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Freedom Doesn’t Mean Free Stuff, but Democrats Don’t Want You To Know That

Freedom Doesn’t Mean Free Stuff, but Democrats Don’t Want You To Know That

It’s the classic definition of populism, not to mention socialism and economic irresponsibility. Promise something for nothing, get elected, and either don’t deliver on your promises, or worse, you do deliver, and bankrupt the institutions involved.

And since it’s a such a diversified electorate, you have to promise something free to everyone. A senior citizen’s concern isn’t the same as a college graduate burdened with student debt. An African-American who wants slavery reparations doesn’t care about the rights of product liability victims in court. Which brings us to the definition of “populism.”

The left has hijacked the word to negatively describe Trump, but in my book and historically, populism is always associated with free stuff, with the “They’re to blame so let’s take stuff from them and give it to you” way of thinking. Che, Fidel, Chavez, Mao, Lenin…it’s a long list, but it sure doesn’t include pols on the right who advocate personal responsibility, opportunity, and freedom.

Dems think that just because Trump is so popular (and he isn’t really anyway, is he?), he can be labeled a populist. The left is just looking for any insult to hurl at him, no matter how invalid.

When it comes to spending, the Dems are promising free health care for all. Now, unless the DNC is hiding an Army of unqualified Cuban slave doctors in the mountains surrounding San Francisco, I don’t know how they’re going to pull this off. Yes, they might find a few American doctors willing to work for $20 a month like their Cuban counterparts, but otherwise, it’s going to cost some real bucks.

Bernie Sanders claims that if Norway can do it, we can do it too. Doesn’t Bernie know that there are just over 5 million people in all of Norway, and that their tax rate is almost half of their total GDP!?  Plus, Norway doesn’t have to deal with the little problem of tens of millions of non-tax-paying illegals…many who receive forms of public assistance that add up to a lot of debt…nor does Norway have to support a real military, and support freedom around the globe, like the U.S. does.

America isn’t Norway, Bernie, so get this stupid idea out of your head. And try to remember that Norway has been moving to the right (2013 elections anyone?), trying to move away from their welfare state mentality.  The money has to come from somewhere, and it just isn’t there. Pardon me for not taking your word that we can provide free health care for everyone without a financial apocalypse.

The next freebie that Dems love to love is amnesty for student debt, and I suppose a substantial number of recently graduated young Republicans (are there any left?) love it too. But let’s get serious and stop singing Money For Nothing. Although crushing student loan debt is certainly a huge problem, you can’t just say, “Okay, forget it! Don’t pay! We were just kidding!” There’s a sensible financial solution to helping these young people just starting out in life, some sort of debt relief or repayment modification, but don’t expect the Democrats to think of it.

Then they want free college for everyone, another real winner, when much of our primary public education system can’t even graduate a respectable percentage of students, nor produce true quality graduates. Just ask any recent graduate any question about World War II, the easier the better. If their answers don’t aim you to favoring private charter schools and school choice, nothing will. Don’t be too shocked when most of them tell you that we fought England during that war. They’ll also say that in the War of 1812, we fought Canada.

A comedian once commented that his high school guidance counselor told him, while discussing his plans for after graduation, “Barry, education isn’t for everyone,” insinuating that Barry wouldn’t benefit very much from a college education. Although the joke didn’t take into account the benefits of vocational or technical training (it was just a joke, after all), the meaning isn’t lost. College for everyone is just stupid, and if the Democrats pushed for free alternate/vocational training for those that can’t afford it, they might have a winning issue.

Their problem in the political context is a lot of these programs already exist, and almost free college education also exists in many places via community, city, and even some state colleges, with available grants and admission adjustments based on family income and race. (Don’t quote me, but nowadays, I wouldn’t doubt that Howard University has some kind of minority admission program for Caucasians.)

The latest nuttiness is Dem hopeful Kamala Harris’s plan to spend $100 billion in housing assistance for blacks, to be used for down payments to boost black home ownership. $25,000 would go to each of 4,000,000 new homeowners who can’t afford to buy a home right now. The program would be handled by HUD, which as we all know has done a simply spectacular job in the past! (Once HUD gets past providing dangerous mobile homes for homeless hurricane victims, dangerous chemical vapors and such, they’re totally lost.)

In the true spirit of free stuff for everyone, she made the announcement for her plan while appearing at Essence’s Global Black Economic Forum. (You gotta play to the crowd, right?) However, I’m sure there were many in that audience who viewed the idea with great suspicion, since they didn’t forget the sub-prime mortgage crisis which resulted in a banking crisis and hopeful new homeowners being thrown out of their homes in the end:

If you can’t afford the mortgage payments and other expenses involved in home ownership, you simply can’t afford it, and it doesn’t make any sense to give the keys to someone to a home they can’t keep for very long because of their income and changing economic conditions.

I think a lot of Americans, even Dems, are wise to pie-in-the-sky promises of something for nothing, and simply laugh them off as campaign stunts, and a joke.

A “Hee Haw!” kind of joke, as the Democrat Donkey represents by its very nature.

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  1. TexRancher

    Two questions Socialist/Democrats FEAR! How much and who’s going to pay for it?

  2. Gus maestrales

    Looks to me like you hit it right on the nose I don’t know where they expect to get all this money how do you promise to pay with money that doesn’t exist and I say to Kamala Harris and all that gang ask them how many of the illegal immigrants they’re willing to take in their house and support them I think should be a minimum of five illegal immigrants to each one of them Democrats and we’ll see how long They want to keep them.
    One statement and question I would like to throw at you is we have to be 65 years old too Receive free healthcare which as Americans we worked a whole life for and also we have to be 62 years old to receive Social Security that’s determined by how much you made in your lifetime so where does that fit into any of these illegal immigrants I don’t see any 65-year-olds in that game in the detention centers and I don’t see any 62-year-olds in there so where do they have the right to get benefits that we have to work so long to work and actually become old to obtain them

    • Doug M Connors

      Gus, Democrats believe in voter fraud and all they want is total power over people! Democrats learned from the very best President Lyndon Baines Johnson on how to “cone the public”. Johnson told Dr, Martin Luther King and the NAACP that he would make sure the Black Community, got Welfare, Medicaid, Housing, and Food Stamps along with the Civil rights bill. But guess what, hidden from you is that more Republican voted for the Civil Rights Bill than the Democrats! Guess what the Democrats took credit for this Bill passing? THE RACIST DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT MADE A STATEMENT * I Will have those Ni__ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years, thus enslaving them ever since! Democrats think they can buy your votes, the Black Racist Al Sharpton has become a Multi-Millionaire from Democrats donating to the NAACP for Al Telling Blacks to vote only Democrat??? Really, empty promises, lies, even the Black Politicians will lie to their own people like Elijah Cummings to stay in Power! Now ever since the Democrat Politicians still are tossing out free this that and the other and once they are in Office they quickly forget those empty promises, or they pass Bills blindly like they did the ACA, which Nancy Pelosi did lets for the ACA “because Obama told us to for its a Democrat Bill” then we will have time to read what’s in this bill! (3,,300 pages) Obama made everyone think it’s free or cheap and very affordable, and if you like your health care Policy then you can keep them! *Biggest Lie ever* This ACA had octopus tenicles that reached into Churches, small business telling them if they worked anyone over 15 hours then the employer had to provide them health care plans, then the ACA called all Employer Based Health Care *Cadillac Plans* and if the employer continued to offer those plans then the Companies would be fined for each employee who received a good health Care Plan, for being a loyal employee! Companies had to drop the Good Plans that the Middle Class employee eared for being a loyal worker!! Why the Gruber and Obama thought those Companies would pay those fines and generate money for the Corruption! Then Senator Harry Reid read the Cadillac Clause and found they to would lose their Government paid for Cadillac Plans, Then Nancy Pelosi joined forces with Harry and pressured (Obama to give the *Democrat Controlled Congress a exemption* from OBAMACARE) and he did as a reward for voting the ACA into LAW which broke the 28th Amendment!! Now the Democrats want to ***Give free Health Care*** like Medicare for all which would be another disaster brought about by the Democrats! When the Democrat Party, now wants to grant all Illegals instant voting rights, Instant Welfare, Instant Free Housing, Food Stamps, Free College, and Government Grants for Free money to start a business ahead of Blacks and Whites who worked at poverty wages. Just who is going to keep paying for over 12 Million Illegals here unlawfully and the Democrats want more to pore into our Country. Seems that the Democrat Party has been corrupted by George Soros’s *Open Borders Society* to get free Campaign Money? Wasn’t many years ago when all Democrats sided with OBAMA with deportation of Illegals! Wake people the Democrats are playing the Bait and Switch Game!

  3. Philip Simon

    Now that Eric Swallwel is out, Steyer is now the Billion dollar Jew is in, when will Mike the Billion dollar Jew will follow, De Blasio and Nessamm at 0 &, drop out and Bold and Tom will be playing musical candidates.

  4. Shuttle Guy

    Now Harris is making another moronic promise that if elected ALL black people will get free houses/housing. How is that NOT DISCRIMINATION!!!? If Joe Biden comes out and say “Free Housing For White People” you can bet what would happen!

    • Lilith Wept

      Oh it you see we are supposed to give reparations to black people and forever feel guilty and grovel to black people because SOME of our ancestors has slaves.

  5. Gail

    Well when you by pass the legal Americans who have the right to vote and seek your votes on the border from those who have no rights . And especially the right to vote in our elections.
    The truth is staring all of us in the face . The illegals are our replacements .Propagandized lazy Americans refuse to use their brains .
    Everyday the democrats destroy the rights of legal Americans . And yet they still get votes . Why?
    Are we that far gone that we can’t see they don’t and never work for us ? . While they sit in our houses . Giving away everything to people who are too lazy to work for their own countries . If everybody sits on their behind their is nothing left but the gas chambers . Too many people to feed and no food .
    Don’t say it can’t happen .Its already been done and is happening all over the world as we speak . As those of us who do love be our freedoms know . Everything comes with a price . And the very freedoms we enjoy came with the cost of our forefathers blood ! Nothing is ever free !!!!!!!!!

  6. ralph

    I took my bb gun outside to kill all those bad lizards. I went back in 1 hour and it was still in the same place it had not killed a one.nogun noknife no bomb kills, unless someone picks it uip.