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Fox News Owner Called Zelenskyy Before Tucker’s Departure

Fox News Owner Called Zelenskyy Before Tucker’s Departure

Was it his criticism of the Biden administration’s unchecked aid for Ukraine that got Tucker Carlson in trouble at Fox News? New reports of private communication between Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch and Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.  

As reported on Semafor on Sunday (April 30), Murdoch had a “previously unreported call” with Zelenskyy weeks before Tucker Carlson and Fox parted ways.

The story wrote that Ukrainian officials were not happy with Carlson’s coverage of the Ukraine war. Still, one of the Ukrainian sources claimed that Carlson was not brought up in the call with either Murdoch or his son Lachlan that was made the month before.

Senior Ukrainian officials had made their objections to Carlson’s coverage known to Fox executives. Still, Zelenskyy did not raise it on the calls with the Murdochs, according to one person familiar with the details of the calls. 

In February this year, two months before he parted ways with Fox News, Carlson questioned the Biden administration’s policy of putting Ukraine and “Zelenskyy’s political party” before Americans.

On his show “Redacted,” Former Fox News journalist Clayton Morris also pointed to Carlson’s anti-war stance concerning his departure from the channel. Morris played a clip from his interview with Carlson that shows Carlson telling how he received a text from one of the top people at his workplace and expressed disagreement with his commentary on Ukraine.

“If I really get fired for it, I’m not goanna change,” he said before sharing the story of the text from the unnamed person at Fox.

A few days before his last show on Fox News in April, Carlson not only questioned the operation of multiple US-funded bio labs in Ukraine but questioned the existence of “sensitive nuclear technology” present at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, which is now under Russian control.

He commented that no one in the media will be asking the question of what kind of sensitive nuclear technology America has at the plant now under Russian control.

Very few media sources reported on the revelation of American nuclear technology operating at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant. Neither Fox nor Carlson himself has expressly stated yet why the two parted ways and whether he was fired though most media stories have cited various sources claiming that he was fired for one or more reasons.

The Guardian reported the very day that Carlson’s exit from Fox made news that he was fired on the orders of company chairman Rupert Murdoch over a discrimination lawsuit filed by a former producer.

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  1. Frank stetson

    Another word Sandwich, full of garbage and conjecture. Not even worth a read.

    No matter what liberal media, conservative, media, or dumbshits like the dumpster say, there is only one truth about why Tucker Carlson was fired. Rupert Murdoch. Holy he and his clues confidence know the answer, and they are not talking.

    Until they do, everything said his bullshit.

    And dumpsters are full of shit.

  2. Tom

    To much back and forth conjecture with articles as to whether Tuckster was mentioned on the phone call or not. Way to much guessing in this article to bother much with it. The only thread through all of the articles that seems to be true is Tuckster was very opinionated and not all of his opinions agreed with the management’s opinion. Oh, and there seems to be a few lawsuits against him and FOX that will take place this year. All else is cheese curds.

  3. Darren

    Frank & Tom you really need to get your own show like the view so I can turn it off.
    It would be the male version, that is if in your political world if you both identify like men.
    If you have nothing to say, do not say anything.
    So since it is word salad, what you can answer for me, is what is the Nuclear secret technology the news woman
    on CNN in London was reporting on?

    If you know what she was talking about please explain to me so we can all be illuminated.
    Obviously Tucker does not know, I do not know, do you know of the secret nuclear technology?
    This is the Biden administration telling Ukraine something that CNN is reporting?