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Former Senator Says UFOs Are Real!

Former Senator Says UFOs Are Real!

UFOs have been making a lot of headlines lately, and not only in the usual tabloid press. The recent release of formerly classified footage by the Navy that the Pentagon has confirmed shows an engagement with “unknown aerial objects,” has gone a long way to legitimize years of skepticism about UFOs and UFO sightings.

Now, a well-known retired US Senator has gone on record, saying that UFOs are real!

Senator Harry Reid gave an interview to Motherboard where he expressed his dissatisfaction with the ongoing silence by the government about aliens and UFOs. He also opened up considerably about his own views on the subjects of UFOs and the possible existence of extraterrestrial beings.

Reid, a Democrat, served as a United States Senator from Nevada from 1987 to 2017. He was the Senate Majority Leader from 2007 to 2015 and was always a well-respected member of the body by both parties.

During his tenure as a Senator, and since leaving political life, Reid has done more than any other lawmaker to support the search for UFOs, which he says doesn’t mean a whole lot.

“The sad part about it is no one else has done anything, so saying I’ve done more than anybody else is no big deal,” Reid told Motherboard on the CYBER podcast. “There’s no one doing anything and that’s too bad.”

Reid was the architect of two Pentagon programs designed to look for and study UFOs, unidentified aerial phenomena, and advanced propulsion technologies. These two programs, called the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program and the Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Applications Program, had $22 million in funding between 2007 and 2012 through a Congressional “black budget,” and were run through a company called Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies, which worked on it along with the Pentagon.

As far as the “little green men” go, Reid was rather candid about that. He said we would have to be “a little short-sighted if we think we’re the only species in the entire universe.”

UFOs are similarly a settled matter for Reid, who has been working on this subject under the covers for decades. He told Motherboard that the number of credible people who have reported such encounters is not in the tens or the hundreds. It’s in the thousands. He also became one of the few elected public officials that has admitted that one of our nuclear missile sites in the Dakotas was effectively shut down when “something” was hovering over it. Reid further gave a nod to the accuracy of reports stating that communications systems among our carrier groups in the Pacific have similarly been temporarily lost when the “Tic Tacs” (DoD speak for UFOs) were in the vicinity.

As for what we need to be doing, Reid was emphatic that our elected officials need to be pushing this issue and that the public should be entitled to know about any information that can be safely released.

“I think that we need to fully understand this and have no boundaries on what we look for,” he added. “And I repeat now for the second or third time that people should not be afraid. I think that too many of my legislative friends are afraid to go into this because someone will think that they’re some kind of a nutcase. But I went into it and I don’t think it hurt me politically.”


What do you think of a government official finally coming forward and saying he believes in ETs and UFOs? Please reply using the comments below.







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  1. Carolyn Esparza

    I think the public at large would be intrigued to know the true findings about UFO’s.

  2. Darryl Super


  3. Blue

    Don’t like harry reid, But, definitely agree with him on this UFO deal.

  4. Stan

    I witnessed a sighting while piloting an airliner from Atlanta to LA at night.

  5. Mark Wohl

    I believe we are not alone in the universe. However, the stars and planet that might harbor life in our universe are so far away it would take thousands of years for another life to travel here we’d never be able to find live aliens. Unless other worldly beings have found a way to fly faster than light we’ll never see them

  6. Les

    I believe l saw one while in basic at Paris Island walking guard Duty at 2 in the morning off the coast.

  7. Mark Anthony Droz

    I believe in all things paranormal and that they are related in some way to each other whether they are extraterrestrials, cryptids (such as Bigfoot), ghosts and demons. They are all interdimensional or live in an alternate universe.

  8. Joseph Kinge

    When we visited other worlds, including the moon, we left signs, flags, and messages saying we visit in peace. Why would any kind of advanced civilization be any different? Why would they sneak around? No, Harry, we have NOT been visited yet. But don’t let that stop you from looking up wherever you go! Keep your head in the clouds and, keep us informed.

  9. JEff

    More proof Democrats are lunatics.
    I wouldn’t believe anything coming out of Harry Reid’s mouth.
    If you dig deep enough, you’ll probably find he got a kickback on that 22 million

  10. Dale Head Sr

    I believe there are other inhabited planets. What type of creatures? Nobody knows. If we don’t destroy ourselves, some day we will most likely find out. If you go back enough years there were no humans on Earth. It’s all about time.