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France and Germany Lead the Charge to Build United EU Army

France and Germany Lead the Charge to Build United EU Army

The European Union (EU) is making plans to build a united army after the Franch President Emmanuel Macron made the call last November to start creating the defense system.

“Europe’s army is already taking shape,” wrote Ursula von der Leyen, Germany’s defense minister for Handelsblatt. “Germany and France are the driving forces in defense.”

The army coined the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) has 25 armies that have agreed to join the united force.

European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker pushed for the United defense force in 2017 and set a goal of having the army fully functional by 2025.

“Jean-Claude Juncker already said that a common European army would show the world that there would never again be war in Europe,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel last year. “The times when we could rely on others are over. This means nothing less than for us Europeans to take our destiny in our own hands if we want to survive as a Union.”

Late last year, Macron said that the EU needed a “real European army” as a precaution to defend itself from threats from China, Russia, and even the U.S.

Germany’s Von der Leyen said that the countries decided to join “not because we’re following requirements from Brussels but voluntarily because the benefits are obvious and because it’s in Europe’s security interests”.

She also said that this shared objective, which is part of the recent Elysèe Treaty, has made the partnership between France and Germany closer.

“We’re moving even further ahead with our close partner France,” said von der Leyen.

This also appears to be a move to convey strength in the wake of Britain making official moves to exit the EU.

“We are making good progress. Despite Brexit, and the controversial debates us Europeans have among ourselves, Europe remains a unique creation, uniting half a billion citizens in the name of freedom and prosperity,” said Von der Leyen.

Brexit supporters often pointed to the EU army as a “dangerous fantasy” and expensive venture that Britain would be forced to support.

Many also argue that it’s impossible to have so many separate nations, even if they are allies, agree on matters in times of war.

“Norway and Greece might have different ideas of what’s an issue worth fighting for. If it’s a non-political body like the EU civil service, then there will be complaints that unelected bureaucrats are making decisions about war and peace. If a European army ends up being mainly France and Germany, then how European is it?” writes The National Interest. 

Not to mention, how will it be funded? Only 4 out of the 29 NATO members met the stipulation that 2 percent of their GDP spending be on defense. Also, NATO’s budget is funded 70 percent by the U.S.

Author’s note: This is a good idea in theory except that the EU isn’t like the U.S. and made of states. It’s made of countries with different customs, policies, etc. This makes it complicated to build a completely united force. So could it just be a front to appear powerful to Russia and China?

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  1. Yadja

    Good that means you won’t need us when you get attacked by your Muslims.

    • Bud Grounds

      Agree. It seems the countries in Europe with a few exceptions are following the same path as they did with Hitler in trusting the Muslims will not be a problem. Germany and France already have a big problem with this Muslim invasion but in being fair this was caused by their New World Order experiment, the European Economic Union who directed the influx of all these Muslim immigrants. Also know, the person pushing the New World Order is none other than George Soros who has destroyed the economy or influenced what takes place in some of those countries in Europe. Merkel has made a mess of Germany and she is one already not paying a fair share in NATO and she is leading the charge for a Unified European Force? Time for them to take their heads out of the sand and wake up to what is going on in Europe which will be a disaster if left unchecked.

  2. Richard Cunningham

    Lets see now. Germany lost two wars during the 20’th Century that they started. Also, during the 20’th Century France couldn’t even defend itself against that loser. So those two countries are starting their own private army? I’ve heard it said that in France’s military academy has a class in raising the white flag. The entire world must be shaking in it’s boots that two such powerful nations are creating an army.

  3. Russell Bateman

    It strikes me as doubtful that soldiers from any given country would follow with complete and enthusiastic allegiance commanders from another. Even in WWII when the biggest elephant in the room was a much hated enemy, there was chaffing between allies (Brits following Eisenhower, Yanks following Montgomery). The East will see through any attempt by Europe merely to appear strong and unified. This should be interesting.

    • Ernest Lane

      Then why would they give “complete and enthusiastic allegiance” to a US commander? We should leave NATO and leave continental defense to them. We can still form individual alliances that our in _our_ national interest. I would maintain that our coming to the defense of Germany and a few others, under Russian attack, _is_ in our interest. Coming to the defense of Slovenia is not. Heck, I bet most people don’t even know where it is.

  4. Mickey Oberman

    ” France and Germany Lead the Charge to Build United EU Army ”

    knowing full well that they are much too late to save their own countries from becoming Islamic Satraps under the Sharia laws and rule of Allah and Muhammed and the evil Koran all of which they welcomed with open arms.

  5. Abbey

    Really!, guess they will be sending troops back and forth to each other as they will likely be needing it the most, as they’ve somehow manage to flood their entire countries with rag heads.
    Never mind the East. They have massive problems already.
    This is just a front to appease the people, but guess what, never going to work.

  6. Ernest Lane

    Do it. I’m a retired Army officer and would like to see NATO die, or at least for us to pull out. Anything that matters is done bilaterally (or ad hoc multilaterally) anyway.

  7. William Thompson

    It has been the plan from the outset to form the “United States” of Europe under the German and France axis from the birth of the EU in 2000 to be in counterbalance against the United States of America.
    I wonder if a war happened over there .I mean a real war ,not the one being fought caused by the open borders under the EU and being won by what used to be called “fifth columnists” and now illegals/terrorists from everywhere .
    NATO and particularly the UN have outlived their usefulness ions ago and are now just “talking shops”
    How many members have not honoured their signed commitment to spend 2% of their GDP (with no intention of doing so also) on defence.?
    The downfall of Western Europe is well underway commencing with 2000 and Jacques Delors ,Angela Merkel and Co can take the credit.
    All the sacrifices of the WWII generation to preserve our freedom and values have been squandered by today’s self serving spineless politicians who’ve never served ,and it continues every day.
    The majority of the WWII generation must be spinning in their graves .
    Freedom isn’t appreciated until its lost ….