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Gift #1 from Punching Bag Post – The Destruction of Obamacare

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This is about Health Care.

Want to know how to trash Obamacare and get the health industry back on track? It’s simple in concept:

“Prices go down when consumers can buy goods and services, in a competitive market, based on price and quality”

Pretty basic, right? An economic truth.

But Obamacare and the increasingly socialist approach to health care has sent prices skyrocketing, inflating to more than double the costs of only 7 years ago. The corrupt practices are appalling.

Believe it or not, if Congress can pass one small insignificant change, Trump could complete the destruction of Obamacare by executive order, and this would be the result:

  • the health industry would right itself and be subject to competition
  • prices for the average person would go down
  • profits for the best health providers would go up
  • America would be substantially healthier

It’s all in this book:


The Opposite of Obamacare
by Punching Bag Post Editor Joe Gilbertson.

You can download and start reading it RIGHT NOW!

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  1. Mark North

    You are full of shit blaming the ACA for rising healthcare costs. Healthcare cost in this country have ALWAYS gone up much more than the inflation rate. It’s the greed of pharmaceutical firms, for profit hospitals and the insurance industry that continues to drive cost up more than any other industry. So stop lying to the gullible fools that read what you say and believe it.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      A lot of that is explained in the book. ANY insurance institution has a socialist effect, and when insurance companies start creeping more and more into our lives, they separate more and more the consumer from the services they are buying. ACA put this on steroids and institutionalized, increasing and locking in inflation rates. You are correct though, drug companies are paying off competitors to NOT sell generic drugs, and since insurance payment are opaque to the consumer, medical institutions have no incentive to lower prices, in fact higher prices are better for everyone in the chain. Read the book, you might find a solution…