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Gillian Anderson goes vaginal at Golden Globes 

Gillian Anderson goes vaginal at Golden Globes 

It was reported that former X-Files star Gillian Anderson “shocked the world” with her “vagina covered dress.”  Weeell … I had to check that story out.  It wound up being a trip down the proverbial rabbit hole. (Don’t go there.) It turned out to be a bigger tissue issue than I ever would have imagined. 

My first reaction was to the editorial claim that Anderson “shocked the world.”  I suspect most folks in the world have not even heard of a “vagina dress” – and nothing Hollywood does in terms of genitalia can be shocking these days. 

In fact, the dress (pictured above) was rather modest by Tinseltown standards.  It looks more like a traditional wedding dress.  Wearing it as a bride might be more shocking than appearing in this year’s vulgar-wear at a Hollywood event.  Try to find a Hollywood event in which some so-called starlet does not attempt to gain attention by outrageous high … ooops, I mean … low haute couture. 

The dress motif is not obvious – especially from a distance.  The stylized vaginas are embroidered in white against a white background.  Aesthetically, they reminded me of those double imagery floral paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe – only less obvious.  

If I had seen the dress without advance warning, I might have thought it was a visual accounting of the men who have had access to Anderson’s real vagina.  Sort of like notches on a shooter’s gun handle.  Anderson said she wore the dress for many reasons.  So, maybe my theoretical explanation is one of the reasons.  Of course, she does offer up some threadbare cliché – like it’s all about protecting female victimization.  Leftwingers tend to believe in exposing injustice by exposing the anatomy.

If you think her display is motivated by serious social issues, consider this.   People Magazine headlined their story with, “Gillian Anderson Shares Cheeky Behind-the-Scenes Photo Eating a Sausage in Her Viral Vagina Golden Globes Dress” – accompanied by photo.  (You just cannot make this stuff up.) 

In diving into the bush even further on this issue (stop it), I did learn that Anderson’s professional career has been associated with genitals more than you might know – or want to know.  She played a sex therapist on a program called “Sex Education.”   

According to USA Today, her character hosted “vagina workshops and had vulva-inspired art throughout her (the character’s) home.”  Anderson described the set as filled with props that “looked like penises and yonis.”  (Vulvas if you do not speak Hindi.)  Anderson said she took “lots of pictures of them.”  (Are we seeing a common thread here?)   

In view of her “interest” in the subject, Anderson says that “Now people send me stuff that they’ve seen, basically anything that looks like a penis or yoni.  Sometimes it can be hard to capture them, like if you’re in a cab going through London and you see something.  I haven’t gotten to the point yet when I’m like, ‘Stop the cab!’  But I guess I might.”   (Memo to Anderson: That phallic image you see in the skyline is the Tower of London.)   

As long as we are on the subject, Anderson’s vagina dress that “shocked the world” is a sequel.  Back in 2016 such wannabe starlets as Bella Hadid and Giulia Salemi wore versions called vagina dresses.  These generally featured a two-inch wide floor length loin cloth that concealed nothing as it waved with each step or slight breeze.  Other dresses were styled and colored for more graphic images of vaginas.  Maxim, the online lifestyle magazine, declared the 2016 fad a future trend in fashion. It did not live up to the prediction until Anderson resurrected the style. 

Finally (thankfully), can we ever forget those knitted “pussy” hats that the ladies wore as symbols of protest against something or other.  On yeah!  Trump’s election. At the time, I said it only seemed fair to have a feminine version of “dickhead.” 

Anderson called her dress “brand appropriate.”  Not sure what she meant.  Was she branding herself as a ______.  (Fill in the blank yourself because I am not using the word)?  The genital lady of Hollywood may have played a sex therapist on the screen, but methinks she may consider seeing a real one. 

So, there ‘tis. 

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Larry Horist

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  1. Dan tyree

    I believe that she was advertising.

  2. Mike f

    The responses (and my own perusal of your tome Larry). Who cares? Someone must have needed to supplement their social security this month….

    • larry Horist

      Mike f … Obviously you cared enough to respond. Thanks.

  3. Tony L Bell

    The infatuation or fetishy holly weird has with sex and perversion there of, is astoundingly absurd to rational thinking people. These folks have a sickness, of that there is no doubt. There is certainly a need of a vaccine for it.

    • Jim wampler

      Her dress probably smells like fish

      • larry Horist

        Jim ,,, Your falling back on a lot of old jokes with that one, However, I burst out laughing at AC’s first line in which he referred to it as “a subject that needed additional airing.” Now THAT is funny.

  4. AC

    Larry, The vaginal theme went through media a few years ago. Whole documentaries and a TV series were dedicate to the subject. I thought that story h sufficient (un)coverage at that time. Apparently Gillian Anderson, bless her heart, thought the topic was a subject that required some additional airing.
    So, Ms. Anderson imagined she could address it in stitches. Women take their embroidery very seriously, you know. Which, is just one of women’s topical subject they have serious issues over when males breach sensibility and enter their gender’s private domain,
    Since, this was not your first rodeo, you opined with out trepidation and had no fear when you dove into this formerly taboo topic for male gender discussion. (You following so far?)
    Then, the article that triggered something in your imagination was not just about Gillian Anderson appearing spectacular in her person but more buzz worthy was she when the embroidery on her dress received notice. And, what an outlandishly creative idea was that. Vaginas embroidered all over the dress with thread in white as was the dress white, as well.
    Larry, how you came to the decision that your next topic for our, the readers’, consumption would be a report on the gown worn by Gillian Anderson, actress, movie personality, celebrity in her own right.
    It’s notable that her gown had an artists rendition of female genitalia represented in embroidery stitched on the dress. What Ms Anderson wore and was seen in at a gala event in Hollywood is sufficiently significant for your opinion’s commentary and the readers’ edification. Of which, reader’s edification, happens to be your central objective and your prime motivation behind your continued effort in this business.
    Your comments routinely throw jibes in the left’s direction. Ms Anderson is a fit in your lefty definition. While you went on with your theory’s story about a woman’s sex organ, just tangential to your main topic you give mention to the left. The left have guilt by association.
    per your assumption
    OK then, if your purpose in this business of yours happens to be a type of persecution of the left. Democrats particularly, and all who identify with the progressives.
    Well, you have bitten off more than you can chew. There’s more of them than you know. To date, not a scratch is seen on the left’s armor in all your commentary bombs

    Gillian Anderson’s embroidery on her gown needed your opinion’s touch

    in that dress. showcase. A gutsy stab for even youformer taboo issues by their pointy horns before a take down.

  5. Jpop

    It appears Ms Anderson’s time in hollywierd has made her an X-File herself.