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GOP Senators to Facebook: WTF on Hunter Biden, FBI 

GOP Senators to Facebook: WTF on Hunter Biden, FBI 

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, and Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), ranking member of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, are asking Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg some tough questions regarding his communications with the Department of Justice and the FBI. 

Remember back in November 2020 when the New York Post published a salacious story about Hunter Biden and a laptop he abandoned at a repair shop in Delaware (click here to read more)? Facebook and other social media outlets suppressed the story, claiming to believe it was Russian disinformation. Twitter even went so far as to lock users out of their accounts for sharing the story before it was censored.

Zuckerberg later admitted that his companies (now operating under the blanket entity Meta) suppressed the Hunter Biden story after the FBI warned there was “about to be” a “Russian propaganda” effort including a document dump. Zuckerberg himself said that “it sucks” the story turned out to be authentic. 

In other words, America’s most popular social media platforms suppressed a story that could have directly influenced the 2020 presidential election due to a warning from the FBI.

“The American people deserve to know whether the FBI used Facebook as part of their alleged plan to discredit information about Hunter Biden,” reads the letter from Grassley and Johnson. “If so, Congress and the American people require clarity with respect to the extent the FBI communicated with Facebook during the 2020 election about Hunter Biden-related information.”

It is more than ironic that FBI agents accused Russia of meddling in the election and then blamed Russia for their own attempts to influence the election. The FBI had Hunter Biden’s laptop in its possession at the time and should have been able to verify its authenticity. Recently, a number of whistleblowers informed Johnson that FBI employees were told not to inspect the laptop immediately after it was obtained. Johnson was also told about a scheme within the FBI to downplay any negative information about Hunter Biden in August 2020 in order to shut down an investigation related to his overseas business dealings. 

Around that time, the FBI delivered an “unnecessary and unsolicited briefing” to lawmakers that was used by Democrats to paint Republican lawmakers’ investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings as Russian disinformation. “The FBI’s ill-conceived actions not only interfered in our congressional investigation by frustrating and obstructing our ability to advance the matters under review, it also interfered in the 2020 election,” notes the letter.

Grassley and Johnson have also asked the FBI to disclose the names of the agents that spoke with Facebook (this is something my colleague Joe Gilberston also wants to know and you can read his rant on the topic here). 

As Gilbertson writes in his article: “These individuals…abused their position. They used fraudulent information to influence an election. Can you think of any crime worse than interfering with the rightful election of the leader of the free world?” 

If it can be proven that individuals within the FBI gave Facebook false information so that the Hunter Biden story would reach fewer Americans directly before the election, those individuals need to be held accountable for treason.

“The actions of the agents who spoke to Facebook were blatantly political, something the FBI should shun with a passion,” continues Gilbertson. “This is a corruption of the highest law enforcement body in the land…If I were an FBI agent, I would be screaming to boot out the people who did this, the people who damaged the FBI’s reputation.” 


Senators Demand Transparency From Facebook on Hunter Biden Story

GOP senators demand Facebook hand over FBI communication on Hunter Biden

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  1. X

    Trump had classified documents separated from hundreds of guests by a single padlock… The economy is going gangbusters, and Biden has had major legislative victories… Ukraine is making major advances into Russian held territory even as Tucker Carlson claims the Russians are winning… Republicans are taking credit for the infrastructure bill that THEY VOTED AGAINST… Women across the country are mobilizing to throw out Republicans because of their anti-abortion votes, while the party is losing Republican voters because their party keeps nominating election deniers…

    And you guys keep running stories about Hunter Biden, Hillary’s emails, and AOC? WTF is wrong with you people?

    • Joe Gilbertson

      And you don’t believe that Hunter Biden is bought off by China, you don’t believe Hillary compromised her office and you think AOC is worthy to become president.

      Even though the evidence is right there in front of you.

      Wow, that is just incredible.

      • frank stetson

        What does that have to do with this story on Hunter’s laptop and the FBI?

      • X

        Show some proof that Hunter Biden is “bought off” by China. Or even explain what that means. While you’re at it, explain how Trump and family were NOT bought off by China, who gave millions of dollars of brand names and contracts to his daughter WHILE SHE WAS STILL WORKING IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Or the 2 BILLION dollars from the Saudis that went to Jared WHILE HE WAS STILL WORKING IN THE WHITE HOUSE (not to mention a Saudi-financed golf tournament that went to FPOTUS’s golf course).

        Obviously Hillary did NOT compromise her office because the Republican committee that grilled her for a full day concluded she did nothing wrong. If you have real proof, show it.

        As stupid as he is, Trump managed to get elected President. AOC is way smarter than he is. It’s all a matter of timing. She’s not old enough to run for President yet, give her another 20 years.

        You make a lot of bold accusations that I’m wrong and you’re right, but you’re always short on proof…

        • frank stetson

          Proof, proof, you don’t need no stinkin proof. I told you so, I told you five times already, everyone knows it, look it up.

    • Ron

      Economy is great? Really? I lost $30,000 in investment and inflation under his presidency, border is a mess, murders way up.

      • X

        So you’re a lousy investor. I didn’t lose any money, and in fact, will be moving to a new job with a 25% raise in about 3 weeks. An example of one stupid investor is not an indicator of the whole economy.

        The border is a mess because Trump did nothing for 4 years, and governors in Texas are randomly lying to immigrants and sending them to random places with no notice. They get federal funds for handling immigrants, which should be cut off if they’re going to be playing games like that. What they’re doing is no better than human trafficking .

        And what’s your evidence that murders are way up? Yeah, gun violence and mass murders are going up, who do you think is to blame for that? The “thoughts and prayers” Republicans!

      • frank stetson

        $30K ? You need a better job…..

        There’s an old saying, now updated, that says: “when the uber drivers are making money in stocks, it’s time to leave the market.” I am guessing you drive for Uber……

        Really, you calculated your investment inflation losses? And yet you didn’t factor in a market correction to begin with?

        Judging what Trump did in priming the pump with free money, biggest stimulus in history, one in December of 2020 just to get votes, massive tax cuts, all creating the lowest GDP growth since Hoover, and the largest deficits and debt in US history, and then seeing Biden prepare to double-down in 2021, I, for the first time in my history, dumped most of my equities. My losses still dwarf yours but I actually feel pretty good, all things considered.

        I hope you can ride it our and are not forced to sell at a loss. Next time Trump tells you how he built the yugest stock market ever, you will know to sell, sell fast.

    • MSGLeo

      You are a brainwashed leftist that has no clue of reality. You call an economic recession as the economy is going gangbusters? I fail to see negative economic growth as a good thing but since you are obviously a Democrat, I suppose you might. Record inflation caused the Biden’s out of control spending is the worst it’s been in 50 years. The Southern border has brought millions of illegals into this country. Giving abortion back to the states is where it should have always been. Suppression of Hunter Biden’s laptop and his collusion with Russia and China should not have happened. Open your eyes and stop watching CNN and MSNBC.

      • ben is back

        msgleo: you freakin braindead shit man, who is the “brainwashed legist” that you are bloviating about? No one on this thread talked economy? And who would see negative growth as positive? But you since you drove the talk-track-truck into this gutter, remember, you Trumplicants hailed low growth under Turnip as the best thing since your first wet dream because he lined your pockets with your own tax dollars, foreign loans, and the hugest deficit and debt ever seen in the across the entire world and watched you respond by kissing his giant fat white ass. Where are the new millions of illegals you kvetch about. There ain’t no millions of illegals. Expulsions and boarder apprehensions are way up because Trump left a little timebomb by enacting the law for immediate expulsion to Mexico. Given no penalty, they just turn around and try again. We keep rapid deporting the same guys. Biden needs to fix yet another Trumpian cock-up of which there’s so many. Now we got to fix the Presidential Records Act and Presidential Classification Process cuz the dumb-fuck breached those laws too. The dumb ass steals 11,000 documents to keep safe next to his pubic pool and for what? He does not read. Planning to put in his library? It will probably be all videos…. Maybe to sell? Curios? Why? One thing for sure. You don’t give a fuck. Nor do you care if he has his hoard storm the capitol beating any cops they can find. After all, you are the law and order party, so you own it just like you owned the DOJ. The twice impeached EX President, loser of two popular votes, has more aides and members of his administration indicted than any other American President. He pardoned most. Law and order my sweet patooties. And you beg him for more.

        If giving abortion to the states is right, why does a leading Republican have a national ban proposed in Congress? And who the suppressed Biden’s, if it is Biden’s, laptop? Everyone I know has a copy, where’s yours? Authenticating is the issue, not suppression. Abbot spends $1,700 a ride to bus folks on Texas Taxpayer buses. DeSantis says, I see your buses and raise you a Lear Jet ride to Martha’s vineyard. What’s next for Republicans, Arizona gonna rent a party bus with the pole dancer set-up?

        Please don’t open your eyes. Not until at least you take your head out of your ass. Then open your eyes, turn off Fucker Carlsin and stop being so sheeple. You were living in a fake economy fed by taxpayer deficit, debt, and deceit. There is no resurgence of American manufacturing under Trump, there is no return of coal. Energy net exports were a caused by a pandemic demand slump, not Trump policies as were the decreased border crossings —- pandemic, not policy. Trump gave you the lowest GDP growth since Hoover, yeah, the Depression Hoover. Trump gave you the largest deficits in American history leading to the largest debt in American history. The economy was already weird under Trump and in the pandemic. It hasn’t turned to shit, it was already in shit before Biden arrived.

    • JR

      Huh? Economy gangbusters? 2 Qtrs of negative growth ie Recession, highest inflation in 40 years, stores are actually closing because they can’t find help, and urban crime is at ridiculous levels because of no bail and limited enforcement. I’m glad Ukraine is succeeding but our support has weakened us to dangerous military levels. The Draining of the SPRs also was political not for an emergency and runs in the face of us now being reliant on our enemies instead of being self sufficient as under Trump. And if spending $750B of money we don’t have for inflation reduction when our own CBO says it won’t lower inflation at all and was simply a green giveaway is a legislative victory, I can’t help your CNN/ MSNBC eyes. And the “we are all Americans” president has been nothing but a Divider in Chief, as his Stalinistic speech choreographed with red lighting and military evidenced. Other than that Mrs Lincoln, how was the play…?

  2. Dale long

    Let’s not forget who his billionaire uncle is & what they think of America & how they can control us.

  3. Rat Wrangler

    if it turns out that the FBI lied to Facebook about anything, rather than going after the agents responsible for the falsehoods, just publish the facts across the nation. After that, no rational American would believe anything the FBI says. It is likely that other law enforcement agencies will stop working with them in order to protect their own reputations. In short order, the FBI would become far less effective than they are now, and they might as well disband.

    • H

      I think you give this website (and the other crazy far right websites that Alice plagiarizes) way too much credit for influencing rational Americans.

    • Micala

      Intelligent Americans ALREADY DO NOT BELIEVE NOR TRUST ANYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF THE FBI! The Fat Boys Inc group has broken every American’s trust in their organization! At this point in time, it would behoove the Leaders in D.C. to dismantle that organization before further damage is done by these fraudulent men!

      As for that PERVERT HUNTER BIDEN, I saw that video of UNDERSHORTS WEARING HUNTER STRUTTING LIKE A DRUNK PEACOCK SMOKING CRACK IN FRONT OF 13 – 15 year old girls on the computer — BEFORE IT WAS REMOVED FROM THE WEB! I also sent it out to numerous people across the U.S. to see what Joe Biden’s son does with his down time! It was so disgusting and perverted that I knew it was Biden’s son Hunter! Yes! PERVERSION DEFINITELY RUNS IN THE MEN’S SIDE OF THE BIDENS!

  4. frank stetson

    Why do Republicans thirst for shadowy stolen documents? They are like literary peeping Tom’s trampling privacy rights faster than the forced delivery of a Texas rape baby. Their leader took over 11,000 of the people’s papers including lots of ones marked classified to secure them next to the member’s pool and Republicans love it. Trump pool members include many foreigners, con artists, gate smashers, and a few spies. Republicans begged the Russians to release known stolen Hillary emails and cheered when they got the stolen goods. All the way to the law and order party headquarters. Russians, electronic emails, must be valid, not fake. Then they stole Biden’s daughter’s diary for publication. A diary for God’s sake. And Hunter’s laptop, of unknown veracity, hit the right-wing blogosphere. If they can’t steal documents, they fund another organization to set up video stings, often faked or edited to spin. That’s right, if law and order can’t steal the dirt, they pay someone to make it up. But Trump’s taxes —- don’t touch my stuff man., that would be criminal.

    Hunter Biden’s laptop is like a bad version of “where’s Waldo.” Where is it, who has it, and what does it have on it? Was it suppressed by the FBI, is that disinformation or censorship? We know precious little, some still think they know it all, and while they are confident, most see very little that’s authenticated. Now, on top of that, the FBI doing their duty to inform folks as to potential disinformation, is in the shithole, for telling folks that even though said folks could have run with it with no problems from the FBI anyways. The drive copies still could have fake elements, could be mostly fake. Only a small percentage of emails could be authenticated, and some of those could have been faked before they were sent.

    Hunter’s supposed laptop starts with a supposed drop off at a blind guy’s computer shop. There is no signed receipt and the blind owner cannot identify Biden. It languishes there for a few years, but before the FBI grabs it, the blind computer shop guy feels free to make a hard drive copy for his own self-defense supposedly. He is a Trumplicant in flying colors. This hard drive copy is then copied and copied and copied. Giuliani has one. He made more copies. Bannon has one, he made copies. The NY Post has one. Copies are everywhere. There is little doubt that the chain of custody would never stand the light of day in court. There are obvious modificati0ns, brand new folders, and even the Burisma emails which look authentic could have been fabricated at Burisma, a trick common to Russian hackers. It’s dirty data at best of which about 2% of the emails have been authenticated, except even the authenticated Burisma stuff is suspect. There is no secure chain of custody in the retained evidence. It’s as if the murder scene is rife with empty liquor bottles, potato chip bags, and pizza boxes from a cop party and you’re looking for fingerprints…….

    Meanwhile, the actual PC goes from the FBI back to Biden where it resides today, I believe.

    The store has been closed since 2020, the owner is busy suing Twitter for defamation, with no updates since 2020, and his website was bought by The Lincoln Project. That’s funny. He has written a book though and appears on Fox regularly.

    As far as the authenticated emails, there is no connection to Vice President Biden in any of the correspondence that’s authenticated, and the drive data precedes his run for the Presidency. The thirst to ruin Joe’s election with this data is the thirst willing to use his kid, with no authenticated link in the data to Joe, from an unsecured hard drive copy of a copy of a copy to muddy up Joe. That’s how the Trumplicant’s roll; shady sources, shady data, unauthenticated emails, no links to President Biden and they are good to go.

    Based on what it knew at the time, the FBI did what it is supposed to do. There’s no overt politics in that — it had to be one party or the other. Zuckerberg and others were not forbidden to run the info, it was a choice tempered and augmented by the FBI warning. They decided to heed the warning as having the higher priority over the data accuracy. I mean it’s a pretty hinky evidence trail to begin with starting with the blind computer shop owner. Zuckerberg said: “Depending on what side of the political spectrum [you’re on], you either think we didn’t censor it enough or we censored it way too much.” Good point. But Facebook did not completely ban the article, they tempered it’s availability. They limited how much the algorithm automatically shared it to other for one week while fact-checkers tried to verify. Users could still post and share. Other platforms did other things, but Facebook did not completely ban.

    Bottom line is, given the bullshit Republicans are spewing, the FBI should seize the actual laptop, do the forensics, and provide full transparency as to the results of authentication. Not because that’s the right thing to do; I cannot answer that. But because it will never go away, never be resolved any other way. And perhaps, as Zuckerberg notes, we should have an independent third party with court oversight determine any future bans of potential disinformation. Like Biden’s Disinformation Commission……that should go over big with the lovers of stolen information from dubious sources to be plagiarized across the right-wing blogsphere often sued, and losing, court cases, over said information.

    • Micala


      All those words you wrote mean ZERO to anyone who saw HUNTER STRUT HIS STUFF LIKE I AND MANY OTHER AMERICANS DID! That one video was out long enough for millions of Americans to watch the son of a prominent Federal official act like an idiot HIGH ON CRACK/COCAINE STRUTTING IN FRONT OF YOUNG TEEN GIRLS — and be disgusted that a federal official ever had a perverted son like that!! Now that Hunter’s dad was installed into our presidency, that VIDEO is not only EMBARRASSING TO AMERICANS BUT DISGUSTING FOR OTHER COUNTRIES TO SEE!!

      Nothing you, Frank Stetson, can say negatively about DJT will even come close to the DEPRAVITY OF THE BIDEN MEN!! Between Joe boy grabbing SEVERAL young intern’s breast and Hunter strutting half naked smoking Cocaine in front of young teen girls on his computer; well, anything DJT did was child’s play!!

      YOU OBVIOUSLY NEVER SAW THAT LAPTOP VIDEO LIKE HALF THE COUNTRY DID! It is a “NIGHTMARE OF PERVERSION” we’d all like to forget, but can’t because Hunter’s incompetent dad in the “Where Am I” House is destroying everything that is good in this Nation — guess that sickness runs deep inside the Biddyboy Biden family!

      • Sick&Tired

        10 – 4 …. Micala. Well stated.

  5. Frank stetson

    As far as I can tell, and you said absolutely nothing to contradict that, everything I said is not only accurate, but confirmed even by the N Y Post and Fox

    What you said maybe true to but has absolutely nothing to do with the facts I put in my post. Nothing.

    And you proved not one thing wrong in my tasty tome.

    Hunter Biden has deep issues and is of low character in my book making cash on his name and notoriety. But like Trump, people buy his shit, go figure. Does not change the facts on the laptop, it’s contents and lack of connection to your President Biden.

    But since you are judging based on character, Trump paid off spank-happy hookers, loves to tell people he can grab em by the pussy, groped the under aged at pageants, and was a good buddy to Epstein who he said likes em young. I guess he knew way back then. So judge away. Judge that.