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Germany Bows Down to Islam, Bans Pork Sausages

Germany Bows Down to Islam, Bans Pork Sausages

There is a new movement to ban pork sausages from public cafeterias located within schools, hospitals, nurseries and elsewhere in Germany, despite the threat this poses to a major part of the German agriculture industry.

Pork accounts for almost a fifth of the Schleswig-Holdstein region’s economy, so a ban would all but crush this area financially. Over the years, pork sausages have become the centerpiece to many German dishes, so banning it from public cafeterias would go against the traditional German culture.

The move was inspired by the recent influx of Muslim refugees who cannot eat pork because of religious dietary restrictions. Not everyone agrees with accommodating the refugees’ religion, though.

“The protection of minorities – including for religious reasons – must not mean that the majority is overruled in their free decision by ill-conceived consideration,” said parliamentarian Daniel Guenther. Guenther continued on to say that tolerance means “the appreciation and sufferance of other food cultures and lifestyles.”

To remove such a large part of German culture to please Muslim refugees is to show a sign of weakness in the face of Islam. Germany must not submit to Islam out of fear of angering the refugees they have graciously offered a sanctuary to. Many analysts have called this move a “civilization jihad” and rightly so. The free world should remain that way, free to live and eat as its citizens please.

If Westerners entered into a Muslim territory and demanded that they change their diet and customers, it would be called imperialism, so why is Germany allowing this to happen within their country? Why do Germans have to give up their culture to respect the religion of Islam?

Editor’s note: Having grown up with traditional German culture, older Germans have to be livid about this. To have a basic food staple outlawed because of an influx of arrogant refugees cannot sit well with them. 

To many this must seem like they are giving up their country. Is Islam running Germany now?

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