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FOX News Cowed … But Unscathed by $780 million Settlement

FOX News Cowed … But Unscathed by $780 million Settlement

The lawsuit by Dominion against FOX News has been settled for $780 million. 

As part of the settlement, FOX had to admit that some of their top talents were saying things on air that they privately said was untrue about the outcome of the 2020 presidential election – and more specifically, for claiming that the Dominion voting machines were responsible for millions of votes to be miscounted.

Dominion attorneys said that FOX was forced to admit that they had maliciously lied.  FOX only admitted that some of the statements made were untrue.  It is a distinction without a difference.

The settlement was another blow to President Trump’s unrequited claim that the election was stolen by massive vote fraud.  The FOX case is just another in a series of election fraud claims that failed to be supported in recounts and court actions.  

Even Trump’s own Attorney General William Barr said he had told Trump that the claims were “bullshit.”  Those are simply the facts – no matter what an individual may personally believe about the 2020 election.

The closure of the case against FOX seems to have two negative outcomes for the news outlet owned by media mogul Rupert Murdock.  It is a huge embarrassment – and gives critics of the network an opportunity for some we-told-you-so public chest-pounding.

Neither of those outcomes, however, presents an existential threat to FOX.  While $780 million is a lot of money, FOX – by far the number one cable news network – can make that payment without any need to cut expenses.

More importantly, how will all the revelations about FOX’s top hosts — saying one thing on the telly while privately saying the opposite in text messages and emails about the election outcome and about Trump himself – impact on the public? 

Early indications suggest that the outcome of the case will have little impact on the network’s number-one rating among cable news outlets.  Even after months of negative publicity in the media, FOX’s dominance of cable news seems as secure as ever.  It does not appear that any of the personalities involved will be losing their jobs – or their ratings. 

Tucker Carlson – who was an unwavering on-air supporter of Trump – referred to the former President as a “demon” in private communications. Even after all that, Carlson conducted a one-on-one friendly interview with Trump.

In the most current ratings, FOX’s audience is still larger than both CNN and MSNBC combined.  FOX has all twelve of the top dozen cable news programs – with Tucker Carlson and The Five alternately vying for the top spot.  Gutfeld! – FOX’s nighttime comedy news talk show — is number one among what is referred to as the “nighttime comedians” on the major broadcast networks.

It may take more time to see the full impact of the Dominion lawsuit – and the similar Smartmatic lawsuit in the wings – to know if all the bad publicity will have any impact on viewership.  As of now, it appears the answer is “no.”

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. frank stetson

    If only you waited a few minutes…..

    Tucker gone,
    Bongino gone,

    just to keep Larry from crying CNN squeezed the Lemon out.

    Unscathed? There is no way $780M leaves you totally unscathed. And now they lost Tucker. As to viewership, you are probably right, I actually hope so since FAUX is Queen of the Pigs in conservative news.

    What is “scathed” is lying. We see more and more of them going down every day and it’s a long time coming. Jones, Fox, Tucker, Bongino, Lemon —- off with their hot-heads Keep it up American, let’s take them all down and we all know who is on first. NTW Joe, it will take a long time to trickle down to you :>)

    Rumor has it Marjorie Taylor Greene, the construction queen, will take Tucker’s place. Apparently, she already has the wardrobe

    • larry Horist

      Frank Stetson … Why do you find it necessary to deceive? I know you cannot control you desire to criticize, but why the misrepresentation … essentially lies? You have created a fictional Larry Horist and give him traits and opinions that are … lies. You imply that I would be sad over the firing of Carlson, BUT … you stalk my writing enough to know that I have expressed my dislike for Carlson in numerous commentaries. You are lying. When it comes to me … or joe … or everything about PBP, you are just an effing liar. I enjoy and respect intellectual debate, but not with a person who creates lies as counterpoints. Four Pinocchios for you.

      • Frank stetson

        Wow, there’s a screed. Sorry Larry, I honestly do not remember reading your Tucker treatise. Perhaps you can link it.

        It was really just a tiny little joke, feel free to take it personally, though, while the little tight today are we?

        Pinocchio’s? How wapo of you 😄

  2. Frank stetson

    FOX stock looks scathed. Tuckers outing doesn’t help c

    Last Tucker words on Fox: “see you Monday,”. That’s never gonna get old.

    • Theodore

      What would be so much better would be if you finally said “Farewell forever” and mean it. You would most definitely not be missed.

      • Frank stetson

        See you tomorrow, mother Tucker 😁

  3. The Redhawk

    Fox has gone WOKE chicken chit like Disney !

    • Theodore

      Sad but true.

    • Frank stetson

      Disney made money, FAUX dropped 3/4 Billion for the pleasure.

      Let that be a lesson to you, kids, better get woke or
      be ready to drop a lot of money like fox.

      • larry Horist

        Frank Stetson … and how does that compare to the $6 billion Anheuser Busch lost in market value for going woke with their Bud Lite brand. “Go woke and go broke” may be a better slogan.

        • Mike f

          Larry, The issues with bud lite merely shows conservatives to be the real “snowflakes” in the country. AB should be commended for trying to reach everyone in the country. Instead conservatives are upset that a very attractive transgender female appeared in an ad. Totally disgusting (and so very narrow minded…). Hardly equates to faux finally removing a lying, bigoted POS from their programming lineup-who had only remained there over the years because he was saying what the narrow minded snowflakes wanted to hear. So there tis…

        • frank stetson

          Initial stock dive, has recovered. Why didn’t you check? Two execs on leave, time will tell if boycott works.

          I have already bought and sold on the debacle so thanks for the memory; I mad some mulla on this woke.

          I would bust you but on this one, it’s early and time will tell.

          AB is a global concern out of Belgium, the number one beverage company in the world; they might chip away, but global international sales will be unaffected as these US troglodytes now focus on Jack Daniels for a 2021 drag queen spot. Tootsie go home. Assholes. Generally, woke has been berry berry good business:

          As of today, your $6B is totally bogus and looks like you pulled it from your ass which sounds woke to me :>) The stock did suffer a dip and is, as of today, this minute, close to it’s YTD high. 1-year high too, but certainly not the 5-year high. BUD stock, look it up, use 1ytd graph to see the picture you obviously didn’t bother to look for.

          facts are your friend, my friend.

          Myself, with my Slovakian heritage favor the real Budweiser from the Budvar brewery and wish these bastards would quit trying to buy the Czech Republic; we don’t want your money, we like our beer and it’s name……ps: it will knock you on your ass. We have the town it was named for and we had it first.

          Speaking of Bud, I have a rip snorter when the Busch family still owned it, asked for a one-off development, and even though “works as designed,” the results were not only hilarious, but more so since it hit the Busch family directly. One of my favorite examples of: be careful what you ask for, but on so many levels. Forced me to go out there over and over for half a year. What a drag, I don’t drink much…..

          • frank stetson

            I should add Larry, that while you didn’t make the point in general, pursuing woke, pursuing lgbtq has financial risks as well as rewards.

        • Tom

          Good and truthful response Larry, you get a +1 on this one. I can believe they did that! More flag waving, God fearing, country living hard working rough playing people drink Bud Light than any other beer. And they gave up this huge demographic that they lead in for a shot at the tranny demographic that generally drinks Mint Juleps and Shirley Temples. Glad I do not own their stock, this would really piss me off!

          I agree, go woke go broke seems much better.

          Frank, I thought FOX lied about Dominion Voting Machines which was why they are out 780 million. How does this relate to woke?

          Disney: 96.61 USD -18.60 (-16.14%)
          past year How is this making money?

          • frank stetson

            One needs to check the stock history to be able to really know. In this case, by pure dumb luck, and I do mean dumb, I am history, I lived it :>( Disney stock was falling before DeSantis launched his anti-woke Disney Presidential PR stunt to prove he’s a big guy that can squash a mouse. As it fell, there were many explanations but DeSantis bru hah hah came a month or so later.

            Talk about shitting where you eat —– what would this mercurial mental midget do to American industry as President?

            If you are a faithful reader (and I only have one, me, the narcissist) you will remember that, expecting a recession or downturn, at the end of 2021, I divested most of my equities for fixed assets. Not to worry, I was still in the marker via mutuals, but cancelled out my own individual picks. And making 4% now on fixed, or better, which I call “bread n butter” money. And in these rocky economic times, I sleep well.
            Apparently the right thing, but a bit ahead of my time…. In the Spring of 2022, feeling covid was NOT in the air, but might return, I bought a couple of “covid is over” stocks; Disney had come off it’s 2021 high, was falling although not a free fall, so I went in, pretty big time. Everyone said no at the time, I am a bit of a contrarian on things at times.

            As you probably know, Disney is a unique stock in that it acts like growth with no dividends, but reacts like value, not the fastest mover. Usually I would avoid such stocks in lieu of dividend makers like VZ, but truth be known: I LOVE the product. (probably my first mistake to buy with the heart) I have giant mickey hands as art, my wife sleeps in a Mickey T where she is smaller than the mouse that wears (that may be a bit creepy at times :>), spend weeks at the park (before covid), picked the streaming up ASAP (best value in media), etc. I have met the best people at Disney, conservatives too, have slept at the top of the Dolphin (hospitality room, one of those four windows….they had screwed my res and full house, it was terrible), and can share many secrets of the parks, mostly learned from Floridians I befriended. Frankly, I have been shocked by the gay portrayals in the shows, but then I laugh and enjoy it because it’s so Disney and after all, it’s a small world. They make gay everyday and I say OK. TY once again Disney.

            I figured covid was over, here come the crowds, and boy was I wrong.

            However —- if you look at the stock, and I feel the pain, it started dropping in 1Q22 and has not come back. Reasons giver 1q22 were profits margins and streaming competition — too much, and covid. I can see where they are buying market with both low prices and a lot of new shows, a constant stream of shows but figure this will pay out in the future —- they have commanding market share already.

            I bought the stock on the fall in 1q22; DeSantis feud started shortly thereafter, but stock was already crushed by 1q22 results before DeSantis could take effect, it took awhile and since then has slowly clawed back some value. As I noted, it’s not a fast mover. In 2023 it has risen considerably with ups n downs, but generally up.

            It’s a good product; I still believe. But not enough to double down to potentially mitigate my current loss.

            Can’t tell, but “don’t say gay” is probably a give and take. Can’t see where it’s a winner or loser, just can’t see anything proving either at this point. For every un-woke troglodyte skipping the mouse for another theme park, there’s a Disney lover loving smaller lines and spreading the news. It is still a right of passage for many an American child and a retreat for old farts like us.

            We call living on the Disney campus “going into the bubble” where there is no violence, no crime, everyone smiles and says Hi. and — as Rosanne said once: for fun, you can drop a napkin to see how fast it gets scooped up and tossed out. My favorite spot is moderate price by Disney standards, and conveniently located near parking with lake view and close enough to easily walk to the bar but not close enough to be disturbed by the bar. And yes, at Disney, I have a few…. with fruit and umbrellas… It’s a magic kingdom and no where on Earth is like it.

            My investment is good, it will be fine, just will take longer than expected. DeSantis is a bug and we have seen few bugs when you are at Disney. (some gators though) I just don’t know how they do it. Disney has good management and product. They are unique because their business is a vision, and they live the vision. IMO — it’s a great way to live.

  4. Tom

    I agree with you Larry, good job on this one.

    I think as far as the FOX watching public is concerned there will be little change. What I see in my circle is that my friends and neighbors that watch FOX, and yesterday my dental hygienist, are: 1) Shocked at the Tucker eviction, 2: None said anything about the settlement and are just quietly watching FOX. I do think at some level they all feel a personal sense of embarrassment because the FOX settlement is an outward reminder of the lies they gulped down inwardly. And right now they are wrestling with it all. I doubt that any of them will leave FOX because they are moderate conservatives that seem to have no place to go. What seems to be the case is that FOX dominated the conservative news market so much, AND, most of the other stations are more left leaning with a ration (I sent this to Frank in previous post) of about 4 left leaning stations to every 1 right leaning stations. My Hygenist seemed to think Tucker will end up at NewsMax. Some think OneAmerica. The issue is that FOX was so dominant the stat bar charts show every other conservative outlet trailing far far behind by at least a factor of ten (Newsmax) or more. And the stats on their websites show the same picture.

    Frank brings up a good point about the stock. $40 in March of 2021down to $28.88 today, but in the last month, $30.50 down to $28.88. Since March of 2021 the stock has fallen 25% while in the past month the contribution to the overall fall since 2021 has only been 5.3% and it appears to be leveling off. So I think the loss of Tucker has affected the stock price some, but not nearly as much as the overall decline since March of 2021 which is four times greater a decline than this one month decline. So FOX stock has a problem, but its not just the loss of Tucker. Some of the problem is probably market receding. Today the stock price as I write these words of wit is $29.92, so it has recovered 3% or so. But FOX does appear to be settling in at a lower price. Maybe Frank can comment more on this?

    My bet, and this may be a dark horse but I think its possible, with CNN attempting to move more to the middle and break off politically moderate viewers from FOX, AND just having made room by canning Lemmon, this would be a great play for CNN to give Tucker his own hour show. Cast him independently to take critical looks at both campaign platforms and commentary. Tucker is the shot in the arm that CNN desperately needs. Your thoughts Larry? Frank, where do you think Tucker will land?

    • Tom

      Larry, based on the stock price today I would say yes, it is unscathed, or, if scathed, it was being whipped by a wet noodle.

      However, between FOX decision this month, and that judgement against Alex Jones a few months ago, just maybe some of the networks will get the message that they can and will be held accountable for their lies.

      • frank stetson

        And therein lies one of the beauties of civil cases without caps. Does not provide justice, but holds assholes accountable and sends a message to all.

        • Tom

          I agree Frank!

  5. AC

    When following the money may work until it doesn’t.
    Truth in the telling trumps money, eventually truth will out and consequences accounted for.
    Whatever FOX’s reasons on Monday were in its summarily booting Carlson of its programming it was long overdue. His arrogant posturing fortified by public ratings and ridiculous millions earned was a house of cards doomed for its unsustainablity. Tucker himself knew it was a shtick performance, pure showmanship, and a con directed at the gullible FOX audiences.
    Because his show received top ratings and earned FOX media standing with bragging rights the network’s other programs’ headliners manipulated for their and FOX’s financial benefit.
    Losing their defensive case with Dominion to the tune of 3/4 Billion USD is of real consequence for FOX. Not winning this suit brought on substantial grounds that question FOX’s ethics and business model in an industry where credibility is foundational.
    FOX management lost their way when profit became the primary perspective overtaking expected purpose
    as a member in the industry.
    FOX ran under a false flag with Carlson being its leading standard bearer. Now Carlson being takin out altogether assumably for reasons of inappropriate commentator behavior on camera and personal behavior off camera. Perhaps, hopefully so, other of Carlson’s former FOX cohorts will cleanup their acts and quit pandering to conspiracies of low intent.
    Program managers and script writers who left FOX on moral and professional responsibility grounds have come out saying negative assessments about corporate culture that pushes product development contrary with journalism’s standards. While generating more revenue even if sacrificed was morally responsible standard practice recognized as honest and forthright reporting news and non salacious unbiased opinion.commentary.
    Given that standard applies to all news networks and verdicts vary widely on individual network’s merit as news journalists. FOX has traveled far from its industry competitors with its ethical transgressions relative to news report responsibilities overshadowed by reporters’ rewriting of event details after corporate digested and bias opinion filtered for maximum impact on a specific audience. FOX’s target market and audience majority is well known. Corporation’s motives are plain and simple.
    Carlson fed into company strategy as hand into glove until that glove split at the seams. Again, as in at least two previous occasions in news media positions, Tuckers’ hand grew inappropriately larger than even the present glove would accommodate.
    On the other hand, say the globe was instead a hat. Tucker Carlsons head grew and grew wearing FOX’s hat. His head grew disproportionately to salary’s growth and his show’s rating’s rise over time. But, the time came that Tucker’s head grew outsized for the FOX hat. None the less he stuck the hat on top of his head and looked ridiculous with that hat.
    Corporate minions decided Tucker’s look would not do, it did not fit. Although, his sacking was way overdue, he had become a cash cow in FOX’s lineup and the corporation was just hit with 3/4 Billion Dollar legal liability. However, FOX chose cutting Carlson and forestalling probable future losses Tucker would cause.
    RIP Tucker Carlson, may you not darken media’s door evermore. Live off family inheritance and your ill gotten FOX gains and do no further harm.

  6. frank stetson

    He’s being asked by a Russian-owned network, they like him, Mikey, they like him….

    Guy got a ten minute heads-up; see you Monday, oh my that’s crude. I worked in a business that downsized for decades. In the beginning, it was, in hindsight, milk and honey, buyouts, plenty time, job search services. I was one of the few outsiders getting in and figured, based on my real-world experience, I was gone only to be tapped by the bosses boss and told “ssssh, your protected.” I became a starfucker in new stuff development and rollouts so pretty much immune to the disease. As the years rolled by though it seemed that certain HR folks offered “stream lining” and the folks who did that had a certain bent. I though they might be perfect in the Germany of the early 40’s. In the end it was security guards at the cubicle, walk em out, two weeks pay. My boss and I took it on the chin for just saying NO and demanding two weeks for multi-year vets. It was painful all around.

    Fox should be ashamed on so many levels. Wrong thing, wrong way, you suck. And this is from a guy who also feels it couldn’t happen to a better guy than Tucker.

    The problem is there are not many right-wing national outlets for him. The Russian one probably does not have the reach. If he goes podcast, streaming, whatever, his numbers fall. He is kind of out of business, or at least reduced viewers, but obviously he has a ready market no matter what.

    To FOX, he’s just a talking head with charisma, he is replaceable, the audience is there. The fun will be watching the rats claw at each other to get the treasured 8 pm slot.

    I disagree with all the pundits and conclude the reason for all this is Murdoch is old and in the way. He has his ideas, no one will differ, they may not even want to suggest ideas out of fear. Why else would he take this illogical path rather than just pay it off months ago and avoid the discovery and the huge payment. Smartmatic’s sees 1.35B in it’s future.

    I just can’t wait for Dominion skewering Lindell, Powell and Ghouliani who deserve it and then some. Then, on to NewsMax.

    And with Smartmatic, add One America and Dobbs. Let them all face the music.

    With great power comes great responsibility; they have been very irresponsible.

    The fact remains: as long as there is demand, there is supply. And demand is the key. Until folks figure out the lies from the truth and how to find it, the ability to propagandize lies exists. While I feel there’s less of this in MSM, we will always have Hunter’s laptop, NJ’s Menendez, and others like these. We are not Saints in this and should likewise here the Fox shriek (sound that a female fox makes).

    Yes Joe, this is a opinionated rant.

    • Tom

      Good rant Frank!

      Yes I agree with much of what you said. Sad part is that this is a case of being willfully irresponsible. They knew the truth, had multiple opportunities to review and know the truth, and yet they maintained the lie. Smells like ratings took priority over truth to me. They deserve to be slammed. I still think ole Tucker was let go as retribution. In a report some time ago it came out that Tucker knew they were lying and questioned them about it. Hannity and two others told him to shut up. I think one of them was Laura Ingraham. Tucker thought it was crazy that FOX was spreading lies. I think between his emails to them and conversations on air, he was one of the biggest damning witnesses to FOX’es case. Hence the firing. You are correct, FOX did things in very poor taste! Also, Tucker did not like Trump anymore than Larry does. And where was Trump in all of this, well, he walked away clean and did nothing to help them just like he did with his CFO and others.

      Yes I am looking forward to Dominion skewering Lindell, Powell and Ghouliani, and looking forward to the Smartmatic suit. Again, all of these people lied for Trump, and now seem to be on the verge of sacrificing their lives for Trump. And where is Trump again? Not doing a darn thing for them. What amazes me most is that whether you like these people or not, I think we can agree that they are intelligent people. So what kind of magic does Trump have? Or is Trump fulfilling a deep down wish that these folks wish they would have had a strong father figure, so Trump becomes their daddy magnet? I am truly puzzled on this!

      Yeah I was downsized twice, it is very disruptive. Sucks!

  7. frank stetson

    The magic is pride and power. They want the power and their pride blocks their vision. Some believe, some like Tucker are showmen. Trump is unusual, he is both. He believes what he says as showman. I mean the guy is often on record covering a bald-faced lie with a lie — that’s unique and sociopathic at the same time.

    But Trump has the strength and stamina of a crack addict with unlimited supply. His muscle memory is that of a street-savvy Mafiosi and he acts and creates his organization that way. He is, after all, the Don. I this point, he runs on instinct able to gain investment dollars, sell crap to suckers, avoid convictions through stalling or payoffs. I once said his organization probably has five guys in brand management and thousands of CPA’s and lawyers on retainer.

    “I will fight to the end” Lindell will be delicious. The others are just normal Trump crazies. Good people :>)

    I always missed downsizing; got nailed once but saved by a Sales VP, and ended up on Wall Street a few years before the tragedy. I was lucky to be away on that day, but my friends…. So, just some nerves for me. I downsized others a few times and hate it; the whole affair, pushing back on the “out the door” policy of the moment, all left a bitter taste that signaled my time for departure was nearing.

    All in all, only two white collar jobs in my life, but on the second I basically did something brand new every two years and worked some many markets, it was always exciting. People would say: “you need to move every so often, and I responded that I did, but without moving. Money was pretty good too and I had a fantastic rabbi for a good amount of the time — perks and bonuses a plenty. Loved it when, she too of maturing age, said: “just take the boondoggle, they owe you.” I had started my career as an high tech industry pundit, best in my field but not bragging because it was a case of none else wanted the job…. So, when boss said this, I just started talking for a couple years. I was not even close to the best, but I was “entertaining and interesting.” I have the score cards :>)

  8. Tom

    Frank and Larry, Bill O’Reilly gave an interesting five minute discussion regarding the reasons FOX parted ways from Tucker. As you know, Bill has experience with FOX.

    See it at *,vid:R_8SEODqQA8*

  9. frank stetson

    Yeah, everyone is guessing. Mine is more simple, more basic: Murdoch done gone round the bend and over the hill and he’s biden’ing it as in bat shit crazy.

    Just a guess, but Murdoch has moved past mercurial and right into erratic as of late. Tried to merge FOX with NewsCorp then walked it back. Dumped WDJ Editor for Sunday Times editor. Australian editor quit. Fought defamation to the death and then after divulging all his dirty news, paid off. Got engaged in March, went out of his way to let Cindy Adams announce, got unengaged to 66 year old in April.

    Methinks he’s gone round the bend, no one will differ with him, would you? And, based on his recent actions, reactions, reversals, and false-starts, Murdoch’s state of mind, and temperament can be questioned.