Hillary Clinton: Americans have too many Guns

Hillary Clinton: Americans have too many Guns

Hillary Clinton has always been staunch in her gun-control stance, supporting Obama’s failed efforts to restrict gun ownership and even suggesting we adopt a nationwide buyback program. But what she said this week is just unbelievable: “We have just too many guns – on the streets, in our homes, in our neighborhoods.” 

Not surprisingly, her words were delivered to a group of African-American woman mourning family members who were – you guess it – shot to death. Has anyone asked what would have happened had the victims been armed and ready to defend themselves? Probably not. 

Hillary’s speech was part of a forum on gun violence held at St. Paul’s Baptist Church in Philadelphia this Wednesday. During the event, Hillary referred to gun violence as an “epidemic” in America. 

She warned that organizations committed to the defense of the Second Amendment would stand in her way to restrict gun ownership should she be elected president. “There is none more powerful than the gun lobby,” she said. “None.”

Hillary has badmouthed other democrats for failing to focus on gun control and has criticized Congress for siding with the NRA, noting that the group would do everything in its power to defeat her in the presidential election.  

Former Attorney General Eric Holder, who attended the event, praised Hillary as someone who would continue the progress Obama has made. “I’m confident that if we elect this woman as the president of the United States, that progress will continue,” he said.

I’m confident that something would continue, but I wouldn’t call it “progress.” A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to have your guns taken away. 


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