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GMU Professors Dishonor the Memory of Justice Scalia

GMU Professors Dishonor the Memory of Justice Scalia

A group of radical undergrad professors is spearheading an effort to oppose the renaming of Virginia’s George Mason University School of Law in honor of former conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.  

Following Scalia’s sudden death in February, GMU received a $30,000,000 pledge to rename the university’s law school. The GMU Faculty Senate (not a law body) immediately passed a resolution opposing the idea. 

So why does this so-called “senate” have such a problem with a well-funded and well-deserved name change? 

We oppose “the memorializing of a Supreme Court Justice who was a significant contributor to the polarized climate in this country that runs counter to the values of a university that celebrates civil discourse,” writes the group. 

Instead of utilizing the massive donation to enhance education at GMU’s law school, the faculty senate seeks to “emphasize the university’s continuing support for groups that were slighted by Justice Scalia and that may have been offended by the university’s embrace of his legacy and underscore the university’s support for civil discourse that bridges the great diversity present at the university.” 

While I’m not surprised that GMU professors lack ideological diversity, I do wonder if these leftist radicals (with taxpayer-funded jobs) have actual records of such polarization on campus. 

As it turns out, those preaching about rigid views and polarization are in fact divisive figures themselves. Craig Willse, a leader in the opposition movement, teaches a cultural studies course that focuses on “neoliberalism, urbanism, biopolitics, and racial formations.” Willse writes that his scholarship is “informed by his political work outside the academy,” which includes “community organizing around housing access, social movements for trans justice and prison abolition, and queer anarchist anti-war activism.” 

And he thinks Scalia is step beyond the mainstream? 

Oh, and let’s not forget that Willse is also the faculty adviser to “GMU Students Against Israeli Apartheid,” a group that in 2013 protested a commencement speech delivered by Jewish philanthropist and businesswoman Shari Arison. And still, Willse has the gall to condemn Scalia as “racist.” Unbelievable. 

Author’s note: This story is a disgusting example of the hypocrisy that has become endemic to our nation’s universities, but I can’t say I’m surprised. As I wrote last month when pro-Trump chalk messages caused revolts on numerous campuses, it seems liberal students are offended by just about anything these days. 

Editor’s note: I took a master’s at this place. Now I’m embarassed to tell anyone.

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