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Hillary Beats Bernie – With a Stick! (figuratively)

Hillary Beats Bernie – With a Stick! (figuratively)

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has handily won 4 of the 5 primary states. Hillary has won Pennsylvania (+12%), Maryland (+30%), Delaware (+20%) by wide margins, and Connecticut (+5%) by a smaller margin. Sanders won only Rhode Island (+12%).

All Democratic primaries are proportional, so each candidate will pick up delegates.  However this brings Clinton much closer to the nomination which is now inevitable.  

While Sanders is not yet mathematically eliminated, he would need about 80% of the remaining delegates to win the nomination outright.  No one sees this as a possibility.

Clinton has 2141 delegates and needs 2383 to with the nomination outright. She needs less than 20% of the remaining 1303 to clinch it. This includes an estimated 519 superdelegates pledged to her (this may change slightly by morning).

We had speculated that if Clinton was indicted (remember, ongoing FBI investigation of her email server), she might lose the support of the superdelegates. If she were to lose all of them, she can still clinch the nomination with 57% of the remaining delegates. She will get those by June 8.

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