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Hillary's Arab Spring Fail

Hillary's Arab Spring Fail

Hillary Clinton has been wrong about everything. That statement might seem partisan in nature, but a thorough review of all decisions reveals a woman who has virtually zero foresight. On the topic of the Arab Spring, Clinton continuously voiced her praise for the coinciding revolutions that have plunged the Middle East region into irreversible turmoil.

In 2011, Hillary Clinton strolled through Tahrir Square, the site of the Egyptian protests that removed American ally Hosni Mubarek from office. “To see where this revolution happened, and all that it has meant to the world, is extraordinary for me,” the gushing Secretary said to a crowd of journalists.” For the United States, supporting democratic transitions is not a matter of idealism. It is a strategic necessity.” 

Within the year, during Clinton’s second visit, protesters pelted her motorcade with tomatoes and shoes, all the while chanting: “Monica, Monica, Monica.”  The Monica chant, of course, is in reference to Bill Clinton’s extramarital affair with a White House Intern. Within a year of that date, the first democratically elected president Mohammad Morsi was overthrown by the military in July 2013 following mass protests. Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, the former military chief, is now president of Egypt; Morsi has been sentenced to death. 

According to Pew research, 84 percent of Egyptians believe in the death penalty for people who leave Islam. Where did those democracy loving protesters Clinton was so fond of go? Its as if they never existed at all.

Hillary’s statements regarding Libya reflected the same misguided policy plans that she had expressed in Egypt. 

“On behalf of the American people and government, our congratulations, our best wishes to the Libyan people for what, through great hardship, sacrifice and courage, they have achieved in opening the door to a more promising future for Libya after 42 years of the Gadhafi dictatorship,” Clinton said to Libyan journalists. 

The death of Gadhafi was the first sign Clinton’s idea of what was going on was flaud. The ” democracy craving ” rebels slowly cut off parts of their former leader and sodamized him with sticks, all while manically chanting “Allahu Akbar.”

A few years after that visit, four Americans are dead, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, and Libya is a crumbling ruin. The flag of al Qaeda now flows freely in many cities. The country now serves as one of the cheif recruting grounds for the Islamic State.  

What an inept Obama administration called a “success story” was not immune to the Hillary curse. Four years after Hillary’s visit to Yemen, the country is falling into a sectarian ruin. As of 2015, President Abdo Rabbu Mansour Hadi has fled from his palace to seek solace in an unknown location. Most government officials were chased out of the country, their property seized and destroyed by rebels.

Hillary’s secretary of state tenure was a literal tour of countries en route to destruction, and in each example Hilary viewed them as pro-democracy,pro-human rights countries on the rise. Her initial evaluation of every country was fatally incorrect. Not even mentioning any of her multiple scandals, being wrong about every country she encountered should disqualify her from being a serious candidate. We need a president who isn’t too clouded by ideology to see what is actually happening.

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