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Green Waste: Two of Biden’s Wind Energy Projects Halted

Green Waste: Two of Biden’s Wind Energy Projects Halted

Billions of American taxpayer dollars allocated to the green energy projects by the Biden administration are not delivering success as promised. In a blow to the Biden’s green energy goals, two offshore wind energy projects came to a halt with over $5 billion in impairment.

On Wednesday (November 1), world’s largest offshore wind developer Orsted announced that they are halting the construction work on two New Jersey offshore wind energy projects – Ocean 1 and Ocean 2 – due to mounting costs and delays in the supply chain. Reuters reported that the impairments from the two projects had surged above $5.6 billion.

The story wrote that the company’s decision to stop working on the projects is the combined effect of a storm of interest rate hikes, supply chain delays, and rising inflation. Ironically, it was out of the Inflation Reduction Act that the Biden administration allocated nearly $370 billion to clean energy projects.

Major developers, including Orsted, have argued that they do not have access to nearly enough cash for the massive build-out.

It is not clear what stopped the Biden admin from providing Orsted the money they needed for making the projects work. But the news of Orsted’s exit from the projects caused its stocks to fall by 22%, which is a six-year low for the Danish company, as reported in media.

The Washington Examiner wrote that the projects’ failure has threatened the Biden administration’s target of generating 30 GW of energy via offshore wind development by 2030. The story pointed at the foreseen failure of the projects by Orsted and even the risk of the company’s projects shut down completely in case the federal government failed to provide them the funds needed for the projects.

On social media, conservatives mocked the failure of the NJ projects, tagging the state’s governor Phil Murphy.

Governor Murphy went on to slam Orsted for giving up on the projects. PBS station WHYY reported:

On hearing the news, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy called the decision “outrageous” and questioned Orsted’s competence.

Biden’s vision, or lack thereof, for the country’s energy needs have been criticized by conservatives as damaging for the country. In an opinion piece published in The Washington Examiner on Wednesday (November 1), Mark Miller & Isaiah McKinney wrote that Biden’s proposed “Bipartisan Permitting Reform Implementation Rule” would slow down or entirely stop major infrastructure and energy projects of the country. Arguing that the proposed rule essentially tries to impose California-style radical environmental agenda on the whole nation, the authors questioned its legality and wrote:

Biden could tell his administration to withdraw the rule before it forces bad California environmental policies onto the rest of the nation.

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  1. Dan tyree

    Retard joe should focus on the real issues instead of the job killing green agenda. The climate changes by nature. Joe ain’t been appointed God yet

    • Lisel Sipes

      The Irish Gaelic word for stupid is ‘Biden.’

      • frank stetson

        Lisel: Imeacht gan teacht ort

        Dan: can you actually prove green kills jobs, because where I come from, often more money means more jobs and all of you tell us Green costs more. According to DOE, energy jobs grew by 3.8% or 300K jobs in 2022. Solar grew by 3.9A% or 110,000 jobs covering 40% of all energy jobs. So, have YOUR WAY and we cut jobs.

        Personally, I would rather work solar than oil or coal. Cleaner work too. FYI, many higher paying Union jobs in solar as well.

        Fact is: it’s over, you lost. The only thing of question is the timing and right now, it’s accelerating. So, cry victim, cry n your soup, but clean is green and soon oil and coal will be unseen. As it should be. Let’s all take advantage of God’s great gift: the sun. Why not, he basks us in it, so Dan and Lisel should quit fucking in the dirt and lift your energy heads to the heavens instead. What greater glory could their ever be.

        PS: did you know the Earth is still flat?

        • Dan tyree

          God, whom you was stupidly referencing in your post, gave us oil and coal. So drill baby drill. And mine the coal. My comment about your mention of God is really funny. Your crowd is raising hell about the new speaker Johnson because he’s a practicing Christian. And people of faith get knocked down in the rain by you people. As for unions, I would pay great wages and benefits if I owned the companies. But union agitators would be warned once and no more.

          • Frank stetson

            Blah de blah. Like I said, you didn’t prove jobs killing.


            The God piece is opinion. I like his light, you like his decomposing shit.

            But you will even dwindle; I am growing by leaps and bounds. Even Trump couldn’t stop it.

          • Tom

            I am a political independent/unaffiliated voter, and also an independent/unaffiliated person with regard to organized religions. I simply do what God wants, read about him and meditate on him. I listen to reverends from Judaism, Baptist, always testing what they say against scripture! I call it the “stink test”. LOL

            The big issue with abortion is the scriptures are not very instructive. In one area, Psalms, David says in PSalm 139: 13-14, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are.” and try to balance that with Judaism which is the root of Christianity where int he old testament it differentiates between a baby in the woman’s womb and the killing of the woman. Exodus 21: 22-25 differentiates a baby in the womb as lower cost and essentially the property of the woman. So the fine for an accidental abortion caused by two people fighting is low. Whereas if the woman herself is harmed as a result of the fight between two men, and she is killed, the fine is much higher and the man who killed her pays with his life. The only other guidance is in Numbers Chapter 5: 11 – 28 where some translations call a swelling abdomen, disfigured thighs, etc. as some sort of disfigurement that roughly seems to equate to a miscarriage having occured. But this procedure is only done when a man files a claim with the priest that his wife has committed adultery. It does not cover the most popular thing today which is “casual sex”, “career over childbirth”, “lifestyle over childbirth” which are the three most popular reasons for abortion today. About 4% of abortions are due to ectopic pregnancies, and still borns. There are about 3,660,000 pregnancies per year in the USA. A side note, in the Jewish Talmud, a baby does not have human rights and is not considered fully human until it breathes its first breath of air outside of the womb. So the head must be out and it must be breating, at that point it is a human and has human rights. This makes abortion by severing the neck or bashing the head pure and simple murder which is why I am against full term abortions.

            I hope this helps! My feeling is the abortion issue is personal. Medical science has confirmed that pain can not be felt by a fetus until about week 24, so a 15 week abortion maxim seems reasonable. Maybe even 20 if we can dispose of the issue. My feeling is to have as many positive outcomes for women as we can, and abortion needs to be part of the solution, especially when invitro is at play, as well as the unlucky 4% of women who have troubled pregnancies. My feeling is that abortion is not a sin, no scripture defines it as a sin, but it certainly is a denial of a gift from that God that Frank says makes the sun. I have one child, and I loved raising that son as a single father. I would not trade it for anything. I encourage women to carry to term and enjoy the experience. God will provide if you believe. And that lifestyle change just may be a blessing in disguise!

        • Tom

          Frank, great use of God in your discussion. You just did what I call “a Pelosi”. I do enjoy how liberal minded folks whip out God when it is an advantage for them, then put God on a shelf afterwards! Lovely!!! Also very hypocritical!!! That God who created the sun also rejects homosexuality as it is against His great commandment to go forth, multiply, and subdue the earth. LGBTQ folks do zero population multiplying – which means their practices are against God’s one big commandment he gave humanity, you and me. I mentioned that LGBTQ was anti-God and you blasted me for it! You called me a homophobe, and a couple other things. You blasted Horist for his anti-abortion views, and considered abortion not to be against that God you are referring to, but rather it is “pro-choice” and you rejected the term anti-abortion! So if we are going to honor God and enjoy that great big ball of fire in the sky (Tommy James and the Shondells) that he gave us and we call the sun, then shouldn’t we also honor God and promote Pro-Life, Anti-Abortion, and condemn transgender for what that God you just mentioned calls “an abomination in my eyes” in Deuteronomy 22: 5-8 where that God says, ” A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this..” (NIV)? In King James God calls it “an abomination” which basically is God’s way of saying “It makes me freaken puke!!!” I guess you feel that the God who created that wonderful sun was wrong when that God said, “He created them male and female.” ? Notice that the God you are relying on for your argument did not say He also made some “inbetween”, some “mismatches between body and mind.” nor did he say He made some to prefer “the same genitalia that they have.” ?

          Now Frank, if what I just typed makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, this is just a microcosm of the words you will be held accountable for by that God who created the sun you so much want us all to enjoy! :>)) You and I are both heading to a meeting with that God who created the sun, and the outcome will either be reward or condemnation/destruction. Which will be your fate Frank? ? Not to late to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior! Not to late to get on the right side of God with ALL of your words and advocacy! You can do both, Condemn the sin of homosexuality while compassionately leading them out of their sin and to greater glory than the flesh can imagine! Its up to you Frank. Every day you are closer to that appointment with that God you said created the sun. :>))

          With regard to the energy of the sun that we want to harness with solar panels, it is not the panacea you may think.

          1) Solar panels contain very harmful chemicals that cannot be broken down and while the glass is recyclable, the solar film made of those nasty harmful “photo-voltaic” chemicals is not recyclable and highly carcinogenic – and that is a huge problem!! CDTe solar panels may be a hazardous due to cadmium. Gallium arsenide (GaAs) panels may be hazardous due to arsenic. Some older silicon solar panels may be hazardous waste for hexavalent chromium coatings. Newer, thin-film solar panels contain CIS/CIGS and may be hazardous due to copper and/or selenium. Please read **

          2) Those solar panels do not reflect the sun like the light to moderate brown earth dirt does. Studies have been done that reveal the earth a few feet above the solar panels down to the dirt is rising in temperature and introducing more heat at the lower levels which normal dirt reflect. Normal dirt does not heat up like solar panels. Try touching one sometime in the summer! Then touch the dirt. Its an easy experiment! See **

          • Dan tyree

            Tom you’re right. God made Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve. As for trusting Christ we must understand that He saves our souls. Not these human bodies. In other words a born again Christian is just a sinner saved by grace. You and I see eye to eye on this. You must be southern Baptist.

          • frank stetson

            Perhaps YOUR God does all that. Mine loves all man, women, and everything in between.

            Uncomfortable — anyone can pick and choose, cherry pick, attack via historical and metaphysical realities, but in the end, —- it’s about Faith. Gee Dan, I think there are even religions that go out of their was to welcome the people that you blame your faith for approvals, or lack thereof.

            Just replace God with “nature” if that makes it easier for you. But don’t be a sanctimonious sack of shit and tell me about my God, religion, faith, or LGBTQ. I get it. You have said it umpteen times, baited me with bible passages you need to get though your dilemma of hating a certain class of individuals but believing in the Constitution’s all men created equal part. That’s on you, but I get it and we don’t agree. Please desist in hammering me over the head with it much less dragging it in just because I used the word God. That’s enough unless you just have to throw down with me on it which will change nothing for either of us.

          • Tom

            Frank, my God and your God are the same, and yes he loves all people. But the part you forget is that he hates all sin and actions against his created order.

            I do not replace God with nature, that is actually what you are doing. You are trying to conflate God’s love for humanity that he sacrificed his Son with God somehow being ok with sin!!! WRONG!!!! God is God and will always be God. Nature is man and his environment, and it will always be that way. Jesus said, “That which is flesh is flesh, that which is spirit is spirit. A man (you Frank) cannot enter heaven unless he is reborn of the Spirit.”

            Sorry if this is bad news for you but you already knew all of this in your heart. That is why you direct your anger at me by name calling which you say to Horist that you never do. Its ok to turn to God and let him know you are sorry for being wrong about some things and saying the wrong things. God’s power of the cross is more powerful than any sin except denial of God’s Holy Spirit. That is unforgivable.

            Now Frank, get on with the business of securing your eternity because its a very very very long time!

          • frank stetson

            Gee Tom, you changed my mind, my faith, and my God.


            Hope it makes you feel better, but I told you, I GET IT. But you will not change my mind, and I am not attempting to change yours for the millionth time.

            They are sinners in your mind and you blame God. They are not in mine and I blame God. So STFU and let’s speak of other things UNLESS you really want to stop based on this point?

          • Tom

            Frank, I do not blame God for anything, much less their homosexuality. I have often advocated for “love the sinner, hate the sin.” And as you have pointed out, I am consistent in the scriptures I point to. It is unfortunate that you cannot separate the two. Instead you think I hate them, and that is not true. I just refuse to let them stay in their sin if I can counsel them otherwise. When you attempt to make me out to be some sort of hater of homosexuals, you are making a false me, similar to the way you accuse Horist, and he accuses you of doing to each other.

            When you call me names like “sanctimonious sack of shit” you are actually insulting God because it is written that we all are created in God’s image. Check out Genesis 1 Verses 26 to 31. “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: …..” An image is a “likeness”. Did you really mean to call the likeness of God, a “sanctimonious sack of shit” ???

            BTW, I will never stfu nor be embarrassed about standing up for God’s word and teaching scriptures. If that bothers you, it is you with the problem. Obviously some guilt somewhere in your inner man. But be of a cheerful and joyous heart because there is forgiveness for those who ask.

            BTW, my job is to be a mouthpiece, not to convert. That requires a changed heart which is God’s job. Not mine. I am just a simple messenger who’s spirit is grieved by your pulling God off of a shelf for your convenience and then putting him back on the shelf for your convenience. So chat with him. Complain to God about me. Tell God what you called me for speaking His word, (hint: he already heard you!) :>))

          • frank stetson

            Tom, only a sanctimonious sack of shit would continue this long after I requested we move on due to the fact that we are done. But noooooooooo.

            If a gay guy goes to confession once a week, confesses this sin, is he good to go?

            You say you hate the act, love the person, but really Tom ——- how many times have you viewed GAY SEX? You haven’t really seen the act, but you sure seem like you are judging the person as a SINNER and I am surprised that you love the sinner, but hate the sin for something that is 24/7 for these folks.

            So, perhaps I should make it two-faced, sanctimonious sack of shit.

            In truth and in all seriousness, just let it go. We are done. Nothing will change with more diatribe. Here’s a buck, buy a clue.

          • Tom

            Ok ,Wow, I get it Frank, you wish to hide so you have declared the conversation done! WOW! Sounds like the Dem in you is getting a bit authoritarian, isn’t it? I thought you said we were all created equal? Does that mean I have an equal right to continue as long as you entertain the topic?

            You say, “Tom, only a sanctimonious sack of shit would continue this long after I requested we move on”. Well then let me ask you Frank, since you have continued on just as long as me, then what does that make you??? It would appear that you have actually judged and in so doing, you have actually judged yourself. :>))

            Regarding the gay guy in confession, that is a Roman Catholic point of view. Ask your priest, not me. I am an independent. Scripture says we are to repent which means turn from our sin, or in other words, do a 180 degree about face. Jesus forgave Mary of Magdalena and then told her to “sin no more.” So I would surmise that if he continues to confess the same sin over and over, then he is held captive by this sin. Jesus said, “I have come to free the captives…”. If this is your case Frank, let me know and I will pray for you buddy!!!

            No I do not have to examine or view a sin to know it is a sin. God says “Thou shalt not steal.” So I know stealing is a sin without having to steal to experience the feelings after a theft. So do you view homosexual acts often Frank?

            When you talk homosexuality, it is important to consider inversion or perversion according to many modern day sociologists. But when we talk about “thinking as God thinks” which is what he told Cefas (Peter) what to do, we mus think of what God’s intent for human sexuality was and is now and will forever be, because God is unchanging. God’s intent is 1) reason for male and female; 2) populate earth; 3) pleasurable experience between two committed people that may mimic how it feels to be in the presence of God in a way that a flesh entity could understand. A central component is the basic understanding of who we are as male and female, and flowing from this, how we bear God’s image on this planet as individuals and in families. Also, God’s intention that we multiply his image!

            Those gripped by same sex attraction are gripped by the flesh. Clearly God intent is shown by God’s word. Man’s intent sometimes strays into what I call acts of a “Self-Indulgent Nature”, or act of SIN” where man attempts to rationalize the going against God’s intentions, plans, and commands as defined by his Word. Anything against God’s intended purpose is SIN.

            I hope this helps you Frank and I will pray that God wipe that sinful vision of homosexual act that you viewed and is in your mind. And again, I will pray for you if you are gripped by same sex attraction. You are still a friend, no matter how much you sin. :>))

          • frank stetson

            From Tombstone: All right, Tom… you called down the thunder, well now you’ve got it! You see that? It says United States Marshal! Take a good look at him… ’cause that’s how you’re gonna end up! The Cowboys are finished, you understand?”

            “I’m Your Huckleberry.” (actually it’s much tamer than that, I gave it 24 hour rest period…)

            I asked, I pleaded, I begged, but you just can’t let go like a junkyard dog with his teeth embedded in my ankle. Of course, you can continue to continue. You’re a big boy, it’s a choice and despite my honest efforts to admit neither of us are changing, and in an effort to move beyond this thing we disagree on, fuck it ——-you can sometimes get want you want.

            “You say, “Tom, only a sanctimonious sack of shit would continue this long after I requested, we move on”” Yes, I did. And you continued. It makes me one tome shorter than you until this post if anyone is counting…..remember, you started it knowing full well my response. Not our first rodeo on this.

            “that is a Roman Catholic point of view. Ask your priest, not me. I am an independent.” Something also wrong with Catholic’s and the Bible? Independent: that’s a new religion, what’s your bible — BS (bernie’s scripture?). You admit in Western faiths that we can be forgiven, and as far as I see, that can come right up to the pearly gates. It can happen over and over. It’s a sin-forgiving therefore sin free world you live in. And I am sure any gays afraid of Hell can bail at the antepenultimate or even penultimate moment. Your religion hands out “get out of jail free” cards like covid test kits. Does that even make sense? I mean sure, Jesus died for my sins, but I can have as many do-overs as I want? Sure seems like it. Eastern religions have a definitive response to sin, or even lack of enlightenment, pretty sure they don’t have do-overs either, but yet —- they have a God and basically, the Golden Rule. Buddhist don’t care, Episcopal embraces gay, Evangelical Lutheran allow local parishes to decide but no problemo, Hindu’s are on the fence, damned Kama Sutra defines but does not condemn, Jews have no issues except for the Orthodox and they probably avoid sex to begin with :>), Presbyterians they be OK but no marriage, Unitarians – the Independents of Christianity, embrace it of course. I am pretty sure these folks are reading the same Bible as you.

            Deuteronomy 22: 5-8 does not even seem important enough to be written: what happens with unisex fashions? Limbo? Kilts – uh oh… Pants….uh oh the other way, big time. Guess given pj’s, all kids are sinners. And I guess this explains that Priest stuff in their frocks n such — no wonder, all sinners. How about Kings in their robes, the list goes on and on as to the stupidity of applying this Bible passage in today’s reality. Luckily we already knew all actors, judges, males in church choirs, college graduates, were going to Hell. God detests, an abomination, the Bible does not say sinner. Is God being general? Where’s the code book…..

            Check out Genesis 1 Verses 26 to 31: Tom, I was pretty clear I was calling you, and you alone, a sanctimonious sack of shit which I elevated to two-face sanctimonious sack of shit. On this topic. I still love ya man (although it gets harder in your junk-yard dog mode, luckily I drink the hair of the dog myself :>)

            Let’s be clear Tom. The Bible calls out acts, not homosexuals. You know you can’t find the word —- more important, the definition, of gay in the Bible. Just the acts. As you know in your Biblical studies, the Bible does not specify that the person doing the deed is even gay. Pirates did it but you wouldn’t call them gay, at least to Blackbeard’s face. I believe it was more “any port in a storm” just like today’s US prison system. People cared mightily about perversion back then, but inversion — didn’t really call it out. You know that’s what the Bible is talking about but bait you must. That’s a bit shameful. You yourself admit you hate the act not the person and speak on inversion versus perversion, but obviously you get it: The Bible talks about acts and not about inversion for which everyone knows —- there is no cure, no magic pill, no special training, electric shock treatment, whatever. And I find it difficult that you don’t hate the person given your feelings about the acts. Nice to be able to blame your feelings on God and then pretend the people are just fine. It’s like Horist’s “love the policies, not the personality,” it seems really hard to imagine your compartmentalizing these sins from the person.

            But Tom: I just don’t see how you can take the stand you take, and it is your choice to hold those Bible passages as sacrosanct, how you can take that stand against the act but say you love the people. Seems disingenuous at least — one way or the other.

            And yes, Tom, I have many gay, lesbian, whatever friends, I don’t really pry. It’s not a focus for me like it is for you with your gaydar searching out those sinners. And yes, Tom, sometimes they display the same acts in public as normal hetero people. Why? Because most are as normal and me or you.
            My main takeaway from the Bible: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is a biblical concept spoken by Jesus in Luke 6:31 and Matthew 7:12; it is commonly referred to as the “Golden Rule.” “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets”
            IMO, you cannot translate the Bible as you do and respect the Golden Rule. It is that simple. More important, like abortion rights, I really don’t wish to discuss topics like this as we both should just agree to disagree and leave it at that. Quit trying to convince the inconvincible and just try to follow the Golden Rule, as will I. And sure, take another stab at it, but I am done for now. Until the next time at which I hope you will step down a tad sooner. A simple tome will suffice, it ain’t changing a thing anyway.

      • Robin W Boyd

        Biden is now the international word for stupid. Unfortunately, the Biden family has scammed so much taxpayer money and foreign payoffs that the immediate family will remain quite wealthy for some time to come.

        • Dan tyree

          Yeah Frank. You’re growing like a tumor on someone’s ass

          • frank stetson

            I am sorry for you pain Dan and hope you get better soon.

          • Tom

            Frank does kind of grow on you. I enjoy his opinions even if I do not agree with them. He often has some good points worthy of thought. He and Horist are two book ends of the same set. :>))

    • Tom

      Dan, I am for a modified green agenda not because it is job killing but because it will disproportionately disadvantage the poor that the Democrats seem to say they care so much about. The job killing argument is a myth. See below. The economic disadvantage to the poor and lower income level folks is not a myth, it is happening now. In major cities close to Frank, like Philadelphia, you can have a choice of traditional or green energy. The problem is that the power company does not make the green energy, they buy it from solar farm companies. It is more expensive than traditional energy production using coal, oil, gas, etc. So the power company buys this green energy at a higher price per KW then includes it in their overall supply of energy so that they can say that they provide X% of their energy from green sources. The problem is that right now the power companies, all of them, do not have the software to separately bill folks based on their desire for green versus traditional energy – thus the additional costs of green energy is spread out to all power customers as part of the KW rate. And that is how it disadvantages poor and lower economic folks – because their rates are higher. Possibly after there is enough green energy available, rates may go down for poor and low income, or, do what California is doing and have a wealth based tiered energy bill where more wealthy pay higher energy costs – Frank won’t mind this because he has enough wealth to cover it and based on life expectancy combined with how he has abused himself over decades he will be able to outrun the higher energy bills.

      Now, the job killer approach may have some merit in the very short term, but overall, it has little if any merit as this article states: We estimate that the more conservative $25 carbon tax would boost U.S. employment by 1.4 million jobs each year between 2020 and 2030, which is nearly a 1 percent increase above the reference–case forecast of 160 million jobs in 2030. As the economy expands and the tax increases, job growth from the GND would accelerate, creating, on average, 3.4 million new jobs each year between 2040 and 2050—a nearly 2 percent increase above the 182 million jobs forecast for the U.S. in 2050. Overall, it is estimated that 72 million job years would be created over the three decades with a $25 carbon tax. (Note that if one job continues after one year for another 12 months, it represents two job years.) I am offering this article to you Dan because you are obviously conservative, and conservatives like to point to “relying on the science” which was a constant theme of Trump. Read full article with graphs at **

      The two questions are: Jobs created where? China which makes most solar panels and mines most of the rare minerals? Or USA? Right now most of those jobs would be in China.

      2) How do we mitigate the higher temperatures at earth dirt level created by solar panels absorbing light, not reflecting light like the brown dirt, and what do we do with panels once they lose their photovoltaic properties. The photovoltaic film contains very harmful carcinogens such as gallium, arsenic, arsenic, cadmium (which is why you specially recycle rechargeable batteries!), soon probably lithium which is just as bad if it gets in the ground water, etc. Right now these panels are simply being stored in warehouses. A great future business is storage facilities for solar panels.

      It is interesting to note that while most solar panels are made in China, the fact is that China is actually reclaiming some of its solar panel fields and turning them back to food production fields because they also noticed changed weather patterns caused by the solar panel heat, as well as the recycling issues. China is still building coal fire plants for the next couple of years and dumps twice the level of carbon (in metric tons) into the air as the USA. China’s argument to the West is that the West wants China to make stuff cheap for the world, and so coal is cheapest.

      I hope this helps your understanding of the real issues underlying the green agenda. Another note, my area, Duke Power, their wind energy shows flatline through 2035. Wind energy as in wind mills present problems to 1) migrating birds are being mass killed, 0.269 birds per Gwhr, versus 9.36 killed by coal mining which destroys habitats) ** Wind mills mix up the lowest atmospheric air and the middle atmospheric air which causes no difference in air temps which creates more violent thunderstorms because it wipes out the isolating layer of cool mid-atmosphere air. Researchers report the most accurate modelling yet of how increasing wind power would affect climate, finding that large-scale wind power generation would warm the Continental United States 0.24 degrees Celsius because wind turbines redistribute heat in the atmosphere. See science article at ** Also recently some wind projects were cancelled due to costs, and some windmills made by GE are in severe need of repair. And lets not forget what happened in TX when they had an ice storm – the windmills stopped turning and energy costs skyrocketed for the customers who were on certain budget plans.

      • Dan tyree

        Great post Tom. I do think that we should rely on science instead of politics

        • Tom

          I agree Dan! I think we need to use scripture and well founded scientific research as the “political stink tests”! LOL

          • Dan tyree

            You’re right. But people like Frank think that disapproving of whatever a person does translates into hate. Not true. For example, the Bible teaches against theft. And some people steal. I don’t hate them, I just think they should be punished and hopefully rehabilitated. And seeking God’s forgiveness would be great. And there’s always controversy about what is or ain’t sin. But we all are low down sinners. And God did provide a savior through His son. Some people believe that cussing is sinful and it probably is. But it’s a weakness of mine

      • frank stetson

        Yeah, I noted the US added to global warming through clearer skies. Seems likes smog causes it, removing smog causes it, whatever.

        My point is at 25% of our total energy, it’s over. There are timing issues, but even Trump could not stop the advances, just slow them for one year or so and then it ramped again. Has doubled under Biden. It’s like stopping the cell phone which, like solar, got smaller and smarter over time too.

        There are pluses, minuses, and unintended outcomes everywhere just as there is for relying on oil and coal too.

        Also, Biden passed Ossoff’s SEMA in august 2022, there’s another 28B in the IRA for green manufacturing investment, think a number of folks are building out battery plants. So, everything is moving, changing and picking up pace. Hopefully that will dilute many of your issues.

  2. frank stetson

    When Obama provided the alternative energy program, Republicans cried foul, inflation and Solyndra was a financial failure. The program was a financial success, one of the few Federal investment programs to turn an actual profit.

    In 2008, the US got 5% of it’s energy from alternative sources, at the end of Obama, it was over 9%, almost double. Then Trump wisely gutted the program turning to coal and oil instead. In his first year, he dropped it below 9%, an downward shift of over 10%. But even Trump can not stop of good idea and like ObamaCare, after he got bored with his feckless, fruitless, scare tactics, it continued it’s rise gaining to over 10% by his time of demise. Today, a mere 3 years later, Biden has grown it over 150% to the point where the US gets over 25% of it’s total power supply from alternative sources. That is so cool that your world has not collapsed with the weight of all that BAD energy. One could say: mission accomplished, and the reign of coal is over, oil is on it’s way. Will still take over a decade, but it’s over. Dumpster is just too stupid to notice change like this. That would be news.

    Dempsey is just too stupid to see it. He is a very bad investigative reporter, put him on the puff pages please. He also missed where the largest buildout of solar is currently underway. It’s Texas dumb shit, the home of oil and gas and people like you. Lots of them. But “con dinero baila el perro,” with money, the dog dances. Texas and Florida are also the number one and two solar producers. WHY? I would like to say they are environmental soldiers but fact is, they have weak zoning and building controls, lots of sun, so that’s where the new ones are going. Oil companies are even investors. Do you know how many clean jobs that provides? Or does Ernie yearnie for the oil fields and coal mines instead?

    So, on one hand they lobby, and talk, and advertise, and even get useful idiots like Dempsey to shill for them about the greatness of oil and coal, and the evil alternative energy, by blaming Democrats for what Republicans are doing like a drunk sailors on leave in an all-you-can-eat whorehouse. Worse yet, Ernie does not even seem to know what he does not know. He thinks he’s got it by pegging Biden for a few windmills. We know he doesn’t care because his dog dances when he writes these tunes and Gilbertson pays him.

    Yes, companies fail. Solyndra did but the program was profitable. I expect the same will be true here. Certainly, the Dumpster has not proven otherwise despite his clever rhetoric, wild-ass assumptions and feckless accusations.
    HYPOCRITE and really bad eggs for news.

    • Jim lucas

      Recently I read a news article from townhall daily that Obamacare is getting more expensive. Good!!!!!

      • Frank stetson

        You are such a horses ass. I looked it up and after four years of flatlining, I think it went up 4% last year and looks to go up between two and 10% this year depending on your location and metal plan. Average will be about 6%.

        Or important, it’s about the same rate increase as free market insurance.

        Do the math, mr math, that’s like 10% in six years; how much per year is that? Like under 2% a year?

        Even more important, businesses will probably see a much deeper rise in their insurance plans this year.

        Lucas, next time look it up. I keep saying that and telling you we’re going to check your math and you mouth. Town hall daily probably raised prices over the past six years too.

        • Tom

          I agree Frank, businesses are probably looking at a steeper health care insurance bill. Some may choose to give employees an allocation and let them go on the exchange. And I agree, there is nothing good about wishing that the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare fails. I have seen similar figures as you state in your post. Just look at Medicare. It went up $10 for 2024. That is a 6.09% increase. I suppose Jim Lucas likes seeing the elderly paying more for health care too. Even when I did not need the ACA, I was in favor of it because it makes us all healthier when our peers are healthier.

    • Q

      You are a lady cleansing tool!!

      • frank stetson

        Yes, I have been called a sponge before.

        Thanks for the shout out though.

  3. Frank stetson

    Why would that be good?

    This from the same ilk that boycotted bud lite just to buy another beer from the same company. And not even an American company.

    Rocket Scientists.

    • Jim lucas

      You didn’t look deep enough dick head. Try RedState news. They carried the story too. They also have some reporting on Kamala the token.

      • Frank stetson

        What are you talking about? Did I say the story didn’t run? Did I not agree that it was goung up? I just added the actual numbers to show it’s not a crusher give the past six years.

  4. Robin W Boyd

    Energy suppliers need to be the ones footing the bill for energy costs, not taxpayers. I can understand government funding being used for some distribution costs for energy, but not the energy costs themselves. If a business cannot provide a product without being funded by taxpayers, that business has no right to stay in business. Let free capitalism do its job.

  5. Dan tyree

    Thousands lost their jobs when retard joe shut down the pipeline and stopped the drilling in the north. I believe it’s good to try to produce renewable energy but our old school fuels should be front and center. I’m so glad that the EV shit fell apart.

  6. Darren

    Were I live the Power Company is privatly owned and constintly raising their prices to us users.
    They push Solar only to impose a tax on the users when they get it because it cuts their bottom line.
    If that is not enough, the years the price of power sky rocketed, it left the power company owing somethimg like 10 million.
    Obama said that was OK, he will make them whole again.
    Really, how many buisness go through the same thing just to be bankrupt.
    Where is the bailout for the average buisness.

  7. frank stetson

    You electric is not regulated? How odd.

    • Tom

      He may live in TX. They have their own grid and their own rules. Or he is in a similar state. That is why in TX when the ice storm occurred that stopped the wind mills those on these budget electric plans where you agree to brown outs in exchange for lower electric costs under the provision that they can shut your electric off paid so much more for power. They were paying the contractual premium price which was at least ten times regular price because they were in violation of their plan. I never heard of anything that crazy! Here in NC we are regulated.

  8. frank stetson

    In terms of pollution, China is bad, and worse than everyone else right now. HOWEVER, we should remember that since the dawn of man, the US is the greatest polluter in the world when you add it all up over all those years. Funny unintended sidenote: the US cleaning it’s air may be contributing to global warming. Too much smog = global warming, too little smog = global warming, somebody get me a score card…… Point is this is complex, we will learn as we go, and we need to work together if we want to do better.

    Today, China is the worst, and worst by far. Like double the US. Yet one article states: “China’s pollution levels in 2021 had fallen 42% from 2013, according to a new report released Tuesday, making it a rare success story in the region, where pollution is getting worse in some parts, including South Asia.” There is hope that China is listening, a bit. We should congratulate and amplify of that, not beat them down, especially over non-connected issues like human rights. Not forget, just not in front of global warming.

    “Chinese cities used to dominate global rankings of the world’s worst air quality; while some are still on those lists, in many cases they have been overtaken by cities in South Asia and the Middle East.”

    “But, the report warned, there is still work to do as China remains the world’s 13th most polluted country. And Beijing’s particulate pollution – the tiny but highly dangerous pollutants that can evade the human body’s usual defenses – is still 40% higher than in the most polluted county in the United States.”


    However, on co2 emissions, which Oliver focused on because that’s where he copied/pasted from, “China’s greenhouse gas emissions have been in decline since last year but could still be some way from their peak, with the country’s policies still not fully aligned with long-term goals to limit temperature increases, a survey of Chinese experts said on Monday.” This is 2022 report.

    However, the report shows how the Chinese have added a couple of years of expected life due to their efforts. On another note, the US lost a year or two due to our efforts to control covid.

    BOTTOM LINE: China puts out a third of the world’s carbon waste, and making them winners makes us winners too. They have shown they can attack the problem, they can improve, and they can see the benefits, but need to do so, so, much more. We need to help with more than condemnation, bans, boycotts, and such. For all their improvements in clean energy, electric vehicles, there are the downsides of too much coal fired energy. Point is, China is the worst, we are number two, but they almost double us. Saber rattling will not fix this, empty threats will not make it better. We need to hold them to account to appropriate treaties, polices, and programs. Perhaps if we had done this in 2017 we would be in a better place right now. I mean when we spend 4 years trashing this stuff, Turnip withdrawals from Paris agreement, or killing US involvement with the UN Green Climate Fund with no replacements or clue to the future. Or Trump’s moves to increase oil, coal, fracking by removing or limiting pollution controls, again with no clue for the future.

    Yeah, like we are in a position to lead, to tell China what to do on pollution. Like being Avis and saying, “we are number two, we try harder.” Trust us. Maybe China read Horist and knows Trump is back, pollution is in style again!!! Think I heard em saying, trust us? Yeah, just like the Kurds trusted you……

    Again, IMO, the best path is to tie China to agreements and treaties that give a hope for the future, and a foundation for justice if broken. They can clean up their act, and they have been shown the advantage in Chinese life expectations.