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Gilbertson: Hillary is Orchestrating All of This – And She IS Running for President! Part I

Gilbertson: Hillary is Orchestrating All of This – And She IS Running for President!  Part I

Last week I wrote a rather tongue in cheek article suggesting that Trump may have been trolling the Democrats by starting the Ukraine ‘scandal’ himself, just to circulate the word about Biden’s crimes.

But despite wishing it were true, I didn’t really believe it. An op like that is way too hard to control, and would have put President Trump in the crosshairs if it went wrong.

There was an element I was missing, a layer of conspiracy we couldn’t see yet.

But it falls into place now that Hillary’s shining face is starting to make news, coincidentally just as Biden’s bid for President is crumbling as an “unintended consequence” of the attack on President Trump regarding the Ukraine.

I am convinced that Hillary intends to re-enter the 2020 Presidential race.  I am further convinced that she never gave up on this goal. She has the tools, the allies, the network of leakers and the witting or unwitting cooperation of the liberal media. That is method, motive and opportunity.

I believe this was her intention all along, and, indeed, she has been orchestrating this from the beginning.

Let’s pursue this in reverse chronological order.


Fast Forward to December 2019 – Hillary’s Announcement to Run for President in 2020.

Biden’s campaign crumbles under the weight of scandal, the media and grassroots call for Hillary to re-enter the race for President, who accepts with great humility. Wall Street loves her, she is flush with cash, and her old die-hard supporters have re-emerged.

She is the counter to the far left radicals who threaten the country. Her leading opponent, Elizabeth Warren is easily disposed of, by a yet-uncovered scandal or campaign strategy. Hillary is about to take on a weakened President Trump who has endured apparent scandal after apparent scandal.


Present – Biden’s Fall and the Rise of Hillary

The latest episode if the Impeachment Saga, the Ukraine investigation, appears to be centered on Donald Trump. But Donald Trump has weathered larger storms already, his supporters are with him (he has raised over $15 million just because of this scandal) and have built up an immunity. But every time the media accuses Trump of wrongdoing, their explanation has to mention Biden. Indeed the video of Biden admitting at least part of his alleged crime has been played over and over again.

Clinton is not a Biden ally. A 2015 article in the NY Times noted that Clinton had taken steps to neutralize Biden. She clearly had dirt on him, and has been quoted to have threatened Biden to stay out of the 2016 race, saying to Biden, “I would never leak this to the press, but I can’t control what my staff might do.”

How would she implement this? While Trump’s operatives would not know who the “deep state” leakers were, or the people waiting in the wings for an opportunity to do their part in attacking Trump (thus my previous conspiracy theory, while fun to think about, was not very likely), Hillary certainly would know the leakers. In fact, it’s a standard political move, she almost certainly had hand in placing them.

In the mind of Hillary, knowing Biden’s weaknesses, she would not hesitate to launch this indirect attack. And it was easy enough.

Hillary has an alliance with Congressman Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committe, and the primary Trump antagonist. Schiff has been an outspoken supporter of Clinton since before the 2016 primaries, and carried the ball on the Russia collusion investigations and other Trump attacks ever since.

It was an easy lift to direct one of the network of leakers to wait for any conversation between Trump and the Ukraine. Doesn’t matter which conversation, as we now know the conversation cited had no nefarious quality to it. Just a President doing his job.

But the whistleblower’s actual report, as you now know, contained so much innuendo that it was worthy of the modern CNN. If you compare it with the transcripts of the Trumps conversation, you find little match with reality.

Would you say that the Democrat and media reaction has been disproportionate? Would you say that the call for impeachment, before the whistleblower’s report had been read, was a bit odd?

Also note that if impeachment proceedings were completed by December, the Senate’s proceedings, run by Republicans, would certainly be a campaign commercial for Trump and the right, and would be much closer to the election. So the Democrats would be much better off waiting a few months right?

But that wasn’t the point. The goal of the operation was not to take down Trump.  It was to take down Biden.

Hillary WILL enter the race.

If Biden, the lone moderate contender, collapses under scandal, it becomes the perfect opportunity for Hillary to enter the race, absorbing all Biden supporters, since they will be oblivous to Hillary’s treachery.

If she were to enter with Biden still in the race, there may be resentment generated, so her timing must be such that she is ‘rescuing’ the Democratic Party from the far left reactionaries.


Russian Collusion – The Hillary Connection

Go back to the beginning and this becomes obvious. As we know from testimony and media reports, the fake Russian ‘dossier’ (bad and obviously fakes, read here to see more) was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign, and facilitated through the FISA process by Clinton supporters in the FBI. The special prosecutor was assigned and the investigation was launched despite of the lack of evidence.

As mentioned before, the chief antagonist has been Adam Schiff, a declared Hillary supporter who has protected her consistently. I suspect (but cannot know) that Schiff has been promised a huge role in a Hillary Clinton administration. He has plenty of incentive to do Hillary’s bidding, and has been a great help in implementing her strategies.

While you might think that a long drawn out impeachment process would be something the Democrats would do naturally, to set themselves up for the 2020 elections, this is not really good strategy. The possibility of unpredicted consequences for the mid-terms would be too great. It was also too early, fatigue has set in, Trump is starting to turn it around. The better strategy would be to wait until the mid-terms had passed, anticipating the anti-incumbent swing that always occurs.

Hillary is the difference.

She didn’t care about the mid-terms, she is focused only on being the most powerful leader in the world.

Not to worry about issue fatigue, she had other surprises for Trump. With her knowledge of the leakers network she has the ability to manufacture new crises at will. With Adam Schiff as her puppet, she can spin the media into a frenzy with official investigations right and left. The liberal media loved her before and share her hate of Donald Trump, and so don’t care whether the investigations have substance or not.

Stay Tuned for Part II – Strategy and Fingerprints

Tomorrow’s article will talk about how the current political leaders could not have orchestrated it, they have not the sense of strategy, nor the incentives.  We will show how this matches Hillary’s hero Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

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  1. Carol

    Joe, I think you are right.

    • Edie

      I have been waiting for Hillary to enter the race and boy, I was right! She is one conniving and evil person.

    • Hardcase

      He sure is and I could have written some of this.

  2. R. Hamilton

    Trump should revive all possible investigations of Hillary _before_ she re-enters, so it’s crystal clear that it’s being done because she’s a corrupt traitor who deserves not only to lose, but to spend the rest of her days in jail. Hopefully she’s also connectable to Epstein, in which case her life in prison might not be long.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      I think he just did exactly that…

    • Wade Winblad

      Ii have seen some “H” Hillary bumper stickers lately.

      I thought to myself: they look new???

  3. Marie

    How long will it take to get rid of ALL the Clintons and their buddies? Can’t she realize Americans don’t want her and her cronies?????

  4. JC

    She should never ever be president! She is a ruthless despicable wench that is guilty of everything she has been accused of. Besides, this old bag can’t even stand on a curb without keeling over. She belongs either in the furthest pasture from the barn or in jail!

  5. Jules Kunofsky

    Thanks, Joe Gilbertson, now I will have nightmares tonight!!!

  6. terry

    She was, until he was murdered. She has all the right people in all the right places, having had a hand in running her international rackets since the late seventies;she has had all the right training under all the right people since the late sixties, early seventies! She is indeed the link to all the dots being connected- BUT whom are the luciferian-satantist pulling her puppet strings! Not the ones whose faces we have seen, that is certain. Epstein knew, and she knows- one wonders if Trump knows who they are????

  7. JR

    Bingo! Somebody else gets it. Absolutely spot on. Hollering Hil has been running since she came out of the woods and the bottle post-November ’16. Book tour with What Happened ? and now a new book with daughter. Nasty Women? lol And when she loses to Trump, again, she will likely run, again, in 2024 and win…if she isn’t locked up!

  8. Joseph Sipolo

    She needs a bath, her stench is toxic!

  9. Rich

    I expect “BigFoot” obamba and “the witch” to throw their brooms in late next Fall and their refrain will be . . . . “to save the Demented-Dem Party”.

    Barrack will be their Teleprompter Reader and the clinton-crime-famil-foundation will fund the run as few folks on the face of the earth would want this combination to run for office.

    • Laura Wagner

      Barrack Obama can’t run again. He has served his two terms as president and by law can’t have a third term. He didn’t take on HRC as VP then because he wanted to survive his term(s) in office. He knew that if he had HRC as his vice president, he would be a prime candidate for Arkancide. No, it will be Hellary in the front and running. She will fail again as the American people have already seen through her despicable and larcenous acts to rig the 2016 election. If the Democrats are stupid enough to put her up again, she will again lose to Trump.

  10. robert barton

    I hope all of these low life dems go to hell before I do.

  11. D.

    WHY ARE YOU STIRRING UP THIS KIND OF SHIT! Americans don’t need any more drama, we need our country to be ran with pride and patriotism.

  12. Bruce Schweyer

    Hillary Stalin (oops….”Clinton”) seeks to be the Pied Piper who leads her entire electorate to the pit of extinction…….Not hell, extinction.

  13. Bob Donner

    She is an evil woman, American’s better pray she is never president.

  14. Theresa Tyler

    I have to agree; Hillary is NOT a ”good loser”…. she’s just, IMO, a LOSER. This is all just too convenient.

  15. George Reagan

    All Great Replies. Keep it up, US of A Citizens.


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