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Healthcare is not a ‘right’ – It’s a Freedom

Healthcare is not a ‘right’ – It’s a Freedom

The Democrats seem to be smug in their conviction that every American is entitled to health care and that is it their responsibility to provide it, no matter what.

And if you care to disagree with them, they will shout slogans at you until your eardrums burst.

I take exception to this.

When the founding father’s said that we have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” they were saying that your life can not be taken from you. They were not saying that the country was dedicated to keeping you alive with all available resources. They were expressing a freedom, not an insurance plan.

Some of you might remember that I wrote a book on this. Indeed, President Trump has implemented many of the measures that I proposed. (I have not gotten confirmation that they used my book, but read the google search below and let me know what you think!).

The “liberty” and “pursuit of happiness” phrases mean we are free to make choices.


With socialized medicine, many Democrat candidates are proposing to take away choices and only provide the best healthcare that the U.S. Government is able to muster. This is the worst possible solution with the worst possible entity running it.

As I have said many times, socialism is a negative feedback loop. In other words, socialism always requires more resources to run than in generates, and so the result is always upward spiraling prices until the system is corrupted and it fails. That is why prices continue to rise!

But there is another catastrophic problem with this.

If you take away choices, you take away responsibility. We will have an entire country of 330 million people who do not have any direct responsibility for their health care, whose only option is to whine to the government, whose only choice will be to continually raise taxes in order to take care an increasingly whiny and decreasingly healthy people.

Yes, this is not hyperbole, people who cannot make choices and do not have responsibility for their own health are INHERENTLY less healthy.

Psychological studies have long recognized that people who are focused on their health are on average much healthier than those who don’t. If you take away not just the desire but the ABILITY to focus on your own health, then overall health will decline.

My own proposal, some of which has quietly become law,is to use the Health Saving Account structure and allow people to administer their own health care through this account. Then to separate “insurance” from “maintenance” (since insurance companies charge a 40% premium on maintenance items, why pay for that?).

There are many other facets of the plan, but all are designed to break health care into transparent, competitive pieces, rather than the opaque, monolithic “health plans” that propose to solve all of your needs, emulating some of the sinister socialist all-encompassing programs that are being proposed by the Democrats.

Americans do not need a “mother.” Americans need choices.

When Americans take responsibility for their health care and can make intelligent choices in a competitive market, all of that capitalist energy and market power will go into providing a better and better market.

That is what competition does.

Prices go down.

Quality goes up.

America’s health will improve.

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  1. Angie

    When the hell are democrats right? They are always spewing hate. You had a President for 8 years who gave money and guns to the enemy. Ask yourself why? Guess

    • Robert M Hellen

      The ONLY BASIS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PLATFORM is “GET RE-ELECTED AND RULE THE POPULACE” …period. Everything they spew out is just that!

  2. Ralph A Hunt

    So the democrats “say” healthcare is a right. Wasn’t it president Lincoln who said; “If I say the cow’s tail is another leg, would the cow then have five legs?” Because something is “said” does not make it a reality, in my opinion. What does our Constitution say about the matter?

    • Bob

      Our constitution says nothing about driver’s licenses nor anything about our requiring car owners to have insurance, etc.

      • marleen davis

        Bob, that is why we have laws! Ever heard of them? What kind of comment was that anyway?

  3. DC

    Life itself has always been about choices. What time do I get up to start the day…. do I go to work to earn money to support my family or do nothing this day…. if I go to work how hard do I work this day… how much effort do I put forth….. where do I eat lunch and what do I eat this day…. after work, where and what do I eat for dinner…. what do I watch on tv.. when do I go to bed…. the weekend comes… what do I do for recreation…. for pure enjoyment…. how much of my hard earned money do I spend on doing the things I like to do…. what will I buy my wife for her birthday… my kids for their birthdays…. where will we go for vacation this year…. the list of choices goes on and on and on… at the end of the day when all is said and done the most important thing to remember is that the things I do, the things I mentioned above are ALL MY CHOICES… I want to choose what health insurance I believe suits my family best.. what deductible I pick… the coverages that are important to me and my family…. the car insurance.. home insurance… etc., etc. CHOICES.. CHOICES… CHOICES… they’re ALL MINE TO MAKE….. NOT OUR GOVERNMENTS. Their jobs are to UPHOLD, PROTECT AND PRESERVE OUR CONSTITUTION, INCLUDING OUR SECOND AMENDMENT and KEEP EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN SAFE AND SECURE IN THEIR HOMES…. It is NOT their responsibility to choose my healthcare, where I eat lunch, what I watch on television, etc., etc. IT’S MY CHOICE…
    After all, it’s CHOICES that make our world different.. CHOICES that dictate our futures…. CHOICES good or bad… without them.. we will all just be a bunch of clones…. always remember:
    Have a great day everyone.. I’m going to go have a hot cup of English Breakfast Tea, some hot oatmeal with fruit and nuts and lots of brown sugar and cinnamon and a little milk.. may even have some potatoes.. toasted bagel with cream cheese…. some crisp bacon… more hot tea…. now I have to think about where I want to eat lunch… Choices, choices, choices….. Thank GOD the CHOICES are mine to make…. ❤️

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Well said

    • Tri Nguyen

      Thanks , I love it .

  4. Francis vandevender

    Yes it might be a right BUT A RIGHT YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR!!!!NOT A FREEBIE>DEMS GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE AND FACE THE REAL WORLD>YOU ARE NOT OWED A THING IN LIFE YOU WANT SOMETHING THEN GET A JOB AND EARN MONEY AND BUY IT> Don’t expect me to give it to you because you are tooooooooo lazy to work for it.I have been working for wages since I wa s 10 years old,WHY because I wanted the things that earned money would buy. I don’t regret a day I worked for wages,

    • John Lemanski

      the real world has most of the industrialized nations have some form of healthcare for all. England,canada,switzerland,austalia, the list goes on and on of countries with healthcare for all. it may not be perfect but are we not smart enough to tweak it and make ours better than everyone elses. you can still have private and socialized healthcare co exist. and even as we have the lowest unemployment in 50 years most places do not offer healthcare. and if you think about it every time an uninsured person goes to the hospital we all end up paying the bill. which by the way would have been cheaper if these people had insurance and nipped it in the bud before it blossomed into something serious that now cost you and me much more money. i’m sorry if you can’t see the logic in that.

      • RedBull

        But don’t you see – what you’re saying amounts to sending everybody as an uninsured person to the hospital that we all (well, only those that pay taxes, the middle class) end up paying for. What used to be the extreme case here and there is now an endless line of sick people. That’s exactly why the ridiculous Obama Care plan skyrocketed my costs until I have no insurance and yet pay multiple times what I used to. You clearly do not pay for your own insurance or you would know this – like 50% of America does.

      • marleen davis

        John, Ask most of those people that have that kind of socialist healcare and they will bell you how poor and bad it is. We have the ability to have quality healcare at managed costs but that goes against the grain of the democraps because then they cannot manage everyone.(If there are typing errors, I am sorry but I am having problems with my computer and cannot proofread what I have written, hope it comes out OK.

    • Phil in TX

      I’m with you, Francis! I worked for “wages” for over 50 years, starting at 16. I finally retired fully in 2017. I still work, though not for wages, to keep my home and vehicles maintained and functioning properly. I don’t expect anyone or any political entity to hand me anything for “free”. The old acronym TANSTAAFL still applies today. Anything the government gives to anyone or any group of people has a price that goes along with it. It’s called taxes, and we all MUST pay that price. As my dear departed parents always told me, “The world doesn’t owe you a living”. I don’t regret the time I spent working for a living one little bit.

      Phil in TX

    • Robert M Hellen

      I don’t believe much of anything the Dems have to say as it is all BS. Just keep them out of office. They are not capable of even running a 2 car junk yard!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ron P


    • Robert M Hellen

      The Dems real goal is “RULE THE PEOPLE”! PERIOD. All their platitudes are pure and simple BS!!!!!!

  6. Joe Shaw

    There are many cases where a person’s healthcare monthly premiums would be more than what they earn. Or, they would be so high that they would eat up a large percentage of their income. Then what? Why are Americans so opposed to universal healthcare? You have been brainwashed by the “trickle-down” crowd. Ronald Reagan destroyed the middle class. Your attitude seems to be “If you can’t afford healthcare, tough sh!t”. How “Christian” of you! And YES, healthcare is a right, not a privilege for the wealthy! Thankfully I am a retired Federal employee who had EXCELLENT healthcare my entire work life and those benefits carried over into retirement.

    • Alex Zappavigna

      I have very nice Canadian neighbors that are in Florida for approximately 5 months a year. When we moved here 12 years ago, the husband needed a new knee. He finally got it last year. I needed a new hip, bone on bone. Once I decided to go for it, I was in the hospital in two weeks receiving my new hip. I don’t want anything to do with government controlled health care. Remember what the Democrats did to Social security.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      The reason prices are so high is because insurance has a socialist quality that makes prices go up. Real competition would force prices down. But I don’t think you will understand this and I don’t think you read the article.

      And please tell me where in our Constitution it says that you have the right to obligate other people to take care of you. Your family might take care of you because they love you, but if they don’t you are screwed. And you should be…

      • Joe Shaw

        You are so full of sh!t with that attitude. Go “F” yourself is all I can say!

  7. Mike

    It is very frustrating to read all these statements about how terrible government run health care is, how you don’t want anything to do with government run health care. How many of you, when you turn 65, are going to turn down Medicare? I can guess, and I bet the answer is zero.. Government run health care will save you money, and will result in lower cost overall. Our system (and this was true before Obamacare) is the most expensive in the world. The government fights to lower costs for medical products, insurance companies do not!

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Yes, people get medicare because they have already paid for it. But they also get supplemental plans to cover all of the stuff that Medicare does not. You can still go broke if you rely only on medicare.