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Have you heard about the Transhumanist Party?

Have you heard about the Transhumanist Party?

Transhumanism is a global movement that focuses on the future of the human race and the role science and technology will play in extending and improving human life. Transhumanism has nothing to do with transgender.

Transhumanists have incredible passion for others and want the entire human race to ‘transcend’ its current limitations using technology. Transhumanists care deeply about animals and the environment and view all of humanity as living inside a single cell (the Earth). 

The Transhumanist Party applies this philosophy to politics and hopes to use technology/innovation to solve problems including income inequality, police brutality, political division, global warming, and unemployment. The Transhumanist Party envisions a future in which aging is slowed (or cured) and in which all of mankind has the ability to fulfill Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

“The ideals of this party are the survival of humans, the planet, and every species on it,” explains Transhumanist Vice Presidential nominee Liz Parrish.

Parrish is the founder of BioViva, a company that is committed to extending healthy lifespans using cell technologies. Parrish is a leading voice for genetic cures and believes we will one day cure aging. She is an expert in human health and genetic modification.

Parrish is running alongside Presidential nominee Charlie Kam, a film producer, entrepreneur, and longevity organizer who is the CEO of a software company that creates life-like, interactive avatars of human beings.

I recently had the opportunity to hear Kam and Parrish speak to supporters during a virtual event. The conversation was refreshing, to say the least.

Kam and Parrish spoke of compassion, cooperation, and inclusivity without insulting other political parties. Their entire platform seeks to solve humanity’s problems while bringing us closer together and improving the lives of everyone – no matter what political opinion or background.

Kam and Parrish know they will not win the 2020 election, but they are using their campaign to attract members to the Transhumanist Party and to spread awareness of their ideas.

Priorities include: 

  • Alter the election system to eliminate the current “duopoly”
  • Reduce police brutality  
  • Teach the importance of compassion in schools
  • Reduce toxic masculinity in our society  
  • Redefine “success” so that Americans take pride in every job
  • Introduce longevity medication to reduce America’s healthcare expenditures and extend lives 
  • Utilize artificial intelligence to provide inexpensive education
  • Allow humans to do whatever they want to their own bodies as long as they are not hurting others
  • Ease FDA restrictions so that more drugs are available to more people
  • Decrease military spending and use that money to address existential problems 
  • Improve equality and reduce feelings of exclusion that can produce civil unrest and violence

When asked about police brutality, Parrish said she wants to see society focus on rehabilitation and move away from punishment as a motivating factor.

“Vastly the US has been a punishment-related society…everything from our earliest school experiences into incarceration. And we know that punishment societies sort of romanticize and aspire new forms of punishment,” explains Liz. “And we vastly need to change that for the future. Rehabilitation works more than punishment. We have some of the cruelest incarcerated systems in the world as far as industrialized countries. This is considered one of the worst places to be put in jail in the industrialized country succession.”

When asked about healthcare, Parrish says she wants to create a society in which every person has access to any technology that might improve his or her situation. Perhaps the trillions of dollars we currently use to treat age-related diseases can be spent on innovations that keep people alive longer, she suggests. 

“We must change America’s ‘sick care system’ into a true healthcare system,” argues Parrish, adding that the current regulatory system prevents affordable drugs, technology, and cures from reaching those most in need. Parrish also noted that the United States has the largest budget for healthcare, yet has the shortest life expectancy (among industrialized nations). Americans take 70% of prescription meds, but make up less than 5% of the total population. 

When asked about Universal Basic Income, Kam described an “economy of abundance” in which UBI is supplemented by 3D printers and molecular manufacturing. The ability for people to produce the things they need will be instrumental as we move closer to a future with fewer and fewer jobs (due to automation).

In her closing remarks, Parrish noted that the current political climate and the crises we face present a unique opportunity for the Transhumanist Party to gain traction.

‘The Transhumanist Party is not about debating Republicans or Democrats; it’s about moving forward in a way that is better for humans and using the money the government spends on things to make sure you and your families have a better future and a better life,’ says Parrish. ‘I don’t think there’s ever been a better time to have a conversation about how to move forward in a better way.’

You can learn more about the Transhumanist Party at

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  1. Connie

    “Allow humans to do whatever they want to their bodies as long as it does not hurt other.” Are unborn babies not human? Are sex-trafficed children not human? Who actually gets to define “human”? And who actually gets to define “hurt”? Do feelings count? Get real, people! You have a LOT of work cut out for you. Utopia can not exist. Ms Parrish better get her longevity juice mixed up quickly for herself because it will take several generations for her to de-program the hate and violence from people. From day-1 in school to the end of school…whether one drops out or finishes college, the indoctrination of hate and violence is strong. They hate everyone that doesn’t think they deserve everything without having to work for it, and many would prefer to just kill us and take over. AI with no humanism is the only way this utopia can ever exist. Humans are unique – each and every one. We are not robots. Remember – robots are still controlled by someone. Maybe not by a President, but by their maker. Not even my Maker controls me. He allows me my individual free choice…mistakes and all.

  2. joan plucker


  3. eli

    Yea, Connie, that’s what I was thinking. It sounds like the Socialist Utopia, who want to play nice. However, Marxist BLM, and Antifa won’t play nice, nor will they quit, if Biden is elected, as some have suggested. They have an agenda, as Maxine Waters, suggested, to “stormtroop Republicans in the street”, Obama said, “a revolution is how they get things done; and Pelosi said “have a summer of resistance.” Socialist Democrats already protested Pres. Trump’s whole term.They don’t want to work for the good of America, but against anything that doesn’t work with their Communist Manifesto game plan. They won’t play nice. Marxist Trained Patrisse Cullor, co-founder of BLM, has a Woke County, internet civics, resource class to teach civil unrest to our young people, so they have to get past them. Fewer jobs means more unrest, and “idlesness is the devil’s workshop.” No work, no purpose, who pays into the tax system for government funding to support these people? I guess I missed something.