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General Michael Flynn Free – All Charges Dropped

General Michael Flynn Free – All Charges Dropped

The Departement of Justice has dropped all charges against General Michael Flynn, after an internal memo from the FBI questioning whether they wanted to “get him to lie” so he’d be fired or prosecuted, or get him to admit wrongdoing.  The court filing alludes to specific targeting of Flynn “conducted without any legitimate investigative basis.”

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General Flynn, in defending himself, has incurred over $6 million in legal fees and has been forced to sell his house.  Commentators have said that it is unlikely that he will be able to re-coop any of those fees.

GMAC Note:   DOJ Attorney Brandon Van Grack withdraws the case against retired LTG Flynn as Brady and Giglio material is being released.

My guess is that Van Grack is going to say that he withdrew from the case once he became aware of the Brady material, and therefore throw Strzok and Page et al under the bus to save his own skin from ethics charges

Editor’s note: Think about it. The Obama Administration had corrupt elements willing to use the power of the Federal Government against Obama’s political opponents.  They used the authority of America’s top law enforcement agency to target Flynn “without any investigative basis” solely because he was an appointee by incoming President Trump. Further, the prosecutors withheld exculpatory evidence, FBI documents that would have helped Flynn’s defense. This is highly illegal, immoral and corrupt.

Never mind the IRS targeting of conservative institutions, never mind the corruption that kept Hillary out of jail and the other corruptions we have covered through the Obama years.

The corruption of law enforcement to entrap political opponents is a tactic of dictators. It is how the likes of Xi, Putin and Maduro stay in power.

And it is the thing that our found fathers feared most.

“Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

If people don’t go to jail for this, then I sincerely fear for America.

If you want some background, please refer to these articles.

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  1. Jack

    Not surprised that the government continues to attack its own to preserve their own corrupt supporters, put a few in prison for awhile, they will incriminate each other. Disgusting behavior by all politicians involved.

  2. Jack Schiht

    As long as Bush Boy Barr is Attorney General, ain’t nuthin gonna happen to any of his pals in the Obama Clinton Cabal. Bush Boy Barr is all talk and no action.
    Trump needs a new Attorney General.

    • Joe S Bruder

      What does Barr have to do with Obama? Obama cleaned house afterr Bush Jr., and had nothing to do with Barr. In fact, Barr served under Bush Sr., and worked to pardon all of Reagan’s criminal friends, and wasn’t even in Bush Jr’s administration. He was pretty much a pariah until he pitched his services to Trump.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      I’m a bit confused on this one too…

  3. Donl Longo

    If I was him, I would SUE every body involved.

    • Derek Blurb

      He can’t. He’s broke. The FBI works that way : you defend yourself and lose a lifetime of assets, while the FBI uses unlimited legal tools with taxpayer funding. By the way, the funding is from our money. Read “Classified Woman” for FBI crushing methods.

      • Joe Gilbertson

        Thanks for the reference, just ordered the book.

      • Joe S Bruder

        Google “Flynn net worth” and it says he’s worth about $600K. If Trump, the supposed billionaire, cared anything at all about Flynn, he’d contribute something to Flynn’s defense fund. Or he could have pardoned him, except that would raise questions about pardoning co-conspirators and Trump is saving that argument for his family!

        • Joe Gilbertson

          Those are for entertainment only, they have no access to Flynn’s finances. Trump is wise to let this go through the process because the FBI’s corruption has to be exposed.

  4. Reginald Lamb

    Will there not be any punishment for those involved, up to and including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? Highly doubtful, as they are clearly above the law.

  5. Jeanette Kelley

    We Americans are slowly, but systematically loosing our
    Liberties and Freedoms everyday in this Once Great
    Nation of ours!

    We elected a Non Politician/Billionaire who Truly Loves
    this country and wanted to help the average American.
    President Trump spoke to us all on where this Nation was
    heading and what we were loosing everyday.

    Do any of us really believe any of this people will ever
    be held to account for the Evil , Lies that was done against
    a Great Patriot Like General Flynn? They feared him, as
    they do our President.

    Our Founding Fathers all warned against a radical
    Government out of control! The majority of people serving
    in our Government are self serving, LIAR’s , socialist,
    and some communist Pigs who want to take away all our
    rights including a Free Election,

    They want full control , and will STOP AT NOTHING to
    get it.

    If they can do this to Good Men like General Flynn & our
    Duly Elected President Trump, they can do this to all of us
    as well!

    Wake Up America, before it’s too late!

  6. Mike

    Joe-Now we all know you are not the brightest guy (you are known as the mathematician around my house for your inability to figure correctly the rate of death from the Coronavirus, arguing with a reader that the death rate was 2% rather than the 4% he stated in his comments -he was right…). However to argue that the FBI has no reason to question Flynn is ludicrous. He was caught on a wiretap discussing sanctions that the President had just placed on Russia, telling them not to react to those, because the incoming leader would do something about it. So obviously the FBI had the right to question him. So then Flynn lied to them and pled guilty to that charge, so we all know he did in fact lie. The Barr decision is nothing short of a travesty of justice, but we have come to expect this kind of corruption from the trump regime…

    • Joe Gilbertson

      A, Why was he wiretapped in the first place? Show me the warrant.
      B. He was the incoming national security advisor, he had every right and responsibility to discuss policy with the Russians.
      C. He pleaded guilty to the charges because they were threatening to go after his son.
      D. Glad to know I’m a household name…

  7. Mike

    Joe, Are you really so unaware of how the intelligence agencies in our country work that you question why the FBI was listening in on the conversation? They were not listening to Flynn, they were listening to the Russian ambassador, and Flynn happened to be on the other end of the line. He pled guilty because he was guilty and was trying to save his neck (and his sons too, that’s how plea agreements work). Wake Up, this was a travesty of justice and you obviously don’t have the knowledge to provide commentary on the subject…

  8. Joe S Bruder

    This is your second article where you’ve declared Flynn innocent and implied that he’s a free man. Judge Emmet Sullivan has the last word. This is the judge who said some pretty harsh words about treason back when Flynn was getting sentenced. Meanwhile, almost 2000 former DOJ officals are calling for Barr to resign for letting Trump interfere in the judiciary.

    Reports say that Interim U.S. Attorney Tim Shea is the one who filed the motion to drop the Flynn case. But it appears none of the Assistant U.S. Attorneys in Shea’s office were willing to go along with it, because that signature line was left blank. Worse, because Shea only has interim status, he can’t actually file anything with the court – and with none of his Assistant Attorneys willing to get involved, it turns out Shea used his predecessor’s bar number on the document. That will certainly be a red flag to Judge Sullivan, assuming Shea doesn’t get disbarred or imprisoned for it.

    On top of that, the statute of limitations on Flynn’s crimes runs out in 2022. They can be refiled at any time. Dropping charges is not the same as acquittal (ad Flynn’s guilty plea is already on record). He’ll have this hanging over his head at least until Trump is booted out of office in November (assuming Trump and Pence don’t die of COVID-19 first – Pelosi will certainly clean house then!)

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Flynn was blackmailed into pleading guilty by the FBI who threatened to go after his son. Flynn did nothing illegal.

      I think all of your comments on the inner workings are mere supposition. I’m not buying it and I’m way to lazy to check your facts.

      Trump will win in November without any problem at all. Biden is senile, everyone is starting to see it. Not to mention corrupt and a sexual predator.

      • Joe S Bruder

        Obviously, you’re too lazy to check any facts, or you wouldn’t be a Trump supporter. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, but he’s the cult leader, so you don’t question anything. You shouldn’t be writing articles either.

        Ten years from now, you’re going to be saying “what was I thinking?”, or you’ll still be making excuses for Trump’s failures.