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Gift #2 from Punching Bag Post – The Energy Net

Gift #2 from Punching Bag Post –  The Energy Net

Thank you again for subscribing to the Punching Bag Post. This is the second of three free gifts to welcome you to our site. You should be receiving the last gift within the next twenty four hours. If you did not receive Gift #1, you can find it here.

As a conservative, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about Global Climate Change. Sometimes it is worth thinking about – after all we do know that pollution is real.

But too much Al Gore, too many conflicting or downright fake scientific studies. And the solution, so they say, will costs trillions of dollars, and it always seems the liberals are sending the bill to the conservatives.

But wait minute, can we solve this and make a profit?

Our editor Joe Gilbertson has taken this even one step further. He has a solution that:

  • Solves Global Climate Change completely.
  • Net positive revenue to the U.S. Treasury.
  • Not only shuts up the Climate Change alarmists but pulls the smart ones into the Republican Party.
  • Fuels a massive economic and tech boom for America
  • Reduces our balance of trade deficit to zero.
  • Sucks all of the money out of countries that hate us and sponsor terrorism
  • Makes the energy infrastructure of the U.S. more resilient and survivable

Gilbertson has presented this solution at two Climate Change conferences (one in the heart of liberal darkness, UC Berkeley) and has picked up endorsements and allies from the Climate Change community.

Curious? Once you read the book it will be so obvious you will believe you already thought of it – and you will wonder why the liberals never did!

Download it now::

The Energy Net
A free enterprise solution to our economy, radical Islam and Climate Change – Built by all of America

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