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Former Trump Official Warns Biden: ‘Don’t Let Chinese Propagandists Take Advantage of You’

Former Trump Official Warns Biden: ‘Don’t Let Chinese Propagandists Take Advantage of You’

Miles Yu, a historian and strategist who helped shape the Trump Administration’s China policy, is urging President Joe Biden not to let the Chinese propagandists take advantage of him.

Yu’s warning follows the Biden Administration’s first high-level talk with Chinese diplomats, which took place earlier this month in Anchorage, Alaska. As I wrote in a previous article (click here), the meeting began with an unusually harsh exchange that reporters caught on film.

At the start of the meeting, Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi criticized the US on human rights. He cited the Black Lives Matter protests and accused the US delegation of speaking to him in a “condescending way” after Sec. of State Antony Blinken described a number of Chinese activities as ‘threatening the rules-based order that maintains global stability.’

Yang is a man known for his diplomatic finesse. His uncharacteristic aggression suggests he has clear orders from the CCP to act this way, explains Yu. Though it is “absolutely crazy” for him to lecture the US on the virtues of democracy given China’s long pattern of human rights abuses.

The Chinese delegation didn’t come to Alaska to solve problems, but to promote their own agenda, continues Yu.

“They are here to basically try to discredit American democracy, try to score a cheap shot…They come here basically to shift the focus of the real issue of the day, which is the global challenges posed by the Chinese Communist Party.”

Those challenges include:

  • The takeover of Hong Kong and expected takeover of Taiwan
  • The Belt and Road Initiative infrastructure project 
  • Aggression in the South China Sea
  • Religious persecution of Uighur Muslims
  • Intellectual property theft and cyberattacks
  • The infiltration of America’s educational institutions
  • The recent deal with Russia to construct a moon base
  • The possible manufacture and release of COVID-19
  • Plans to replace India as the international figurehead of Buddhism
  • The growing presence of Chinese media in Western countries
  • The recent cooperation deal with Iran. 

According to polls, public opinion of the CCP in the US, Canada, and other nations has reached a historic low. Up to 70% of Americans think the government should stand up to China’s human rights abuses if even it damages bilateral ties.

“We Americans criticize our system because we wish our system to be better,” continues Yu. “When the Chinese Communist Party criticizes the American system, it doesn’t wish us well. It challenges the foundation of American democracy. It basically tries to destroy the entire system of freedom and democracy.”

Moving forward, Yu urged Joe Biden and his administration to create a China policy with “unapologetic strength” and “self-confidence in our own democratic system.” 


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  1. Paul Aarnio

    I doubt that Biden, Harris or any of their Diplomatic team even understand the concepts Yu is trying to introduce, whereas people like George Marshall, Ronald Reagen and Donald Trump instinctively know how to deal with bullies and idealogues and know how make them dance to your tune.

  2. Henry

    Too late!! Biden has already been turned, signed and paid for to China!!


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