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GA Salesman Confesses to Selling Illegal CRT Lessons 

GA Salesman Confesses to Selling Illegal CRT Lessons 

Liberal activists are likely engaged in secretly violating Georgia’s laws against teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT), and one of them was busted bragging about it. 

Last year, Georgia passed a law that restricts the racist rhetoric taught in the CRT developed and promoted by liberals. CRT in effect, has been used to teach anti-white hatred and has been marked a “divisive concept” in Georgia’s law.

While this measure was passed to stop liberals from poisoning children’s minds with racial hatred, liberals have stuck to their agenda and have now been exposed by the investigative reporting group Project Veritas.

Project Veritas secretly recorded educational plans salesman Dr. Quintin Bostic bragging about selling CRT material in Georgia in violation of state law.

The video was posted to Twitter on Tuesday, January 17, showing Dr. Bostic admitting his illegal sale of CRT lesson plans. He is seen expressing contempt for Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp, calling him an “idiot”:

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe revealed that Bostic’s teaching license was revoked in 2017. However, Bostic is seen in the video telling that he still teaches in schools, though his license is gone. He added:

“If you don’t say the word ‘critical race theory’, you can teach it…”

As conservatives started sharing the Project Veritas video exposing the illegal activity of Dr. Bostic, he quickly locked down his account to block people from viewing his posts.

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo shared some screenshots from Bostic’s Twitter profile taken before he made his account private.

Teaching Lab, the non-profit where Bostic reportedly was a director, responded to the Project Veritas video by posting a statement on Twitter whereby the organization tried to distance itself from Bostic while slamming roject Veritas. It denied selling curriculum or operating in Georgia and claims that the views shown in the video are solely of Bostic.

In a follow-up video, posted on January 19, Project Veritas showed Bostic throwing Teaching Lab under the bus by calling it a “for-profit” entity pretending to be a “non-profit.”

In an earlier post, James O’Keefe showed an updated statement by Teaching Lab saying that Bostic has been placed on “administrative leave” pending further review.

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  1. Frank stetson

    My goodness, the dumpster is such a poor journalist. Fire him joe, he’s bringing you down.

    Took me longer to write this than it did to prove that the dumpster is an idiot.

    First, based on one many actions, he concludes that liberal activists are running all over Georgia, breaking the law by selling CRT.

    Apparently, he didn’t realize that this salesman went to the Santos Sales Academy.

    Both Georgia schools, as flagged by the incredible project dis-veritas, have testified that they did not buy anything from this man.

    End of story. .Five minutes to disprove.

    • Joan Perkins

      This crein needs to be stripped of his citizenship in America & deported to a Communist country. I’m sure they’d be glad to take our trash. And we don’t need to waste our resoures on a trial.

      • frank stetson

        come on joan, it was just a shoddy piece of journalism, not treason.

    • Tom

      I agree Frank. Notice the use of quotes: See “”

    • Tom

      I agree Frank. IT only took two minutes to google “Did Cobb county and Fulton County buy CRT materials”? First article was a release from those counties claiming they have no record of purchasing anything from him. “”

    • RJ O'Guillory

      …How much did The Learning lab pay you for those comments?