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Gilbertson: Mueller Wants to be Fired

Gilbertson: Mueller Wants to be Fired

Mueller has nothing. 

After almost two years in the news and over a year with Mueller as special prosecutor, and certainly in certain liberal circles all claiming that Trump was a pawn of Putin, no evidence has been found connecting Trump to anything that looks like “collusion” with Russia. No evidence, no possible avenues to prove this, no new leads to pursue, nowhere to go next.

We are not surprised. We watched this issue emerge from the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign during the election, as a comically fake accusation. This issue has had legs only because the liberal media has hammered its readers constantly with serious(?) commentary, and wild speculation.

But Mueller’s charter is to prove some kind of collusion, some kind of crime against Donald Trump. And he is about to fail.

Where can he go from here?

If he admits that he spent over $7 million of government money harassing and berating Trump’s associates, only to come up empty, he will be a laughingstock. This is not the legacy a former FBI director wants to leave.

The latest outrageous step of raiding the office of Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney, is the beginning of a different strategy. It leaps over the bounds of ethics, borders on illegality, and makes no sense whatsoever in the context of Mueller’s mission which is to find collusion with Russia. 

No one likes to see their friends tortured, and at this point, the Mueller investigation is doing little else. Since we know (and Mueller knows) there was no collusion, how does he save his reputation and pretend that his investigation was not just a great waste of time? 

Mueller is trying to provoke Trump into firing him.

It’s his only way out.

If the President finally fires Mueller, then Mueller can claim that he would have eventually succeeded, despite the failure that his investigation has proven to be thus far. His reputation is salvaged, he will be a martyr and a hero, at least to the far left.

What’s more, his friends the Democrats will have won a campaign issue for the next round, emerging from pure fantasy. This will be a new low in American politics, a political party using an issue that everyone knows they made up themselves and colluding with a severely biased media to attack a sitting President.

One has to wonder now about how the FBI conducts business. They are the best in the world at “investigations,” after all it is part of their name. But even absent a crime, an FBI investigation is devastating to anyone’s reputation and business. Do they always jump to blackmail and unethical practices like that of the Mueller team? Pressuring everyone around to rat out the President, wrecking peoples lives, accusing people and ruining reputations, whether innocent or guilty? We see this in popular TV shows, like Billions, but could it be that this is normal FBI procedure?

It is, in fact, possible given the skill of the lawyers/interrogators of the FBI to develop an obstruction charge right from the investigation, even when the underlying reason for the investigation was incorrect. General Flynn committed no crime until he was interrogated by the FBI. The “crime” he was being interrogated for, “collusion with Russia,” was never true.

But can Trump safely fire Mueller without kicking up a political storm? No normal politician would even think of it.

But perhaps Donald Trump can…


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