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Trump Has Had Enough: Pay Up Germany!

Trump Has Had Enough: Pay Up Germany!

If there was any country in the world that you would expect to pull out the checkbook to buy guns, tanks, missiles and other deadly weapons, it would be Germany. After all, they wrote the book on the subject, their failures at actual warfare notwithstanding.

But on Post-WWII Planet Earth, the Germans have found a new sucker in town to pay for their defense and save them a lot of money…America…but their past excuses for not living up to their NATO monetary obligations no longer hold water, thanks to Trump.

In fact, their excuses never held water, but Trump is the first one to hold their feet to the fire about it.

It’s no secret that Angela Merkel despises Trump, which works out just fine because he can’t stand her either. But let’s stick to the subject, which is her responsibility to pay her bills to protect her country from Russian (former Soviet) or other invasion. While Eastern European countries such as Poland and Latvia have raised their contribution to the NATO mandated 2% of economic output, after simply being reminded about it and asked to do so by Trump, Merkel thinks she lives under a different set of rules.

Even Poland is pissed off by Merkel’s attitude, which actually stands to gain by American military and support personnel being shifted from Germany to their country, if Germany doesn’t start paying up.

Deutschland’s shirking of its NATO responsibilities pre-dates Trump long-time, but Trump has been the only U.S. Chief Executive so far who finds American taxpayers footing Germany’s bills completely unconscionable, just so Germany can spend that owed money on socialist social programs, and the promotion of globalization and one-world government.

The Fatherland “plans” to contribute a whopping 1.37% of their economic output next year, and then dropping to 1.24% in 2023. You can plainly see that both of these targets are far below the required 2%, and they’re heading in the wrong direction.

Does Germany want NATO at all, or are they simply pissing on our heads and telling us it’s raining? If so, we have 50,000 Americans stationed there, forced to eat Bratwurst, who could be doing better things in other parts of the world than protecting a country that doesn’t seem to want that protection. Or at least not want to pay for it.

Perhaps Germany believes NATO defense is no longer needed on its own borders, what with their analyses that the Cold War is over (albeit a funny analysis), and with its new sweetheart pipeline deal with Russia, strongly discouraged by Trump, because it puts German energy security in the hands of the Russians.

What is Germany thinking, because its actions certainly point to moving away from Washington and towards Moscow in these matters? Will they feel better and change their minds about all this if Bernie is elected in 2020!?

Trump dared to question U.S. participation in NATO at the very beginning of his campaign and Presidency, and of course, he was labeled an isolationist warmonger and maniac. (His critics on the left haven’t adequately explained how he could be both an isolationist and warmonger at the same time, but we saw that one coming, didn’t we?) He was even criticized at the time by many on the right for this, but it’s hard to gauge current sentiment of fellow Republicans on this issue. My educated guess is that most don’t want us completely out of NATO, but that more and more want us to play harder hardball with member monetary contributions and personnel participation.

And then there’s this:

The EU, that shining light on that Brussels hill representing World Globalization and Socialism, has been floating the idea of creating its own military force. It’s just talk for now, but it is gaining a little steam and surely demands its own vlog here, yet to come. But for now, let’s just say that if the EU wants to create a military force of its own and the U.S. can pull out of NATO and Americans can leave European soil forever, show me the petition, because I’ll be the first to sign.

Of course, if they have any problems later, just don’t ask us to come back. We’ll protect ours, and they can protect theirs. And it’s great timing too, since it’s becoming clearer and clearer that the U.S. should be allocating a lot more of its resources to the Asian-Pacific region(s) anyway. Or Pacific-Asian, depending on your preferred nomenclature.

In an era when so many Europeans, including their leaders, view the U.S. as always butting in and not minding its own business, it’s amazing how Germany isn’t complaining that 50,000 Americans are butting in on their own soil, stationed in Germany, to protect them. But maybe it’s not so surprising since they haven’t had to sufficiently pay for it.

It really is outrageous, and Trump being Trump (thank God), we haven’t heard the last of this. I can’t wait for this to escalate, because it deserves to. And I myself wouldn’t complain if Trump pulled us out of the NATO game completely…taking our ball and storming home…in favor of individual bi-lateral military agreements with nations that actually want us there, and that are willing to share the real costs.

As for Germany, good luck, but if you ever engage in direct military conflict again, stay away from your old playbooks and don’t invade France and Russia at the same time.

Editor’s note: Unfortunately, even if Germany were to pull out of NATO we would still defend them, its just our nature. At least with NATO they are contributing something.

In the current environment, we can count on the liberal media to villify Trump for asking for the payment, and downplaying the embarrassment that Germany should be feeling.

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  1. william couch39h2

    What ever happened to the gold reserve @ fort Knox? Germany had several hundred bars there in storage…… Maybe it went to the vaults of the NY banks.. They (germany) had requested it being returned back when Bush (1) was in office.. AS far as I’M concerned , that gold reserve has already helped pay for their delinquent UN funds..

    • william couch39h2

      OH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and my research (for rebuttal) was the TV program on the history CH,,, “GOLD”..

    • Stanley Steamer

      Pay attention. This is about NATO, not the U.N.

      • A. Fact Checker

        Exactly! If one is going to do the Yada, Yada, at least know that UN and NATO are different organizations.

  2. Roger Fenton

    Not to worry, with Merkel in control there will be no war. The Muzzies will take over without firing a shot. Merkel will soon be riding on a camel.

  3. Damian gaffney

    Deutschland unter alles!!!…..kapeesh

  4. Frank S.

    If you want more dirt on Germany, delve into their military “participation” in Afghanistan. Their Area of Operations was in the north, considered the safest place to put them. They, like many other participating NATO nations (exceptions were Canada and GB–great to work with), were nearly worthless because they had so many caveats that prevented them from doing what they really should have been doing (for instance, they wouldn’t conduct any nighttime patrols). There were also incidents where German soldiers were found drunk on duty (yes, they took their beer with them). I know…I spent nearly four years in that God-forsaken country. I also spent over six years stationed in Germany, and my son-in-law is German, so give me a little credibility on what I’m saying here. Yes, they have been free-loading on the backs of American tax-payers for decades, and I applaud Trump for finally calling them out.

    • Tony

      That’s only half of the story! We also had to deal with the Nazi’s in the ‘30s & the first half of the ‘40s!

  5. Jack

    Germany sucks, pull our troops out and let Merkel fight her adversaries along, hell lets film it as a reality show.

  6. Sheila buesinger

    Such intelligent dribble is so helpful.

    And who will ever help
    The US when it’s needed when you want to tell them to fight their adversaries alone.

    Diplomacy is needed to ensure there is an alliance when it is needed.

    The US can call them Out without alienating them and acting like big bullying buffoons.

  7. R.F. HORKA

    the 50k troops and other presence in germany is a huge boost to their economy, we are in 100s of countries and they all love the American dollars we spend in their country.