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Germany Asks EU For Tighter Border Controls

Germany Asks EU For Tighter Border Controls

Germany will request an extension from the European Commission for their temporary border controls in the Schengen zone of passport-free travel, according to German Interior Minister, Thomas De Maiziere.

The temporary border controls were put in place to slow down the flow of migrants from the Middle East. Last year, Germany took in over one million migrants who traveled to the country via the Balkans. However, now that countries along the migrants’ route such as Austria are tightening border controls, the traffic has slowed down significantly.

At the height of the crisis, over 10,000 migrants per day were arriving, however now that number has dropped to around 200 per day.

Although there has been a decrease in incoming migrants, Germany is still concerned that they will find a way into the country. Germany, working together with Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and France, is asking for the border control to be extended past the original May 12th deadline.

A source from within the European Commission told Reuters that the request will most likely be granted and Germany will have border control through November.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has not vocally supported the deal because she is critical of border closures within the EU. Instead, she supports a deal that just took effect which gives Turkey incentives for taking back migrants and refugees who have traveled to Europe.

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