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GOP Lawmakers Move to Kill Disinformation Board

GOP Lawmakers Move to Kill Disinformation Board

GOP lawmakers in the House and Senate are moving forwards with legislation to terminate a “Disinformation Governance Board” established within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). 

The board, which operated for months before it was brought to lawmakers’ attention, is tasked with coordinating the agency’s efforts to combat misinformation – primarily online. Topics of concern include Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and election information pertaining to minority voters. Spearheading the project is Nina Jankowicz, an American author and researcher who is fluent in Russian and has worked with the foreign ministry of Ukraine. Conveniently for Democrats, she supported the Steele dossier as valid information and questioned the authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop story (click here to read more).

Conservatives fear the board will be used to police speech and silence opinions with which Democrats disagree. Many have already compared it to the infamous Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984. 

The DHS has no business regulating free speech on social media, argues Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), who accused the Biden Administration of following in the footsteps of dictators Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin. “Biden’s unconstitutional, dystopian ‘Department of Propaganda’ is trampling on the First Amendment and trying to control what people can and can’t say,” she said. “Instead of treating Orwell’s book 1984 as a warning, the Left appears to be using it as an outline for their agenda. These efforts are un-American and a direct attack on our freedoms. We the People will not be silent.”

DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas acknowledged the agency could have been more transparent regarding the board’s duties and limits and claimed that its actions would not violate Americans’ First Amendment rights. “It’s not about speech. It’s about the connectivity to violence,” he said.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed the board would function as nonpartisan and apolitical, but this is unlikely.

“Even in the hands of well-intentioned, good-faith actors, any government board ostensibly tasked with monitoring and ‘govern[ing]’ disinformation is a frightening prospect; in the wrong hands, such a board would be a potent tool for government censorship and retaliation,” reads a letter sent to the DHS and signed by several conservative advocacy groups.  

The Senate bill, sponsored by Tom Cotton (R-AR) and 18 other lawmakers, would cancel out the board by blocking federal funds from going to it or any similar group established within the DHS. 

“Joe Biden is using the DHS to create thought police and it should scare the living daylights out of every American,” said Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), one of the bill’s co-sponsors. “The president claims to care about fighting disinformation, but he and his administration have repeatedly lied to the American people and even called on social media companies to censor and silence American voices.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who backs the House version of the bill, described the disinformation board as ‘pure Communism.’

Author’s Note: This is terrifying but could also act as a win-win for Republicans ahead of midterms. If Democrats vote to shut down the board, Biden gets the loss; if they vote to keep it, they will have a PR disaster.


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  1. Willy

    It’s great to have good republicans standing guard

  2. Great Replacement Theory

    Pretty telling.

  3. Micala

    Biden had to create the Disinformation Board because he couldn’t recognize the true info from the bad info. It was a survival tactic for JB, nothing else! Do not think he even thought about our First Amendment — his senile mind no longer travels those roads! And Yes! That Board IS infringing on American’s Right to free speech!


    • Frank stetson

      I would love to see him gone. But we need to take strong control of the house and senate with a good veto proof majority. We don’t need round heels Harris taking over. She would only be another commie deep state puppet.

      • Frank stetson

        This is not the real frank stetson.

        Why can’t I be joe gilbertson. Free speech for some?

  4. Ben

    Or, you can let the extremists among you do the work for you. The New York Times today reports that 75% of US extremist violence, aka murder, comes from the right, 20% from Islamic extremist, and 5% from the left. Most identify as Trumpublicans.

    Better get out that old “MSM fake news” trope again, you gonna need it.

    “If you disbelieve then it can’t be true. And there’s no place like home.”

    • Troup

      Let that be a lesson to you and your shit party. Don’t tread on people and you won’t get bit. But take notice that the Buffalo New York shooter wasn’t connected to anyone on the right. He was just a crazy son of a bitch. And if the right were more violent, the looting and burning would have resulted in blm and antifa soaking up the earth with their blood. Which is what probably would have put a stop to it

      • Ben

        The numbers speak for themselves and tell a different story, your support of violence as a message to the left notwithstanding.

        The Buffalo shooter spewed the same screed Tucker does every night. Chances are he is connected to the right. You certainly don’t know that he isn’t.

        But continue to call for violence’ to end the violence. Remember, the Buffalo shooter was once just another good guy with a gun. Just like you. .

        • Troup

          What??? We aren’t supposed to defend ourselves? And no, there isn’t any evidence that the Buffalo shooter is connected to anyone but satan. But I have a better idea. One of the relatives of one of the victims spoke on tv and urged us to come together and love and help each other. An idea that’s very doable. And no, Tucker Carlson doesn’t spew racism and hate. But you can bet your ass that Maxine waters are others like her do. We conservative people want to get along with people but you assholes are the ones that turn political debate into a war.

          • Ben

            Twice now you have advocated violence as your solution. You sound a bit wound tight. Defensive. Feeling you’re under attack by liberals.

            I did not say that you should not be able to defend yourself, your project your fears upon me.

            Tucker Carlson does spew racism with the replacement theory, a theory developed after the Civil War that has been trotted out time and again to no avail. It started with the fear of having sex between races and ending the white race. According to people like Tucker, “they” are always coming to take over, pushes out, take our jobs, and make us leave. Same old trope

            I understand that in your poor, miserable, unrewarded life where you feel that you’re just not getting what you deserve, that you look for a bogeyman to blame. BLM, minorities, immigrants, Democrats, whoever doesn’t look like you is ruining America and your life. And now you think the other side, whatever that is, is actually waging war on you.

            So sad, sigh.

            Remember, if it’s to be, it’s up to me. Quit blaming others and get on with it.

          • Joe Gilbertson

            Twice now you have said that someone is advocating violence. And yet I read the same thing you do and see the opposite.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          So, you wear a blue shirt and I wear a blue shirt, therefore we should both go to jail for your crime. Right?

          • Ben

            I think you are losing it

    • Florida Phil

      ..and of course you believe the NYT don’t you, Mr. Dover? 75% from the Right? Do tell, Mr. Dover. You’re one of the spreaders of hateful disinformation. We could all do quite well without you and your roommate Frank Stetson. Think of that: we could start a world peace movement right here on Larry’s electronic rag. Misters Dover and Stetson, tear down your wall!!!

      • Troup

        Ben you aren’t paying attention. Your fucking comrades are the ones pushing violence. I don’t feel threatened by “losing the White race “ or whatever. I’m not a bigot, racist or whatever pet names you want to use. I’ve listened to Tucker a lot but not every day. And, except for idiots like you, I haven’t heard any allegations of racism. And speaking of war, who was shouting about burning the country down? Here’s the bottom line. If nobody fucks with me I won’t fuck with them. And I don’t give a thought to White race, black race or whatever. Only morons use the race card because they don’t have an argument with substance.

        • Ben

          Tucker spewed the replacement theory, as an advocate, over 400 times in the last year. If you did not hear racism…….and stupidity…..shame on you.

      • Ben

        Mr ben dover, that’s so 3rd grade of you. Roommate? And you’re jokes are so gay too. Glad you opted to let your freak flag fly.

        Used to be a time when we enjoyed rigorous debate, arguing issues based on facts. Today, we just scream at each other and say how the world would be a better place if the other side did not exist.

        Once again you have avoided all facts and attempt to debate based on emotion, tropes, and stereotypes.

        The article in question was indeed in the New York Times. They make less errors than FOX. Worse yet, the data was collected by the anti-defamation league which I’m sure you think is a bunch of liberal pantywaists that lie through their teeth as well. Good way to retain your own Trumplicant truth like The Big Lie.

        However, it is a database, it is sourced, verified, validated and transparent. You can check it for accuracy. Might there be other answers? I guess one would have to look at the data and see if there’s any other compelling data out there that refute it. Certainly you’ve done squat in that regard. All bull, no horns. As is your way.

        However, at this point, that is what the facts say, it’s based on a 10 year study of extremist murders. Obviously, there could be many crimes taking place by Trumplicants, Democrats or others that are fairly horrific but don’t fall into the bailiwick of murder.

        Let me know if you’d ever like to have a real discussion, based on facts, and we can be as robust as possible, even throw in a snarky comment or two if you’d like. If you say I’m pushing hateful disinformation, I say prove it. Stand on the line, see your peace, and prove it. Otherwise STFU and leave me alone. Your post here was crap. No facts, just spew. .

        Just prove it or STFU.

        • Jim harris

          Ben you need to take your meds and take a nap. You post lies and bullshit and try to bully people into believing it. You should STFU.

          • Ben

            But of course you offer no proof. That’s because you are a feckless, fact-less POS that can’t even support his pygmy prick.

        • Jerry

          Poor Ben. He’s having a meltdown He’s the one that’s showing violent attitudes

          • ben

            Can you point one out; come on, even a pencil-necked geek like yourself can at least have the balls to back up what he says.

      • Brett

        Troup understands that sometimes violence is required to survive and protect homes and families. For a party that claims to be nonviolent the democrats sure as hell push a lot of it. I can list so many leftist incidents of violence that it would take much of the day. People in their right minds doesn’t want war or violence. But most of us refuse to be victims. Self defense also calls for self control. It’s not the Wild West. If we shoot or somehow harm someone deliberately we will have to explain and qualify it as legal. And for anyone who wants to own guns for protection become aware of the laws on self defense. They are very similar but can vary sometimes in different states. And I’d bet my bottom dollar that Ben is a gun owner

        • Ben

          Darned tootin I’m a gun owner; a number of them for all occasions. Just a redneck liberal, you’re worst nightmare, heh, heh.

          So go ahead, it will be fun: list a few of your favorite acts of liberal violence. I’ll go with one for the Trumpers. Trumplicants stormed the Capitol on 1.6 intent on insurrection creating one of the largest political uprisings in US history. The Capitol Breach netted 828 criminals so far, with perhaps 1,200 more in the offing. So far, about 200 of the 800 are charged with violence. They brought zip ties, pepper spray, even a gun or two, while using anything they had on hand or could find as a weapon, like flag poles, barricades, fire extinguishers, to bash the police. Over 250 have pleaded guilty. Over 100 have been tied to extremist groups supporting Donald J. Trump.

          Yeah, if you were there, we are coming, better to turn yourself in and beg for leniency. They are overwhelmingly angry white sheeples who love Donald Trump. Donald J. Trump’s rhetoric-inspired Capitol Insurrection massively damaged the Capitol, closed down Congress for hours, and terrified hundreds in fear for their lives, including the Vice President Mike Pence who was hung in effigy as the crowd hunted him down for death.

          11 have been charged with seditious conspiracy, mostly Oath Keeper types who Trump labels as “very fine people” and before 1/6 were told by Trump to “stand back and stand by.” And so they did. Over 170 sentenced, over 40$ got jail time, averaging about 90 days.

          Four jury trials so for, all guilty, guilty, guilty. Lots of sentencing for June, can’t wait. Lock them up, Lock Trumpers up. Isn’t that what you say?

          Over 140 police suffered injuries at the hands of the traitors-for-Trump. We got spinal disk damage, brain damage, ptsd, five ultimately died although not directly from the attack except for one unfortunate Trumper who caught a bullet as she stormed the door. Over. $2.5M in building damages so far.

          Want some more?

          2018 Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, 11 dead
          2019 El Paso Walmart attack, 22 dead

          In total over 250 attacks and over 90 dead since 2015 —- just by right-wing extremists. Probably less that half that for left wing extremists.

          So bring on your list. Go for it big guy.

          • Troup

            Go for what? My prediction, as well as others, is probable violence if roe v Wade is over turned. I have no dog in this fight but it’s hard to tell how far it would go. My interest is protecting myself and mine. And I damned sure will. I’m not “bringing anything on “ The left would start it and we will stop it. So be safe with your guns and try to not stop shoot yourself in the foot.

          • Ben

            so you are afraid of pro-choicer’s because you hang out at abortion clinics?

            I was talking about violence as having already occurred. I did not realize that you were projecting your fears for the future.

            And thank you, I will watch my feet as I shoot which is pretty rare these days. Just too crowded in NJ to be fun to hunt.

          • Perry

            Ben you listed several shootings. Terrible things. But that’s my fault because? I have guns but I don’t go around shooting people. And you know what? I’m keeping my guns

          • Ben

            Of course its not your fault to be part of a voluntary group that includes most of the extremists that perform most of the extremist violence in the United States, as is murders. It is just who you are, it is just what you believe.

            After all, your God tells you there’s some fine people in there.

            Until the Republican party starts believing in another things, wear it. You earned it.

          • Ben

            Joe, are you saying extremist violence has a place? Is a good thing?

            I thought you rooted for the bugs?

            Ill stick with Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-san.

          • Don

            Good point Ben. Couldn’t have said it better myself. But that’s only if I wanted to be a damned moron. Which is what you are. So you want to talk about killings? Ok. Down with roe v wade

  5. Trebor Retsbew

    Why should we not have a disinformation panel, are the Republicans afraid that Trump will be totally shut down when nearly everything Trump says is actually disinformation, and the Trump followers why are convinced that Liberals are the one’s responsible for Slavery, KKK, the Blue Laws and many other things when anyone can look it up at the time of slavery and up until about 1964 the Democrats were the CONSERVATIVE party in this USA.

    • frank stetson

      agreed. the issue is the process, oversight, and transparency. If we all can see the “rules” and what’s happening and if there’s bipartisan oversight, hopefully by the court, with transparency there too, then I say let’s get rid of disinformation that we all can see, and agree, should be gone.

      Starting with anything Trump say or that I don’t like.

      (just kidding)

      • Joe Gilbertson

        Frank, what color is the sky in the world you live in? The whole point is that “bipartisan oversight” won’t be, and any semblance of even that much will last for about 2 minutes.

        That is why it is in the Constitution. Because even then they knew this kind of crap wouldn’t work.

        Take a minute and do the experiment that Bernays did in 1916. Take a newspaper (any national one will do), scan the articles on the front page. How many articles are simply reporting facts, and how many are pushing an agenda or trying to influence the future in some way? Or reporting the words of some politician or business leader who is pushing an agenda or trying to influence the future in some way?

        • frank stetson

          Joe, the same world as you, the same sky as you. I just see the possibility of a blue sky where you see darkness. Like Dark MAGA. Joe, last I checked, Bipartisan means both parties, equal weight. If it’s a draw, tie goes to free speech. Just not that hard. We get AOC, Omar of Minnesota, and Tlaib; you get Cheney, Romney, and Murcowski. :>)

          “That is why it is in the Constitution. Because even then they knew this kind of crap wouldn’t work.” Bogus, they had not a clue re: current issues, information technologies, and the shrinking of the world. And NO ONE is suggesting the end of free speech, they are attempting to limit disinformation — can’t see anyone having as issue with ending disinformation unless you are making money from it. Even Washington pushed back against fake news as one of the first published fact checkers in America attempting to limit free speech by blasting away at disinformation.

          “Take a minute and do the experiment that Bernays did in 1916.” Got a point with all this? Cuz spin, and most of this you are squawking about is spin, is not necessarily disinformation. Most is not.

          Your fear is that rooting out disinformation may silence the truth. It can, but should not, and if it does, that is worse than rooting some out. Accuracy has to be at a NASA-safety level basis, like 9 9’s reliable. Or shut it down.

          But I am guessing you might mistake rhetoric, spin, and shading as disinformation, it is not. Fake news may not even be disinformation. Disinformation part of the definition of of propaganda defined by false information spread deliberately across a wide populace in the attempt to lie in order to deceive people. Misinformation is false, but not deliberate. IOW — propaganda, false, deliberate, wide dissemination. See, nothing on PBP is disinformation, pbp idiots are anything but deliberate, crikey: larry writes with a mobius strip pretzel long-covid thought process, and you have too small a circulation (just kidding).

          Again, IMO, there is no issue that the world is a better place without disinformation, the key is rules, transparency, and impartial, bipartisan oversight.

          James Madison: “A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy, or, perhaps both. … And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

          Bottom line: this thing is DOA but I would love to see less disinformation in America with rules, process, bipartisan oversight, and total transparency. Not a problem here.