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Google claims not to be biased, and yet…

Google claims not to be biased, and yet…

We’ve written a lot of articles over the past few years about bias at Google, bias in their systems, by their employees and by their executives against Trump and conservatives.

And despite protestations and “studies,” the evidence continues to show itself — that Google is anti-conservative.

I do a lot of work with Google on their Adwords platform, it is the most cost effective for the work that we do.  So, of course, I experience this bias on a daily basis.

Take, for example, the issue of people being harassed for wearing MAGA hats. We, on the conservative side, take this very seriously, and so I wrote one of my opinion polls to address the issue.

Here is the result:

An opinion poll about whether someone wearing a MAGA hat can be thrown out of an establishment is BANNED at Google??? For being too dangerous or derogatory for the general public?

One would think that the fact that so many people have been harassed for wearing the MAGA hat would be enough to want to have the issued raised. At least that is what I thought when I wrote the poll…

And, by the way, what political issue is not “dangerous or derogatory” to someone? Who has ever said that dangerous or derogatory must be excluded from political speech? If you need this concept explained to you, take two minutes to listen to a clip of Jordan Peterson as he explains this very succinctly. (Even if you understand already, listen again to Jordan Peterson’s take, it is soooo good…)

The people at Google are helpful and are often sympathetic to my plight, and they have been able to get some of my polls approved. The problem persists since the censors are a different group of people.

But it doesn’t stop there. Because of the fake news Russian investigation, I now have to be CERTIFIED to run election ads. Of course, by Google’s own policy, none of the polls that I run are election ads, because they are polls, not endorsements, not affiliated with any campaign.

And yet, about half of my polls get rejected because they are “electioneering.” About three months ago, I applied for this miracle of certification, submitting identity documents and such (including my concealed carry permit as a state identification card). And?


I’ve resubmitted my documents three times. I’ve called and have been told it usually takes 3-5 days. But it’s been almost three months, and apparently I must be certified by some secretive group that no one can reach.

Again, the customer service people that I talk to are very nice, but I’m sure they would not believe me about the bias.

How is it that a company this big and this smart can’t believe evidence so blatant, obvious and pervasive? And why would they not even investigate it? They sure as heck jumped in and investigated the charges of gender-based pay discrimination. I bet any charges of any kind from the liberal side would cause an amazing uproar.

And yet…


Author’s note: At the risk of being stupidly obvious, Google has a stupidly obvious solution to its bias problem.

First, admit you are a left coast California company with a massive leftist bias. (Want me to admit I’m biased to the right? OK, of course I am…). Admit that your ego makes you think you are always right.

Second, outsource your censoring activities to opposing right and left activist groups. Send all items to be censored to both, and if either passes on something it’s passed, if both reject something it’s rejected.

This lets Google off the hook for all of it, and this actually has a chance of approaching free speech.


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  1. MARC

    google lies and misrepresents. I use google for as little as possible, if everyone would boycott companies like google, they might get the message…

  2. Oti Wooster

    Google worst of worst… google search impossible to go directly to subject always takes us to the positive of democrats if its about conservatives and Trump
    GPS takes us around labyrinths
    Google the worst in partnership with CNN, ABC. MSNBC, Washington post etc. The MS 44 Cartel MAFIA

  3. Barb Brown

    google is VERY bias.. Conservatives aren’t able to leave opinions, because some big baby lib won’t like it….boo hoo…..Screw google.. we don’t need you….lots of other sites..LOL R I P.

  4. Bobi

    I have tried to scrape as much Google crap off my computer as I can.