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Hannity Earns Bipartisan Hate for Deposition on Election Machines

Hannity Earns Bipartisan Hate for Deposition on Election Machines

Sean Hannity has united liberals and conservatives on social media in a manner rarely seen these days. One of the star anchors on Fox News, Hannity is being slammed left and right – political pun intended – for denying election fraud by the Dominion machines in his court deposition.

Last week, the media widely reported on Sean Hannity’s deposition in the Dominion Voting Service’s $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News. Hannity, in his sworn deposition, is reported to have said he didn’t believe for a second the allegations by the conservatives that Dominion voting machines were used to rig the 2020 presidential election. From his deposition, Hannity was cited saying, “I did not believe it for one second,” about the alleged Dominion voting machines fraud.

Since his statement of denial of election fraud by Dominion voting machines made news, Hannity has been pummeled on social media from both sides of the political divide. Conservatives who are convinced that Dominion machines have been involved in election fraud have declared Hannity a “Fraud” that needs to be boycotted.

Many conservatives jumped on the comments section to share that they already have stopped watching Hannity or will never watch his show again in the light of what they know about him now. Check out this Gettr link, here.

Some of President Trump’s key supporters and prominent allies also spoke up against Hannity. Mike Linddell was cited by leftist news outlet The Daily Beast calling Hannity “disgusting”:

“Sean Hannity is disgusting. He’s a terrible journalist that does not do his job or his diligence” when it comes to “election crime.”

Navy veteran and conservative journalist Jack Posobiec repeatedly posted on various social media accounts the question of why nobody is talking about Hannity’s alleged attempt to get a pardon for Hunter Biden from Trump. Posobiec wrote: “Are we just not going to talk about the texts where Hannity was urging Trump to pardon Hunter Biden? Ok.”

Expression of hatred for Hannity from the left was no less ardent. Liberal actor and producer Mark Ruffalo tweeted that Fox News and Sean Hannity knowingly sold “Trump’s big lie” to their viewers.

Democrat Jennifer Bennon called Hannity a “two-faced liar.” A number of liberals asked on social media whether Hannity should face legal repercussions for airing claims of election fraud while not personally believing them.

 So far, there has been no public statement from President Trump on Hannity’s deposition.

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  1. frank stetson

    Court tends to turn liars into hypocrites. It’s called jonesing. Not the drug type, the alex type :>)

    When will people understand that it’s all about the money and as long as they desire a product, there will be people who provide it. I get it, you’re mad as hell and you just can’t take it anymore. That makes sense. But living a fantasy IS taking it.

    Hannity basically admits feeding you a line of crap basically because you pay him to do so. Break the chain, it’s easy, just turn off FOX prime time and turn on CNN. They will get your message very quickly.

    It’s time to stop the liars from profiting from it.

  2. mike

    We have stopped watching Hannity and will never tune in again. Why for the very reason, Hannity has turned a blind eye to Dominion machines. Look around the world at the countries that are being taken over by far left wing communists all are using Dominion voting machine. And the proof was when one criticize Dominion they sue you for Billons. Hannity said Trump needs to more on. Well I moved on FROM Hannity

    • Harold blankenship

      We might have to water the tree of liberty against communism Our resolve to be free will keep us free

      • Frank stetson

        Which countries were corrupted by left wing communists using Dominion voting machines.

        I did not realize they were as terrible as you point out.

        Russia? China? Where?

        • Observer

          Brazil and Venezuela for starters.

          • Frank stetson


            That’s right-wing blogosphere bullshit. A total lie


            BUSTED and stupid for believing anything.

            Oh yeah, Soros didn’t buy any either

            I brt you believe in Santos Claus too.

          • pcwalt

            Brave Frank Stetson gets to make an assertion without evidence beyond his bare assertion. And knowing that the end of the comment-reply branch was reached, and you could not reply to his comment, he uses that as vindication not even *wanting* any evidence beyond his assertion.

          • frank stetson

            what the heck is pcwalt even talking about? Dominion machines seizing control of Brazil and Venezuela? They DONT SELL machines there. THEY dont have the machines there.

            IT was all right-wing blogosphere bullshit.

            what does pcwalt even mean?

            talk about not providing evidence////

      • Frank stetson

        Watch out, you will probably water your own leg. Its good to have new years resolve. I bet you don’t follow through on your comment through. Even after your watered down statement

  3. Roger Mall

    Hannity is a weak hitter who defended the FBI rank and file ad nauseam. Conservatives understand that not everyone is guilty of the sins of the higher-ups but the corruption (of soul) is wide and deep when so few speak up. Did the friends he has in the FBI who he bent over to defend speak up publicly or join in organized internal protests? He like so many commentators, Bill OReilly is another, incessantly talk over their guests interrupting their answers to say what they believe. They have ample time for that but let the darn guest finish the point. His championing of Oz in the Pennsylvania primary meant that he was helping a weak Republican and a weak campaigner to emerge. I am sure he wanted to win but his political acumen as regards individual states is not to be relied on. I do not listen to him much anymore but he struck me as weak on key social issues. I will stand corrected because as I mentioned I turned him off for the most part but has he had Dinesh D’Souza on or other informed analysts “election deniers” on? If he has not in compliance with Fox corporate then he either is an election denier denier like Fox in general and against so much evidence unwilling even to give it a fair hearing or he needs to move. That he has testified to not believing it says much either about his depth or how weak a hitter he is. He tries to make up for it with Trump sycophancy in other areas which of course Trump eats up. Another not particularly good “personnel” decision by Trump. As for Fox I listen to Fox radio news feeds to local talk radio outlets. It is atrocious liberal pack journalism at best but often worse. The selection of what is news and what is said might as well be the AP reading their own dispatch. Fox News is largely just another MSM outlet. Fox TV commentators are much better with a several lions among them but Hannity is the kitten.

  4. Lin

    I listen to Tucker, Hannity and Fox News because there is no other news that reports both side of an argument, I really don’t care what their opinion is because I usually discern for myself what I believe. CNN, MSBC, CBS, NBC and all the other alphabet soup channels are totally against any conservative thought not reporting at all. Having seen zero reporting on Hunter before the election and now zero reporting on the illegals pouring over the border, Fox including Hannity are better than most reporters!