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George Soros Gives $1 Million to Stacey Abrams – the Jerk

This is basically a rant. I don’t like these people and I think they will do damage. See if you agree. See if you have the same visceral disgust that I do when you see their picture.

You remember Stacey Abrams right? She is the blowhard Democrat who ran for governor of Georgia in 2018 and lost to Brian Kemp at a time when Democrats were winning around the country. She refused to concede.  She was nasty and loud-mouthed enough that the Democrats chose her to give the Democratic Response to President Trump’s State of the Union in 2019.

By the way, her wiki page says that in 2018, she owed $54,000 in back taxes to the IRS, owed $174,000 in credit card debt and student loans and still donated $50,000 to her own campaign.  In 2019, apparently she was paid up on everything. Hmmm, wonder how she did that, in a year, considering she was basically unemployed? (Someone ought to investigate that, I think…).

Needless to say, I don’t like her much.  If I lived in Georgia, I would not want her as governor, and apparently a majority of Georgians agree.

And that is why I find it exceedingly annoying and disturbing that George Soros gave $1 Million to her campaign for her 2022 run for Governor of Georgia.

Yes, I know that rich people do this a lot, and that it is really going to a PAC that will spend it on her behalf, and that many people have a problem with these kinds of contributions. That is not my point here.

I am disturbed by George Soros himself. Who in their right mind would want to be associated with George Soros, the megalomaniac who has the reputation of funding radicals and making trouble without regard for lives lost, property damage, livelihoods ruined? 

Much of BLM and Antifa have been financed (allegedly) by Open Society Foundations, the organization that Soros funded with $18 Billion.  He spent a billion dollars to fight “nationalism” in the world, interfering in countries and fomenting revolutions. I guess national boundaries and patriotism are criminal things. Perhaps Soros’ globalist order where we are all ruled by the United Nations would be really good for us?

He poured $80 million into Democrat PACs in 2020, and is contributing  $125 million for 2022. Much of this money went to elect attorney’s general with the intent that they would cease to prosecute criminals. I think you will find a great many of these districts had healthy doses of BLM and Antifa violence, none of whom are serving jail time for the damage they did or the people they hurt.

I wonder how much of his PACs and his Open Society contributed to the election cheating that occurred in 2020? Soros claims to be “pro-democracy” but his deeds do not appear to match his words.

So if Soros and Abrams win the governorship in Georgia, what will they do with it?  Will the education system become “woke”?  Will they corrupt the voting system so that Democrats will always win? Will they institutionalize BLM and Antifa, and build them a headquarters in Atlanta?

Fortunately, even with Soros’ money, she is likely to lose. The country is not in a Democrat mood right now. Unfortunately, even when she loses, we are not likely to see the end of her.

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  1. frank stetson

    In the words of Donald J. Trump: “it’s legal” so suck on it.

    From AXIOS: Fundraising in the Georgia governor’s race: 2018 vs. 2022

    In 2018, for the six month reporting period that ended Jan. 31, Stacey Abrams had raised $1.7 million and had $461,000 cash on hand in her primary race. She had loaned her campaign $50,000. (Wanna guess where the money for the loan repayment came from, legally).

    Then-Secretary of State Brian Kemp had raised $1.2 million in six months and had $2.1 million cash on hand.

    The majority of both candidates’ donations came from Georgia.

    As of Jan. 31, 2022, Stacey Abrams had been in the race about two months. She raised a whopping $9.3 million from more than 100,000 donors during that time. She had $7.2 million cash on hand and no loans. 80% of Abrams’ donations this election have come from out of state.

    Incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp raised $7.5 million over six months and had $12.7 million cash on hand.
    Brian Kemp’s team reports 84% of his contributions are Georgian.

    Kemp’s primary opponent, former Sen. David Perdue, has raised $1.1 million in about two months and has about $871,000 on hand. The Perdue campaign reports 64% of his donations came from Georgia.
    Perdue received $5,000 from former President Donald Trump’s Save America PAC.

    Trump, whatta piker. So, Republicans have almost twice the amount of cash on hand than Abrams: their non-Trump candidate has a lot more money than Abrams.

    Cry. Cry me a river.

    Is it time to say the election is rigged? Wanna get a head start on that, it makes the lie look more real.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Never said it was illegal, I just said that I hate them and wished they would go away

    • Amos moses

      In the words of Frank Stetson. Pull it out and I’ll suck it

      • Frank stetson

        Do whatever floats your boat Amos. As long as youbdo your gay stuff with consenting adults.

  2. bob

    Hopefully ,, the people in Georgia won’t let any amount of money to get them to vote for , overgrown , cheating , lying , worthless , crooked , inbred slur Abrams !!!! Abrams is a DISGRACE and is not fit to hold ANY office in OUR country !!

  3. ben

    “overgrown , cheating , lying , worthless , crooked , inbred slur Abrams !!!! Abrams is a DISGRACE and is not fit to hold ANY office in OUR country !!”

    Oh the horror of it all: Abrams was born and raised in Gulfport, Mississippi with six siblings. The family moved to Atlanta, Georgia for her parents Emory University graduate degrees becoming Methodist ministers. She graduated valedictorian in High School being selected for a prestigious Telluride Association Summer Program. At 17, she was hired as a speechwriter based on her inputs as a volunteer. In 1995, Abrams earned her BA from Spelman College, magna cum laude. In college, she worked in the office of Atlanta mayor Maynard Jackson., she interned at the EPA. As a Harry S. Truman Scholar at UoT Austin’s LBJ School of Public Affairs, she got her Masters and then her JD from Yale.

    Sure seems like a fit-enough resume to me. And that’s before she started her career……

    Gee, I didn’t catch the inbred in all that accomplishment. Whatttya you got in your resume, Bob: a GED?

    • Joe Gilbertson

      She has proven herself to be nasty, crooked, dogmatic and other words that I can’t think of at the moment.

      • frank stetson

        But a very smart, well educated “nasty, crooked, dogmatic,” and many other last names…..

        Of course, Purdue is an angel having wiggled out of the equities fraud, having bought off the Dollar General stock owners for the tune of $40M of rip-off, a number of fines for campaign financing violations, etc. Afterall he is a turnaround specialist so corners must be cut…..

        Purdue could help our nations heath: Perdue was adamant in May of 2020 that US ordinary flu seasons had more deaths than the COVID-19 pandemic. He was only off by 100% at the time, just the kind of guy you want defending the nation’s health. While he started by recommending masks, distancing, the whole nine yards, once the political winds blew, he spread his legs like a ten dollar whore. He supported Georgia’s early return to business just in time for Georgia’s largest spike to date in the late summer of 2020.

        He criticized Obama for his Ebola response that yielded 4 cases and 2 deaths but applauded the Trump response claiming: “it’s a different thing.” After tapes have Trump admitting he downplayed the disease serverity, Purdue concluded Trump did it “trying to manage the psyche of the country.” Well, that’s a new name for lying: “psyche management.”

        So Joe, next time I call you a fucking Nazi — remember, I’m not lying. Just trying to manage your psyche.

        Apparently Mr Purdue enjoys the lie, can see purpose in some lies, and has an answer anytime he is caught in a lie. Or he pays them off.

        No, I don’t see any peaches in the Trumpublican candidates for Georgia’s governor.

        • Frank

          She looks like a hippopotamus in a dress

          • frank stetson

            And your Gods of politics have movie star looks……

            Trump’s ass has been known to cause solar eclipses on two Continents. Melanoma has more plastic than the NJ bag ban will save the Oceans. And Jared better never get caught, this squeaky little nerd would be the prison’s boy toy five minutes after incarceration.

            But I can see where you vote based on looks. It’s the best you can do.

          • john fudacz


    • Doug coleman

      Big mama should use some of that money for weight watchers. She has more chins than a Chinese phone book. And yes, she is a terrible choice. She’s just another liberal hack that only wants to see how much of our liberties she can destroy. She’s a cop hater and a race baiter. Just what the democrats want. And George Sorass is about as unamerican as China. So pull for the fat ass. Who knows? She might get lucky

      • Frank

        No, I’ve voted for some butt ugly people before now. Being conservative is my main interest.

    • Ken

      Ghetto trash

      • ben

        Says white trash…

        • Ken

          Proud of it.

          • Ben

            That’s sweet. Makes trailer park living easier when you have a good feeling about it.

  4. Gene

    Better than the ghetto.

    • Ben

      Isn’t just another ghetto?

      • Hunter hege

        You tell me. Boy.

        • ben

          You see a boy, you betta tip em five dollah.

          “hey mom, I anonymously slammed an anonymous liberal anonymously on an anonymous website.” I really stand up and show these people who I really am; anonymously.

          • Frank

            You showed your stupidity.

          • Ben

            see, you’re doing it again…….