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France and Belgium Turn on Israel and Support ICC Charges of War Crimes

France and Belgium Turn on Israel and Support ICC Charges of War Crimes

In a shocking move, one-time allies of Israel, France, and Belgium have turned their back on the Jewish State by supporting the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) charges of War Crimes against Benjamin Netanyahu and his Defense Minister.

The U.S. has strongly rebuked the ICC’s charges that equates Israel’s actions since the October 7 attacks in defending itself, with the horrific perpetrators of the attacks – Hamas. The ICC has issued warrants for the two top Israeli officials as well as three Hamas leaders — Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Deif, and Ismail Haniyeh on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Gaza Strip and Israel.

Although Netanyahu and Gallant do not face imminent arrest, the announcement was a symbolic blow that deepens Israel’s isolation over the war in Gaza. Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz headed to France in response.

Israel launched its war in Gaza after Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack, in which militants stormed into southern Israel, killed about 1,200 people — mostly civilians — and abducted about 250. Since then, several of the remaining hostages have been killed, and there have been reports and proof of torture, rape, and sexual abuse of those still being held in mostly unknown locations by Hamas and other terrorist affiliates.  

Benjamin Netanyahu has angrily condemned the International Criminal Court’s prosecutor for seeking arrest warrants for him alongside Hamas’s leaders over alleged war crimes in the Gaza conflict. Netanyahu said he rejected with disgust that “democratic Israel” had been compared with what he called “mass murderers.”

Netanyahu’s comments have been echoed by U.S. President Joe Biden, who said there was “no equivalence between Israel and Hamas.”

 “It’s clear Israel wants to do all it can to ensure civilian protection,” Mr Biden added.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken echoed the president’s condemnation, saying Washington “fundamentally rejects” the move. “It is shameful,” he said. “[The] ICC has no jurisdiction over this matter.”

Blinken also suggested the request for arrest warrants would jeopardize ongoing efforts to reach a ceasefire deal.

The chief ICC prosecutor, Karim Khan, said there were reasonable grounds to believe that Netanyahu and his Defense Minister Yoav Gallant bore criminal responsibility for alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza. Gallant described the ICC’s arrest warrants against him and the prime minister as a “disgraceful” attempt to interfere in the war.

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  1. Harry

    If I were France and Belgium , i would be wary of suicide bombers.

  2. Frank stetson

    “Israel…. turned its back on the Jewish state.” Neat trick. English as a second language Bill? Try rules for conjunctions. And I jnow: pot/kettle. .

    • Tom

      Maybe he needs a lesson on use of commas, semi-colons, etc. The sentence the way it is written begs and screams, “Please restructure me!”

  3. John Beery

    Looks like the USA is not the only one infiltrated by liberals who appease the terrorists.

  4. carey Marshall

    When Israel was attacked in 1968, the world thought that it should give back the land that had been taken when THEY won the war. In a compromise to please allies who at best seem to be questionable allies since they didn’t keep In mind that ISRAEL WAS ATTACKED! So you have someone come into your home, attack you and take over half of your home, you are supposed to give them a quarter of it back after you get them out as a compromise to plea another friend? How does that make any sense at all? In reality, Israel should not have had to give up any land after it was won in a hard fought battle and after they were attacked. The same is true now. Israel was attacked, those who have claimed to be their friends are willing to believe this war crimes nonsense because Israel is fighting a battle and winning? That makes no sense. Gaza is part of Israel, and they have a right to clean it up and defend it. Hamas is a terrorist organization and is not even concerned when they kill civilians, babies and little children. They are criminals and you cannot give an ince to they will take a mile. Make no mistake, if you are not careful, Hamas will consider you next on their agenda. You are not immune. Add to all of that, several times, God says, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.” Personally, It makes sense to support Israel on that basis alone!

  5. frank stetson

    Oh, I think his colons are very, very well taught.

    • Archie

      Did you shower with your daughter today?

  6. frank stetson

    Archnoballs. I do not have a daughter. Do you?

    What does that have to do with the article or my statements of fact, of which this was not one?

    I think you get off on personal attacks and don’t have the mental capacity to dispute anything I say. You are just uneducated and incompetent to do anything beyond third-grade gibberish.


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