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Harris Declares “I’m Ready to Serve!” – As Biden’s Faculties Fail

Harris Declares “I’m Ready to Serve!” – As Biden’s Faculties Fail

With growing concern even among Democrats over Joe Biden’s mental fitness, Vice President Kamala Harris says she’s “ready to serve.”

The VP made the statement in a Wall Street Journal interview published on Monday, February 12, as voter concerns mount about Biden’s age and obvious mental decline in an election year.

The 59-year-old Harris has faced growing scrutiny about her own abilities as the first in line to the presidency should Democrat Biden, 81, be incapacitated or chose to step down.

“I am ready to serve. There’s no question about that,” Harris told the newspaper when asked whether voters’ concerns about Biden’s age meant she must convince them of her credentials.

Everyone who sees her on the job “walks away fully aware of my capacity to lead,” said Harris, the first Black, South Asian and female vice president in US history.

The interview was carried out two days before a stinging special counsel report portrayed Biden as elderly and forgetful. Special counsel Robert Hur’s probe into Biden’s handling of classified documents said the president should not face charges but damningly said he would come across to a jury as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

In the same WSJ interview, Harris criticized Hur’s report as “gratuitous, inaccurate and inappropriate” and said the comments about Biden’s memory and age were “clearly politically motivated.”

The White House also has hit back hard at the report, noting that Hur interviewed Biden when he was under intense pressure the day after the October 7 Hamas attacks on Israel.

But does anyone really care if Harris is ready? She faces her own popularity issues, with an approval rating of a mere 37.5%. That’s the percentage of people who approve of Harris as of February 6, according to an average of the latest polls compiled by FiveThirtyEight. Those numbers are even lower than Biden’s approval rating, which is at 38.9% as of February 12, according to an average of polls compiled by FiveThirtyEight.

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  1. Jim wampler

    A pile of Biden’s shit would serve better than Kamala. Unless it involves heels in the air

    • Lee

      Well said.


    Really Jim — “heels in the air?” As crude and stupid a thought as that is, you also have no proof, just some allegations and a big ole hate that typifies a low class fool. I think you can do better.

    As to the story, who cares. WTF did you expect her to say, “nope, not prudent at this time?” Or will Trump’s candidate say: NO WAY CAN I DO IT. That would be rich.

    No, it’s a Captain Obvious moment of no redeaming value. But the author is pefectly adequate in his rendition of the facts.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      You do know that she rose through California politics by, let’s say, “less conventional” means, rather than through intellect and talent, don’t you? A crude remark or two is not unwarranted…

      • Frank stetson

        I’ll go that she seems to have got two board appointments from a guy she dated before she had the credentials. Of course, CA SF board appointments are fraught with patronage of all types. Should she have refused?

        She did not sleep her way to the top, that’s crude and unwarranted. Don sleeps his way to the bottom with no condemnation from most of his voters. Why do you deploy the double standard?

        She dated slick willie, in the open, for years, after he was estranged from his wife, he gave her two early appointments; she got elected to most of the rest. He smacks of cronyism, at 80k a year in CA, not exactly the top, has nothing to do with her VP win except her record won her the position. And tawdry as he is, nothing illegal and certainly not the top.

        What’s next, she pulled the race card to get ahead?

        • Harold blankenship

          Token ho rose has done nothing to help America. Retard joe couldn’t get the stupid bitch to take charge securing the border. On second thought he didn’t want her to. We have to useless people in the White House and people think it’s funny and get boners because the democrats do shit and get away with it. And Frank is the most anti American dick head in the world

          • Frank stetson

            HB: how am I anti American? Where’s your proof beyond childish name calling.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          I think you just proved my point – in much greater detail than I was prepared to write.

    • LMB

      Well, I guess heels in the air is better than saying ten toes up and ten toes down, meat going in and meat coming to get where she is now!!!

    • Hal E Oates

      Seriously, Frank? NO proof, just allegations? Willie Brown admitted it himself. Please, do your homework before attacking.

  3. Jim wampler

    Face it. The bitch is a joke. She probably wears suspenders on her pussy to keep from shitting in it.


    Mr. Jim. The “bitch” as you so eloquently call her runs circles around you for accomplishments, money, fame, education, and more. You have to call her names to tear her down just to feel better in your miserable life.

    I can understand gilbertson, and others, pointing to her shortcomings, via facts, but Jim Wampler just likes to put pain into a stranger with stupid, meaningless, alegations and name calling for his own gratification. Yeah, he probably gets off on it.

    • Jim wampler

      Face it. Fake and fortune doesn’t build character. And you don’t know what my status is. Good for Kamala. So she can swallow better than stormy Daniels. I see no accomplishments since becoming Joe’s token


        Wampler: Yes, fame n fortune do not equal character and getting a job from a guy you sleep with, especially in the public sector, seems a blow against character. But where do you draw the line, because you don’t have much more except some job setbacks. Starting with being recruited by the DA in SF in 1990 becoming DA in 2003, then CA AG in 2010 and RE-elected in 2014, so someone liked what she did. Then Senator in 2017. It was 94 when dating slicker Willie that she took the two board positions, taking 6 months sabbatical, and then returning to the job. Not exactly a springboard to the future. So, I am sorry if I don’t see token in this. Not at all. Some people ding her for some actions, others say she was competent.

        But I don’t see her some kind of whore, a profession you seem to have a lot of expertise with. I think the optics terrible, but not illegal. And I am quite sure I know her status and accomplishments dwarf yours. Or mine for that matter.

        And like fame n fortune not equating to character, ask Trump :>), your rude, crude, attitude is garbage. You say you know she can swallow better than Daniels and get upset over my saying her resume makes yours look like dog shit. Same as your vagina comment, what do you know about Kamala’s vagina?

        And then you close this crude, rude, crap with an actual opinion of fact: “I see no accomplishments since becoming Joe’s token.” I actually agree with you on that, has even gone negative with her comments and efforts. Not sure it’s all her fault, Joe has not be the mentor I expected. For Mayor Pete IMO too and Pete got the Infrastructure Bill; how do you hide that light under a bucket?

        But your one good statement gets washed about by your pissing over everything without basis, without support, without facts. Just 3rd grade name calling and insults. You can do better IMO. You last sentence proved it.

        • LMB

          Frankie, get a grip man!!! If it wasn’t for the old Mayor Willie Brown of San Fransico drilling the Hyena and promoting her to an official office position which she screwed up everything she did! She made a name for herself as an easy lay to get promoted further up the food chain!!

  5. Lee

    Harris criticized Hur’s report as….. “clearly politically motivated.” What a crock. What Bidung did with classified documents as a VP or Senator were clearly against the law just like the Hildabeast’s Emails sent to her private server.

  6. Jerome Henderson

    No doubt remains that Harris will fill the role for future renditions of “Jeopardy” when the subject of failed vice-presidential administrations comes up. Harris’ political future will end in some 11 months. She’d been given the keys to the immigration car, but for lack of competency, chose not to even start the engine, instead uttering some nonsense about investigating root causes. And then, there’s always one or two Frank Stetsons who pop up on occasion feeling the need to defend such incompetencies such as Harris exhibited on a near-daily basis. Go figure.

  7. Frank stetson

    Lmb: he got her two appointments to boards. She was already working in DA’s office before she dayed him. She became DA and other positions by being elected. Brown’s appointments are terrible optics, not illegal But she got elected by the voters.

    What screw up in CA are you referring ?

    Why hyena? Her laugh? That’ she’s African in heritage?

    They were dating; did you drill your dates? Is that what you call it?

  8. Americafirst

    Reading the comments here shows me how wars are started. It’s happening on this channel fast and furious. I’ve never seen any site that spews so much hate. Ugh!

  9. KawikaFiveSix

    Harris is “ready to serve”?
    Serve what?