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Freedoms we lost this year

Freedoms we lost this year

1. Freedom of Religion.
A New York court threatened to criminally prosecute its clerks if they refused to personally issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. New Jersey took away the tax-exempt status of a church because they wouldn’t host a same-sex wedding. Chicago and Boston tried to stop Chic-fil-a from opening restaurants because the owner believes in the biblical definition of marriage- even though Chic-fil-a welcomes LGBT customers and accepts LGBT employees. At a high school graduation ceremony in Texas, a judge announced that he would jail anyone, student, parent, or teacher, who prayed. You don’t have to be a Christian or against gay marriage to see the faults here. In the U.S.A. no one should be jailed or harmed by a government agency for expressing their faith in a way that does not interfere with someone else’s freedoms.
2. Freedom of Speech.
Senator Markey of Massachusetts introduced a bill that would create a new government agency. This agency’s function would be to read, watch, and listen to, everything they can looking for ‘hate speech.’ Seattle banned use of the word ‘citizen’ in official documents and discussion because it might offend illegal aliens. Tea Partiers in Texas were banned from protesting non-violently on the side of a bridge. The FBI attacked a group of peaceful protesters in NYC by launching canister missiles at them, dragging them out of their tents while they slept, and shooting them with rubber bullets at point-blank range. A Tennessee state official warned residents at a town hall meeting that if anyone complains about the tap water, it will be considered an act of terrorism. Under new laws, anyone participating in civil disobedience or speaking out against the president could be labeled a terrorist and treated as such. You have to watch what you say nowadays- even if you didn’t break any laws, you can be held indefinitely.
3. Privacy Rights: Protection from Unreasonable Search and Seizure
All a law enforcement officer has to do is cry ‘terrorism!’ and he can do anything he wants to you. He can kick down your door at 2am and shoot your dog, you, and your sleeping wife. If you use Medicaid or work in the public sector, you’ve already had a doctor demanding to know if you keep firearms in the house- and law enforcement can get that information. If you’re on this site, you’re probably a conservative and there’s a reasonable chance that the feds are already watching your every move online- which they don’t need a warrant for. Edward Snowden revealed that we’re all being spied on, and we still are. No-knock warrants are on the rise, and they can be issued for a variety of insane, arbitrary, reasons.
Do you ever get Mustard or purple Kool-Aid on your shirt? Are you young? Have you ever changed your mind about what kind of movies or music you want to listen to? Have you ever held a protest sign? Have you ever cut ties with a crazy uncle or backstabbing friend?
These are all real things that have gotten people labeled terrorists. If you want to stay out of Guantanamo, carry a bleach wipe and become at least middle aged immediately.
Clearly, none of these laws are being used to protect us. They’re being used to discriminate against dissenters. These are Obama’s tools to stomp out and silence Christians and conservatives. Our freedoms are slowly disappearing before our eyes.

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