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He’s five years old … for god’s sake

He’s five years old … for god’s sake

The politics of victimization has been a blight on American politics for generations – ever since the introduction of “political correctness” and its evil twin “identity politics.”  No political force in American history has been more divisive and destructive for a longer time – with the possible exception of the Democrats’ more than 100 years of racism and white supremacy since the end of the Civil War.

The concept of political correctness and identity politics is not new – although the moniker is. An obsessive focus on “difference” has been the source of every conflict in human history – from major global conflicts to genocidal massacres.  Making “difference” a political foundation issue automatically leads to implications of superiority.   The evil twins are the reason that America has abandoned “e pluribus unum” for tribalization or  Balkanization.  

Both political correctness and identity policies are alleged to be solutions to prejudice and intolerance.  Instead, they create and magnify it.  Instead of correcting a situation, they amplify and exaggerate it.  They create a hyper sense of victimization.  People are conditioned to be oversensitive to insults – real or perceive.  Jokes and the most innocent comments are wrongly interpreted as hateful and harmful attacks.

Oh yeah!  The headline.

Recently a five-year-old boy (let’s call him Tommy) attended a sports event for his favorite team – the Kansas City Chiefs.  He had his face painted half red and half black – the team colors.  It is an appearance thousands of sports fans take on in stadiums across the nation.  One might even call it a tradition seen across the globe.  The young lad also donned the feathered headdress of an Indian chief. 

(Yeah, I know the politically correct term is “Native American”.  But when the members of the “American INDIAN Center in Chicago made me an honorary INDIAN, they did not seem to mind the word “INDIAN” in describing themselves.  Just saying.)

Weeell …  little “Tommy” created a national controversy that hit the major news services.  It was not because of what he did, but how the political correctness political/media Gestapo reacted. They went on the warpath, so to speak.

According to the doctrine of division “Tommy’s” social transgression was to what those on the radical left call “appropriating someone else’s culture.”  He was donning the traditional clothing of a different culture as a costume.  He was not mocking Indians.  In fact, it was a form of respect – in support of a sports team called … the Chiefs – a tribute to the American Indian.

The appropriation of someone else’s culture is why citizens of Greek ancestry should not own an Italian restaurant. As if that never happens.  The concept has created a social ban on a whole range of favorite Halloween costumes. (In the past, I have gone as a Chinese emperor, a Spanish flamenco dancer, the Pope and a chicken.  I think the chicken is okay, but not sure.)

“Tommy’s” wearing of the Indian chief headdress flowed right into an attack on the team for its name.  Apparently, the political correctness Gestapo noticed that the owners, managers and players were not Native Americans.

Yielding to political correctness and identity politics stupidity had already caused the easy-to-scare owners of the Cleveland Indians to change the name to the Cleveland Guardians — inspired by a local statue of traffic control officers.   The Washington Redskins spent a year as the generic sounding Washington Football Team until they came up with the more commanding Washington Commanders.  Even “Tommy’s” beloved Chief banned the wearing of Indian costuming. Apparently “Tommy” did not get the memo.  Did not matter since lots of fans have ignored the relatively unenforced rule.

The perma-pissed acolytes of political correctness and identity politics jumped on little “Tommy” like Chris Christie on the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. (ß Was that a PC fatty transgression?)  The second issue was about “Tommy’s” face – that one-half red and one-half … BLACK!  According to the Gestapo, Tommy was going around in … blackface. 

Now, I do agree that the historic use of blackface in entertainment is mocking and offensive — a product of a bygone era when even the most leftwing performers went on stage as a black person.  Good riddance to that – although I am not completely opposed to white kids wearing blackface for Halloween.  I mean, how do you go trick-or-treating as President Obama without darkening the skin.  Or are only black kids allowed to do that? 

To underscore their scorn, the political correctness gestapo published photos of “Tommy” that showed ONLY the black side of his face without any reference to the other half or the team colors.  Did they think “Tommy” was dressing as one of the Black Feet tribes and got confused?

Worse than “Tommy’s” alleged transgression was the ugly reaction the hypersensitive guardian of political correctness – typified by sports reporter Carron Phillips, who wrote that “Tommy” had “found a way to hate Black people and the Native Americans at the same time.”  Come on, Carron.   Pick on someone your own size.  (For the record, Phillips is controversial for gratuitously infusing his own version of racism in his sports reporting.)

Oh … and did mention that little “Tommy” is a real Native American by ancestry?  That makes Phillips guilty of sloppy and reckless journalism. Not to mention all the other in the press and social media who attacked Tommy.

I guess if some people come up with stupid and divisive concepts like political correctness and identity politics, it will naturally evolve into extreme examples of … stupidity and divisiveness.  Like pillorying a five-year-old boy having a good time supporting his favorite team on an Indian Summer kind of day.

So, there tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Barbara Caskey

    The insane left doesn’t care if a child as young as five is labeled “racist”. That is the term they use because they have no argument, For sham. They have none.

    • doug

      B.C., it’s not a matter of sanity, except maybe on a surface level.

      The real social – societal machinations is theological. Our society has been involving toward secularism for centuries.

      All human societies have some form of religion. Anthropologist agree unanimously on that matter. As our society drifts away from traditional, prayer-based beliefs toward crediting science rather than faith as the ultimate source of truth and virtue, we have embraced gummint as our savior and our ruler.

      Society doesn’t change and reshape itself randomly. There are reasons for the erosion of our civilization.

      To win this struggle, it’s imperative for non-collectivists to understand the nature of change. There are very few people who understand the forces at work, though once you come to understand them, it’s dazzling how all the pieces fall together like a jig-saw puzzle.

      Our devolution has been advancing since the Enlightenment. We all need to know why, in what way, how to recognize the slide backwards and what will be the inevitable outcome if we are unable or unwilling to engage with the people and institutions that seek to resurrect the Dark Ages.

      • doug

        Typo storm in the second paragraph of this post. Here’s how the paragraph should read:

        The real social/societal machinations are theological. Our society has been evolving toward secularism for centuries.

  2. jboo7

    Thank you!
    I nice and good way of

    • doug


  3. Mark Taha

    I see no difference between blacking up and putting on a false beard. I also believe that we should tell these objectors to …off! Let’s ignore them and treat them with the contempt they deserve.

  4. Deejay

    With the economy doing so well I don’t see how people have the time to think up mean things to say. But I guess with all the layoffs they have nothing else to do.

  5. Tom

    Good article Larry. Yes sometimes people take things a little too far such as in the criticisms of a kid just having fun at what was probably a big and memorable day for him! When I was Tommy’s age, I lived up North, dressed up as a confederate soldier for trick or treat. I just liked the stars and bars. Nobody said a thing. I have also been a pirate, a poppa Smurf, a baked potato and a electric plug (wife was the socket). Nobody said a thing.

    One reason I like being registered as an Independent / Unaffiliated is that I am not associated with any of these loons from either party. They both have done these loony politically correct and sometimes incorrect criticisms. I do think the liberals do more of them because so often these types of displays come under socially-politically correctness.

    By the way, the LGBTQ use the rainbow which was used originally by God as a sign of peace and promise never to destroy mankind like that again. Many devout Christians consider this a hijacking of a sacred symbol but neither the left nor the right ever seem to bitch about that! Now that’s something I can get angry about!!! And all Christians should be angry about it!

    • larry Horist

      Tom … I am totally in support of gay rights and gay marriage, but I have always been bothered by the use of the rainbow and the rainbow flag.. Not for the same reasons you mention, but because it is a child’s symbol in many ways. — and used in so many fantasies that appeal to children — such as stories of Leprechauns and the Wizard of Oz. The use of the word “gay’ to describe homosexuality has its antecedents in mid 1800s, I though “queer.” “homos” and “lesbians” were acceptable if “homosexual” was to much. But the association of the word “gay” to unconventional or libertine lifestyles goes back a long way.

      • doug

        The imagery of a rainbow to symbolize gay people was invented to recruit potheads and other druggies to the gender-bender movement.

        The potential newbies were promised there’d be a 50-pound pot of their favorite controlled substance at the end of the rainbow.

        Humper Biden still chases rainbows when they appear. His dad, Quid Pro Groper Joe, would if he physically could, but all he can muster these days is a release of flatulence.

      • Tom

        Yes you are very correct Larry. I remember all kinds of children’s stuff like books, coloring books, some toys, clothing ads, children’s store displays, etc. having a picture of the rainbow, often with something at the end of it. I never really minded the word gay, I really do not have any problem with it. As far as rights, I am a bit split on that. Emergency room rights, civil union rights, (notice I did not say marriage), right to peaceful and unmolested lives, are all fine with me. Social security and health insurance I suppose I am fine with too as long as they comply with all of the rules and have a long term civil union that is legally documented. I just do not want to be forced by law to agree with their lifestyles like Biden is attempting to do.

  6. George

    For the record – I refer to the Washington team as the “COMMIES” for short – and other reasons.

    Hope the kid comes again – maybe reverse the black and red sides ? lol

  7. Wes Kussmaul

    This was a really good article. Thank you.

    Now, if you applied a bit of the advice about avoiding balkanization, polarization, etc. to your own writing and thus stopped taking every possible opportunity to vilify members of parties and administrations that you don’t favor, you might find yourself actually not contributing to the problem!

    • doug

      That’ll come to pass the day you sober up, Heinrich.

      Now go back to burning crucifixes and desecrating synagogues.

    • larry Horist

      Wes Kussmaul…. Have you missed my commentaires criticizing Trump, DeSantis, Republicans doing stupid stuff — like kicking out the black state legislators … or opposing support for Ukraine… etc.. etc.??? I do call out politicians who run contrary to my core conservative values. That means the Democrats on most issues.

      • doug

        You gotta remember, Larry, that sniffling doofuses like Herr Wes tend to excel at only one talent — and that talent is projection.

        But he probably won’t stick around. Herr today, gone tomorrow.

  8. Darren

    As usual, a crooked media can turn anything into a one sided story.
    When will the news JUST REPORT THE NEWS! Honestly, that is.
    I am glad you told this story Larry.
    As always, I enjoy your read!

    • doug

      Darren, don’t look for the news media to change their stripes or spots.

      The media are businesses, plain and simple. They publish/broadcast/post what sells.

      they’ll “report just the news” when customers/clients patronize muster a strong appetite for it, and not before.

      There’s a saying that “you get the government you deserve.” By the same token, we get the news coverage we pay for.

  9. Wes Kussmaul

    I also take issue with your claim that white performers in blackface was always mockery. Al Jolson’s performance in “Mammy” was a warm tribute to Black culture’s respect for motherhood.

    • doug

      Leave it to a KKKlan slurper like Kussmaul to strive mightily to justify open racism to the Nth degree.

      He maintains that blackface-wearing entertainers are expressing love for blacks. He considers Amos and Andy to be paragons of inclusive entertainment. He can’t gush enough about ex-Gov. Ralph Northam wearing a Klan sheet and/or blackface while posing for college yearbook fotos. It’s just a matter of time before he heralds the Hamas atrocities in Israel as deserved because most of the victims were and are — oh, horror! — Jews.

      What else is to be expected from a champion of the pseudo science of eugenics, or white-master-race theory? Never mind that Hitler appropriated the United States’ myth of white supremacy for the not-sees’ creed of anti-Semitism, in the same fashion as Heinrich Kussmaul.

      From blackfaced Joy Behar to blackface-wearing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to a plethora of black-face Hollywood clowns and other champions of the Donk Party, racism runs deeply in their veins, arteries and what passes for their bwains.

      Here’s one more example: Margaret Sanger is notorious for being one of the most effective propagandists of racial hate in the history of America, if not the entire world. As prominent as she was throughout her miserable, execrable life, her her biographic record is absolutely clear. She was, naturally, der fuhrer’s favorite American and no doubt remains so for dear Heinrich Kussmaul.

      Look her up on PolitiFact — a far-left site purporting to fact-check questionable beliefs and statements.

      PolitiFact even acknowledges Sanger’s association with eugenics and the immersion of German National Socialism in eugenics, and it admits how eugenics materially aiaded the Holocaust. But then the site tries to justify Sanger and her racist, murderous, minions, pointing out that the Progressive movement itself (that is, leftism) was on the same page.

      Ergo, PolitiFact declares, alluding to Sanger’s historical role as the First Lady of Racism in the 20th century would not be fair or accurate. On the contrary, PolitiFact spits, it would be “mostly false.”

      Need it be added that Sanger was a founder of Progressivism, the founder of Planned Parenthood and the author of the “ethical defense” for the Holocaust? Funny. PolitiFact refuses to discuss Sanger’s view of Jews (“human weeds,” in her words) or the primary mission of the organization which changed its name to Planned Parenthood: To erase every last trace of non-white genetic material in the American gene pool.

      Not that Sanger loved all whites. She believed Anglo-Saxons and Aryan strains of the Caucasian race were far superior to central and eastern European whites. And what do you know: she convinced Adolf Kussmaul, that lederhosen-clad, Swastika-tatted goosestepper of the same belief. Not that he resisted it with any passion to speak of.

      http://www.politifact com/factchecks/2017/oct/05/andrew-koenig/margaret-sanger-alleged-white-supremacist/

      (insert period in open s pace before “com”)

    • larry Horist

      Wes Kussmaul … I can see how you believe I was saying that all black face is mockery. I did not make my opinion clear. I should have qualified with “most.” I do not think all folks wearing blackface is automatically mockery. Bing Crosby used to to represent a black Abraham Lincoln. Fred Astaire donned blackface as a tribute to Bill Robinson (Boangles). A number of black entertainers specialized in blackface with the large white lips as tributes to the minstrel culture. Black entertainers often used the exaggerated black minstrel images as backdrops. Most folks who do blackface for Halloween are not intending to mock. It is a much more complex issue than the poetical correct folks like to make it.In this issue, and many others, I think we need to lighten up (no pun intended).

      • d

        Actually, blackface was mainly intended to demean black people by exaggerating natural facial features. It’s nothing that people didn’t also do to Chinese and Japanese, Middle Easterners, Jews, Eskimos and other groups. When the U.S. was at war, we depicted Japanese and Germans in the same manner. And it’s a good bet that other societies, including our enemies in active warfare, did and do the same. There’s lots of proof that Muslims do the same thing with caricatures that they themselves created of baby-eating Jews.

        When broadcast media and movie/TV were developed, voice depictions expanded the fun. Consider the super-thick accent of Hop Sing on “Bonanza” or Rochester on “The Jack Benny Show” or the cast of “Amos and Andy” on both radio and TV.

        An unfortunate byproduct is likely that generations of children watching TV or gazing at twisted portrayals of minorities in cartoons may likely have been infected to a disturbing degree by seeing and hearing racial stereotypes.

        One can argue that our society was simply self-brainwashed somehow and the entire culture was owned by bigots. Yet the media were able to bring us “Song of the South,” “The Little Rascals” and other productions that didn’t depict minorities as ig’nant goobers. So something else was amiss.

        That element was likely one thing: The intentionally destructive impact of the left in all phases of life. And it IS in all phases. Given enough time and space, that generalization can easily be proven.

  10. frank stetson

    Uh, wes, as they removed the statues commemorating the song, for damn good reason, and as Florida changes the lyrics of it’s adopted state song version of it, it appears others differ in the racist overtones presented by Gershwin who spelled the name of the river wrong to begin with.

  11. Mike f

    While I think that picking on little Tommy is far over the top-I wonder who helped him with his outfit? Despite what you say Larry (wrong again!), red and black are not the KC Chiefs team colors. Red, white and gold are the actual colors. Black is used in a very limited basis on the team uniforms, but only to outline the arrowhead. So, it appears to me (being a suspicious person) that someone played a trick on little tommy, expecting to get a rise out of those who monitor political correctness. They succeeded, but what an awful trick to pull on little Tommy…

  12. frank Stetson

    Picking on little Tommy? Did you see the picture? Is he gay or is he trans? And who the hell is grooming him for this role? That’s the big question, not whether Native Americans are upset, but how about the ragged right, those in DeSantistan, the Hucklebee’s, where is their ire over this overt example of grooming at 5 years old. What’s next, tommyhawk this kid’s penis so he can be Cher?

    Oh, the horror of the National Female Lookalikes, aka the NFL who allow blatant grooming and those who enable them like Horist who attempts to deflect and blame the Native Americans and liberals for it. I have big reservations about that. Makes me want to trumpet my little big horn in alarm. Or the woke, I mean, who can sleep after seeing that pygmy drag queen strut it’s stuff for trans fans everywhere. Of course, they’re woke, it’s terrifying, who can sleep? Although I hear that BLM supports it. That’s right, Black-faced Lives Matter is in full support of the groomed trans kid. However, Antifag is totally against gay grooming. On the other side, MAGA supports because it helps Make America Gay Again, which they say is Constitutional, in the independent declaration from the Bill of the Right. After all, have you seen those wigs? Those ruffled shirts? The short pants? Come on, have you seen the saucers?

    • larry Horist

      Frank Stetson … you have produced one of the most deranged, dishonest, irrational, disoriented and disgusting posts I have seen in a long time … maybe ever. It makes no sense, whatsoever, What were you on when you composed this pointless collection of vulgar crap? How can you write such trash about a 5-year-old kid? Based on your past writings, I am inclined to think you are offering up sarcastic humor. If that is your
      thinking, you are a one sick old man. The shame is on you, on this one.

  13. doug

    Can anyone not racing through mounds of magic mushrooms make heads or tails of the gooberese above from — as Donald Trump might say — FAGA?

    It’s telling that woke not-seeboyz like Feckless phony Frankiestein cannot contemplate ordinary words and actions by pre-teens without their thoughts shifting sharply to pedophilia, as is demonstrated so shockingly here, capped by the closing question of whether readers of this site have “seen the saucers” — LOLOLololOLOL.

    Really: Is there a single substantive, sober statement in this stream of consciousness blathering?

    The answer is that when you’ve heard Frankiestein sqawk once, you’ve heard all of his squeals — from pidgin English to his mother tongue, German, in which his subservience to Jew envy was painfully ingrained.

    For anyone interested in fleshing out flacccid Frankie’s mannerisms and his efforts to improve his non-existent skills, here’s some video of him letting out a little steam at his most recent birthday.

    www bing com/videos/riverview/relatedvideo?q=klaus+nomi+and++youtube&mid=A6EA7E6F7F2903122925A6EA7E6F7F2903122925&FORM=VIRE

    Insert periods in the empty spaces on both sides of “bing.”

    No doubt he’ll reply with some searing riposte, such as “you meanie!” or perhaps something deeper and more evocative, like “you a big, bad meanie.”

  14. frank Stetson

    Doug: you say: “their thoughts shifting sharply to pedophilia, as is demonstrated so shockingly here,” except it isn’t. You lie. And you cannot prove what you said is true.


    That’s two for two.