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Rittenhouse, Floyd, Gray: God-Given RightS vs. (Marxist) State Granted Rights

Rittenhouse, Floyd, Gray: God-Given RightS vs. (Marxist) State Granted Rights

Recent Trends and Events

Moving from the history of post-Rousseauian Leftist thought in the previous articles to recent trends and events, the original issue of the post-Freddie Gray riots of April 2015 and subsequent George Floyd Antifa/BLM riots of May 2020 was that (a) both died in police custody and (b) the police were told to stand down to give the rioters “room to destroy” in the words of Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. 

This set off nearly seven months of non-stop rioting in 134 large and small cities across the US yielding billions of dollars of damage to downtown areas. Blue city mayors not only told their own police forces to stand down but bent over backward to prevent any assistance from federal law enforcement agencies or the National Guard. The blue-state governors and blue city mayors had things exactly they wanted—a neutered law enforcement and national guard. 

Even in Kenosha, after Jacob Blake was shot and paralyzed during an incident that began as a domestic violence incident and the violation of court-ordered child custody issue, i.e. he was stealing his common-law wife’s car with the children in the back seat and was only shot after resisting arrest while reaching for a knife. Regardless of the circumstances, riots ensued and the Kenosha police stood down as more Antifa-BLM riots continued. Everything was going according to plan so far.

The problem arose on the second and third nights of rioting as local businesses and local citizens started standing up to protect their own livelihoods as it became clear that Antifa/BLM rioters were again granted ‘room to destroy.” 

The last thing that the blue state governors and mayors want is for the local citizenry to take any action to defend themselves and their livelihoods whatsoever—even when the government has ceased to govern. 

While it was the norm for blue city prosecutors in cities with blue city mayors and blue state governors to dismiss charges against Antifa/BLM rioters, even with clear video evidence against them, it becomes somewhat puzzling why the prosecutors were so quick to file charges against Kyle Rittenhouse despite the overwhelming evidence that he shot two convicted felons and one convicted misdemeanor domestic violence perpetrator with a firearm that he is not legally allowed to possess in accordance with the 1994 Lautenberg Act, when video evidence filmed by a number of alternative media reporters indicated it was a clear self-defense situation. 

From watching such youtube videos and live streams as Rekieta Law that analyzed the trial in real-time, that (a) the media grossly misportrayed the situation insofar as Rittenhouse did not cross state lines with the weapon, he was allowed to carry a rifle with a barrel length of 16 inches and over, Rittenhouse shot three white people during a BLM riot and not three black people at a BLM riot, and the people whom he had shot were trying to prevent Rittenhouse from going to the police rather than trying to stop and “active shooter” who, according to extensive video evidence, was not “actively shooting.” 

The purpose of what many self-defense experts claim was a clear case of prosecutorial overreach, was that the Left-leaning prosecutors did not want private citizens to fill the void. In short, the police were supposed to stand down, and the citizens were supposed to also stand down and watch their livelihoods being destroyed as if they were mindless and helpless automatons. 

(See the Jimmy Dore and Garland Nixon video )

“Positive Rights” vs “Natural Right”

The reason being is that the Left is focused on the diminution of property rights, marital rights, and religion, but also the “God Given” “natural rights” of self-defense and protection of one’s livelihood also. 

The reason for this is because the atheistic origins of Leftism do not believe in God, so there cannot be God-given natural rights that are inalienable. The Left believes in the state granted “positive rights’ instead. 

The problem is that if “rights” are not natural, but granted by the state, then the state can take away those rights at any time of their choosing. But if the “positive rights” can be revoked at any time, then they are “privileges” rather than “rights.” Hence in the Marxist Communist and Socialist governments of the Great Ideological Experiments of the 20th Century, as well as the ongoing experiments in Venezuela, Cuba, and China, are notorious for not allowing any human rights whatsoever while on their path to the workers’ paradise.

With the death toll of the Communist experiments in Eastern Europe and Asia, and as the Cuban and Venezuelan experiments show, it is painfully obvious that in reality there is no such thing as state granted “positive rights.” (see The Bloody History of Communism )

Both in the cases of the Great Russian Famine of the 1920s and Holodomor in Ukraine during the 1930s, the forced farm collectives and mass confiscation of agricultural output by the state led to mass starvations, where the populace had “no right” to firearm ownership, self-defense, or defense of one’s livelihood. Nor was anyone allowed to report on it. 

The government wanted the people punished and starved to death for not obeying them, and the result of Marxist experiments wherever they have been attempted is that between 10-15 percent of the population is killed within the first five years of the revolution according to Professor William O’neil of Rutgers. 

Thus, in the Rittenhouse case, it is seen that the prosecutors were quick to take legal action to make an example of Rittenhouse in order to stop the citizens from taking any independent action to protect themselves, their homes, their businesses, their communities, and their livelihoods from the Leftist mobs wishing to destroy them. 

The Left wants people’s livelihoods destroyed in order to make people dependent upon the State and Federal bureaucracies for their existence and beg the political leaders for assistance and be completely subservient. 

Since Leftism is completed discredited as an accurate theory of human behavior, i. e. bureaucratic leaders act nothing like what Marx and Engels predicted, Leftism instead is a psychological profile where the adherents imagine themselves to be either a movie director and producer micro-managing the actions of others or they imagine themselves to be a Santa Claus type figure handing out free goods to an adoring crowd cheering their benevolence. If people are earning their own living independent of the Leftist politicians then they can be neither. 

The reality of the Marxist experiments is known by three sayings, “people pretend to work and the government pretends to pay them,” “bureaucrats make everything easier for the people behind the counter and impossible for the people in front of the counter” (Bhagwati 2002), and the bureaucrats look for the up-and-comers and get rid of them (McMillan IISES 2015). In contrast, business owners do the opposite in each area or go out of business. 

So how do Leftist leaders overcome this reality, they lock down the economy and make people dependent upon the mega-corporations who are their political donors, and use the mobs to assist in wiping out the businesses that managed to survive the lockdowns. 

WI v. Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Day 10 – Prosecution Closing Argument by Thomas Binger Part 2

The significance of Prosecutor Thomas Binger downplays Joseph Rosenbaum’s destructive acts at the 47-minute mark.

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  1. Ben

    Maybe the answer is to stop licking the blue boots and start holding police accountable?

    Man, y’all are so close to asking the right question every time, then somehow your partisanship manages to shoot yourself in the foot.

    This isn’t that hard. Quit needlessly killing civilians and a lot of issues will be cleared up.

    • Paul easley

      Tell the “citizens “ to stop causing the police to fear for their lives. The “citizens” do a hell of a job killing each other off.

      • Ben

        Paul, are Police really that big a pussies that they fear unarmed civilians enough to kill them?
        Policing isn’t even in the top 25 most dangerous jobs in America.

        If they are that afraid, maybe they should find a different job.

        And for God’s ale, quit licking their boots!

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Actually police have fewer rights than regular citizens. They do NOT have the right to remain silent, and still be a police officer.

      And your partisanship, makes you (and your arguments) weak. Can you see your logical fallacy? Probably not.

      • George Newman

        When the people stood against the thugs it was a good thing for America. And the news is that the people in LA are arming themselves because of being let down by the police and are being attacked after being followed home. Enough is enough.

      • Ben

        Joe, police have fewer rights?

        How them boots taste?

        I am certainly NOT weak.

        If they are afraid, don’t want to abide by the rules of employment, don’t want civilian oversight, they are free to do another job. There is no obligation to continue in a progression that they don’t care to live up to the standards demanded by society.

        You see the lack of logic in your arguments? Probably not.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          You think you are not weak, but go to downtown Louisville right now, you will find out how weak you are in a city where the police are largely ineffective.

          • Ben


            What ever do you mean? Police are ineffective? Were they ever effective? Even the radical right touts that they are not an effective deterrent to crime. “When you need police now, they are minutes away”. If you mean, they aren’t effective because they can no longer beat and murder civilians without repercussions, then I think them being ineffective may be the better way to go.

            And, I assure you I have no problem with going to any big city to conduct my personal business. Unlike you, I’m don’t piss my boots because I’m afraid of the others.

          • frank stetson

            No thanks Joe. Chicago seems safer….I’ll stick with Larry!!! Strange though about Louisville; do you really lay the blame on ineffective policing? I tend to start with poverty, guns, although in Louisville’s case, policing sure has a lot to do with it.

            Louisville is a poor city. While population is flatlining, it grew 100% over the past 20 years since 2000. 70% white, 24% black. 72/15 for the nation. 30% college/advanced degrees, around 50% for the nation. 30K/53K median income individual/family, 36/68 for the nation. Poverty level 16%, nation 13%.

            Now you just know that if we segmented by black and white where the skew would fall. Point is that it’s probably more than just ineffective policing although that is certainly in the mix. But Louisville, being the 39th largest US city, is more poor, uneducated, earns less than the nation on average, which, during a recession or pandemic tends to add a lot of stress to an economically stressed region to begin with.

            No, Joe, I think Louisville has a lot of issues and just adding more cops probably is not a perfect solution. You probably need everything from stronger gun controls to education programs, attracting new employers to the region, and more. Some of the issues facing Louisville include:

            – Louisville is down about 300 cops and can’t figure out how to hire some?
            – Perhaps gunning down Breonna Taylor in March of 2020 made folks anxious about policing, that’s gonna need some work to build back trust. There’s a very low level of trust and not solving violent crimes falls right into that as an unintended result.
            – With a void in policing, the gangs tend to rise and rule the streets; how can any individual, even with a gun, stop that. Louisville has an abundance of gang violence and basically no one patrols, no one solves these crimes, normal citizens live in fear with no one to turn to.
            – Over 50% of all adults owning guns making Kentucky number 12 on the per capita gun ownership by State list makes gun presence a 50:50 possibility in any conflict where one of the two combatants will, on average, be packing.
            – You don’t need a permit to conceal carry. Basically, everyone’s got a gun, concealed carry is no permit needed, kids have more access to guns in Kentucky than most states, yipppeee, no wonder they rival Chicago for violence, it’s systemic, the presence of firearms is a given!
            – Does the fact that almost 40% of the dead are under 24-years of age with 13% of the shooters being teens or children mean anything? Kids not in school, no after school programs, all can take a toll. But more cops alone ain’t gonna change this. How do these kids get guns and what are Louisvillians gonna do about that one.
            70% of the victims are black, 80% of the assailants arrested are black.
            – Two zipcodes in West Louisville have most of the violence

            So, it looks like the soso. Poor, uneducated, blacks, segregated to only two zipcodes in the city, economically frustrated, they attempt to solve problems using the most convenient tool available, the gun. With the abscence of police, the gangs flourish replacing police with their own brand of law and order. One answer is just don’t go to those two zip codes. A better solution requires a holistic approach that will take time to improve the Louisville economy, begin to include more people above the poverty line, build community trust in policing, reduce gang violence, and reduce the presence of guns as a means to solve problems. That’s a tall order and one that Louisville is not ready to take on. So, they wait, bitch about police and the blacks, while the nation attempts to grow the economy around them while Louisville’s citizens can hope and pray for some economic trickle down to their beleaguered city.

            Look to East St. Louis as to your future. Hopefully you won’t follow that path, but time is running out for you to recover quickly. Lots of work, lots of time for results, and you certainly won’t make it just by adding a few hundred cops. Takes a lot to recover when you are circling the bowl. Or as we call it in New Jersey: Camden.