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Gilbertson Rant: I Want to Know the Names of the FBI Agents who spoke to FaceBook

Gilbertson Rant: I Want to Know the Names of the FBI Agents who spoke to FaceBook

From the Joe Rogan interview with Mark Zuckerberg, it is clear that the FBI interfered with the 2020 election. Information relating to Hunter Biden that would have and should have changed the public view of Joe Biden was suppressed because Facebook was told it was disinformation. Zuckerberg said the FBI told him this.

This wasn’t “The FBI” as an institution. This was done by individuals within the FBI.

These individuals purposely used their position with the FBI to convey false information to Facebook who then suppressed the information on all of their account base. This is a crime, and the consequences were horrendous.

I want to know who they are. I want to know their names. They MUST be investigated.

These individuals, whoever they were, abused their position. They used fraudulent information to influence an election.  Can you think of any crime worse than interfering with the rightful election of the leader of the free world?

You cannot say that they didn’t know that Hunter Biden’s laptop was real. They had it in their hands, they could have investigated it. They would have found that it was real.  Perhaps they did and just lied. Or perhaps they declared it fake without investigating.  There was NO evidence that it was fake, there could not be because it was real.

The actions of the Agents who spoke to Facebook were blatantly political, something the FBI should shun with a passion. This is a corruption of the highest law enforcement body in the land.

It is a shame and an embarrassment. If I were an FBI Agent, I would be screaming to boot out the people who did this, the people who damaged the FBI’s reputation.

Here at the Punching Bag Post, we have made it very clear that we believe FBI Agents are the good guys. But we have some bad apples there, a tiny number compared to the thousands of good agents, who believe they are above the law. We believe the layer of liberal political bureaucracy must be scraped off and fired.

Such an action would begin with the discovery of the identities of the Agents who perpetrated this crime and charging them. Let’s find out the whole chain of command that enabled these actions, let’s see if we can find their connections to the Democrat Party. Let’s root out the network and fire them. We finally have a thread that we can pull on.

Do I believe this will happen? Not under a Biden Administration. But control of Congress could change in November. Then maybe.

Note that Facebook should not be off the hook for this either. They have set themselves up as the censors destined to control thought across the internet. Perhaps a class action suit would be in order.

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  1. Rat Wrangler

    If Facebook management was intelligent enough, they would have asked for proper identification from these FBI agents who gave them these instructions. If they did see such documents, then they know the names of the agents. Why haven’t they published them? If Facebook was doing nothing more than following what they thought were valid orders, then they should be declared innocent of any wrongdoing associated with the laptop, so releasing all the information they have about the case would be to their benefit.


    If not for the fbi and the worthless voting machines Scumbag Biden would not be in our White House destroying our once great country.
    Biden is a worthless good for nothing and anyone that voted for him need a good swift kick in the butt. Will we ever get our country back from the criminals. FBi get out and do the job you were hired to do and stop kissing ass with the criminals.

  3. Joe

    Hidenbiden is not our president, he is a racist,sexperv,senile,lying,frail,old,puppet fool, that was installed by the FBI,CIA,DOJ,NSA, in a stolen election orchistrated ,by the FBI and big tech,facebook,and twitter.We knew all along that something was fishy about the election,now it has been proven.Now it’stime to remedy the situation and get rid of all these corrupt,dumbocrap politicians, and re=organize all these corrupt, departments under this phony,fake president, and administration.

  4. Frank stetson

    When did it become OK to go after the presidents kids? Is that just the way we do things nowadays. Are we going to chase Ivanka for the Chinese patents? Are we going to chase Jared for the 8 billion he got from the Saudi prince when the Saudi prince advisers said no? What about Jared‘s business meetings in the White House? What about Ivanka‘s business in China after she took the job in the White House? Can we charge Don Junior for his ill deeds regarding January 6? Or should we investigate whether Don jr ever asked any business questions to Don sr when it was supposed to be an arm length arrangement between the president and the business? We may need a select committee for that one. We’lk let Eric go, he’s an idiot. What about Baron, we haven’t heard anything about Barry, he must be guilty.

    Fact is, the only thing authenticated on hunters laptop have been the few emails that the New York Times authenticated. The rest is all subject to question while many have said it’s authentic, many have shown elements that have been hacked, added, or modified. We don’t even know that Hunter actually left the laptop off. The computer shop owner is blind, is a Trump zealot, and it’s hardly a pristine custody of evidence at any point. Beyond the tax evasion stuff that the times authenticated, there’s not much else at this point. Many on the right point to the salacious information that they have found there, is that what this is all about, getting sex n drugs dirt on the presidents kids? Where does it end?

    As far as the FBI, that’s business as usual, and if you have a problem with that, you need to go after the FBI process, not these agents. You may need the agents to prove that the process of criminal, but it is a business as usual process, they do this all the time.

    After November, you can have all the select committees that you would like. I’m sure they will be bipartisan.

    • Jim

      You are one stupid demoncRAT and need to learn before you look as stipid as China Joe his stupid corrupt son and the other demoncRATS.

      • frank stetson

        You can call me all the names you want, you can accuse anything you want, but you did not prove anything. Nothing except you can’t make a cogent argument.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      When the President’s kids are making deals with our enemies and cutting in daddy, then it becomes public business.

      Frank, the whole, entire laptop has been authenticated. Your saying “we don’t even know…” is BS. We know.

      • Frank stetson

        Do you actually have any sources for the authentication?

        And how exactly was daddy cutting on the business?

        Was daddy cutting on the business when Jared got the 8 billion from the Saudi prince after his financial advisors so don’t do this? Sounds like that one will be fair game given your rules.

        But again, let’s see some sources on the authentication and the Biden Senior tie in.

        Since “you know” that should be easy unless you’re keeping secrets under your tinfoil hat

        • Joe Gilbertson

          Dude, pick up a newspaper sometime.

          • frank stetson

            That’s what I thought. Once again you have no sources; you make it up, and then you tell us to find it ourselves.

            BUSTED for lack of validity.

    • Dwayne Oxford

      Don Junior’s ill deeds regarding January 6?

  5. AC

    Joe, the only call you made correctly is that your sounding off on PBP certainly rates out there as a rant. That being said, you have every right in this country to your rants. But, stick with facts of what is true.
    Does Hunter’s dealings regardless really impact President Biden’s ability in carrying out his sworn duties. We do not know what’s on the laptop in question. You and yours are apparently sure it contains dirt of some kind. And, if Hunter is guilty of something more than ignorance, then in your mind President Biden guilty by association. Which is convoluted supposition by your crowd.
    You all who so fervently and unabashedly run after the former President while not turning back in the wake of the man’s bad acts. He can actually commit a horrific felony and walk away free. That should be the definition for political insanity.
    Rants become the end product of accumulated frustration over repeated happenings that do not meet your approval.
    The reality is as related to the 2020 election. You do not know that the result would have been different. Democrat voters and independents, like me, are more reasoned, intelligent, and politically savvy than you and yours believe us to be. President Biden does not have Trump’s tons and tons of personal, political, business, and legal baggage.
    Ranting because your team lost almost two years past has become part of the Republican Party’s policy platform going forward. Strategies, then, center on political and personal revenge. Republican rhetoric backs this up. Leadership seems certain November’s election outcomes will bring a huge sea change in Washington, DC.
    That story is yet to be revealed. But, would the good of our country, our democracy, and every person within its boarders benefit from Republicans’ revenge taking?
    What is it said about power mongers demanding, my way or the highway with you all. Presently, Republicans appear fanatical demanding the Red party “way”. Their purpose sounds antithetical to governing a democratic republic style country and what the Constitution’s authors intended.
    Joe, rant to your heart’s content, know that doing so changes nothing. Opinions are not changed by rants offering nothing definitive and additional. Ranting may do something for you.
    However, most often, ranting yields diminishing returns on effort invested.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      You are not paying attention. Joe Biden was INVOLVED in Hunter Biden’s business. They are both compromised by the Chinese.

      And attempts to influence an election should be called out.

      • Frank stetson

        Again, no proof, no sources, just all rant.

        Hunter Maeve leverage to the Biden name, which of Trump‘s kids has not done that. Not to mention Jared‘s 8 billion from the Saudi prince and the princess One financial advisor said “don’t do this.“ The guy gave $1 billion for investments to a guy who’s in real estate. There seems to be another reason he gave the money.

        But again, all you do is rant, put out fake news, or you cannot source or authenticate. My only responses, I seen approve a bonus involved in hunters business.

  6. Joseph S. Bruder

    If what Zuckerberg said was true, then maybe there should be an investigation. However, it could easily be that the FBI already saw thousands of messages from the Russians about Hunter Biden’s laptop and they were just giving Zuckerberg a heads-up. The Russians clearly favored Trump and were doing everything they could to help him.

    Of course, demanding FBI agent’s names and making them public before an investigation just puts a target on their backs, something that Trump did (and still does) often. Do you really want to target normal agents for something they did in the line of duty and may not have had the nefarious intent that you think it did?

    There are so many things to investigate… According to Trump on his fake Truth Social website (you know, the one that’s about to collapse because he hasn’t paid his server bills):
    “James Comey read off a list of all of Crooked Hillary Clinton’s crimes, only to say that no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute… Comey had to backtrack and do a FAKE INVESTIGATION…The end result, we won in 2016…” So, has Comey been investigated for his FAKE INVESTIGATION that threw the election to Trump?

    And then there’s all the Secret Service members who deleted their emails from the Jan 6th insurrection, AFTER they were told to keep them. That apparently goes as high as the leadership of the SS and even the Inspector General in charge. Should that be investigated too? (Hint – it probably is already under investigation, and I’d bet they already have most of the text messages anyway).

    Oh, and while we’re on the topic of Jan 6th, what about the SS who were ready to whisk Pence away from his election certification duties as VP? Not only did that fit in with Trump and his co-conspirators’ plan to have the Senate President Pro Tem throw it back to the states because of fake electors, Pence was pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to return, and may have guessed that he might not even live if they took him away. (Hint – all of the Jan 6th coup conspiracty is being investigated, along with SS involvement).

    And what about Barr’s coverup of the Mueller memo, conveniently citing a “secret document” that turned out to be a “there’s nothing here” letter from one of his own staff lawyers. Barr publicly announced the exact opposite of the Mueller conclusions and basically took the heat off of Trump and his Russian campaign support. In reality there’s a whole chapter that came out later full of contacts between Russian and the campaign staff. (Hint – given Trump’s current espionage problems, I think that one will be left to historians to figure out, although I wouldn’t rule out future Congressional hearings on the topic).

    And did you know, that ever since Trump was elected, there’s been a sharp increase in the number of assets overseas that have been killed or disappeared? That certainly deserves an investigation… (hint: there probably is, and I’d bet dollars to donuts that it dovetails with Trump’s mishandling of sensitive information).

    And you keep going on and on and on about Hillary’s emails, even though she was cleared by a Republican congressional committee. And you’re still going on and on and on about Hunter Biden’s laptop, even though the provenance of the laptops is unclear, and it’s been through more hands than a possum-belly queen at the Iowa 80 truckstop. In the end, Hunter Biden was making money as a lawyer in a field that he had experience in. Yes, he may have been trading on his dad’s name, but he was legitimately employed.

    And, you know, while you’re calling for investigations, what about the $8 billion that Jared received from the Saudis while he was a White House employee? And the attempts to transfer nuclear technology to the Saudis? No connection there? (Hint: I’d bet this one dovetails with Trump’s espionage case before it all ends too.)

    And how much did Ivanka get from the Chinese while she was employed by the White House? How many trademarks from the Chinese who don’t usually give out those things to non-Chinese businesses? You don’t think that was a conflict of interest, if not an out-and-out bribe for FPOTUS Trump?

    As I said, there are so many things to investigate… but, “in for a penny, in for a pound”. If you want to investigate penny-ante crap about Clinton or Hunter Biden, then you also have to be satisfied if there’s not enough evidence to move forward with an investigation. At the same time, you also need to keep an open mind on the much bigger charges against Trump and his associates, where there the evidence is staring you in the face.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Let’s see. The FBI sends a warning that favors one political party, to the one company that affects more than half of the population of the United States,and has the ability to suppress information that if “viral” could sink a Presidential candidate?

      And you think this might have been a casual mistake?

      Yes, I want to put targets on their backs. Influencing elections is NOT part of “doing their jobs.”

      The rest of your message is a jumble of BS conspiracy theories. You should read better news sources.

      • Frank stetson

        Again, they send these warnings routinely, to either party.

        At least that’s their story. I agree if you want to dispute that, but until we hear a more definitive story from them, that’s where the end of this lies. I think you are in your rights and it’s fair game for you to ask the question to the FBI as to how often they do this, and what are some examples of them doing this, especially to both parties.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          If they are attempting to affect discourse in the U.S. routinely, then you see the problem right?

          Aren’t you talking about the same crap that they wanted to do with the “disinformation board”?

          The FBI cannot be telling Facebook about the “truth” because they don’t know the truth, they are not qualified, and are in fact disqualified.

          • frank stetson

            I have not a clue on your gibberish. Who is “they,” the FBI —– disinformation, misinformation, is only “discourse” in your world. Others see it as bullshit. Who are you to say the FBI is not qualified or that this was not a qualified call. Zuckerman says they are qualified, he’s your source…….

            The Hill says the FBI says routine:

            fox version not exactly slamming fbi or facebook:

            Facebook is still free to do what they want with the info.

            Now, I do agree with your questioning of what “routinely” means and have both “parties” been treated equally, although the later may be tilted to the right anyway given your penchant for disinformation OR accepting disinformation, aka The Big Lie, and so on and so on.

            I have not a clue if this is the same as the disinformation board, but why you equate free speech with lies is beyond me. Why you equate free speech in the US with acceptance of foreign lies is beyond me. I, for one, would be glad if we could cleanse the airwaves of lies. Alex Jones would have loved to know the truth too. Well, maybe he did, and maybe you do, but let’s face it —- lies are good for your media business. Would love to end that, Alex is a start.

            But that’s what they said.

          • Joe Gilbertson

            First, you are correct, you don’t have a clue. Zuckerberg is more qualified than the FBI, and he isn’t even close to qualified.

            You have an amazing way of twisting everything into nonsense.

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        Let’s see… if you look at the article, it says “Mark testified before the Senate nearly two years ago that in the lead up to the 2020 election, the FBI warned about the threat of foreign hack and leak operations,” and additionally it says that they limited a New York Post article about Hunter Biden’s laptop for “five or seven days” while they fact-checked the story .

        Nowhere in the article does it say that the FBI asked/warned/told Zuckerberg to stop writing about Hunter Biden. That’s a conclusion drawn by the right-wing media.

        So, your whole rant is based on an assumption that turns out to be not true. As Gilda Radner used to say, “Never mind”.

  7. Frank stetson

    Thanks for not answering any questions or providing any sources, but continuing to act as if a child. It would be nice to have a dialogue, but appears to be impossible.

    The FBI so what it said, you choose to ignore. I have not a clue what you mean by Zuckerman be more qualified, you haven’t qualified your statement. Again, seems to be just more gibberish.

  8. Dwayne Oxford

    What I want to know is WHO told them to??

    • frank stetson

      Oh yeah, Don Junior was behind the stage just before the crowd assaulted the capital. We need to investigate whether he may have been armed, whether he inside of the violence or took part of the violence, and most importantly, did he have a laptop? There are many questions for Don Junior on that day.

      Then there’s a business. It was an arms length agreement that Don Junior and the other kids are on the business. Did he ever ask for dancing yourself? Did Dan Senior ever tell him what to do. We’re both downs involved in the business working together? Much to investigate.

      Sarcasm alert.