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Former Sec. of Defense Gates Affirms Clinton Server Likely Compromised

Former Sec. of Defense Gates Affirms Clinton Server Likely Compromised

PB has written several articles detailing the utter stupidity of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s actions when she decided to use her homebrew server instead of the more private and secure State Department system. This week, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told radio host Hugh Hewitt the odds are “pretty high” that Hillary’s server was infiltrated by America’s enemies. 

It is likely that her easy-to-hack server was accessed by the Chinese, Russians, Iranians, and other sophisticated services. The information they gathered from her emails could have affected serious events such as the negotiations leading up to the nuclear deal with Iran and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine – not to mention the billions of dollars that information may have cost the United States. 

Furthermore, it has been proven that the use of her ‘secret’ server endangered sensitive information regarding the movements of Americans in Benghazi as the situation worsened. Not only did Hillary abandon her team, she handed over the details of their whereabouts to our enemies!

It gets worse. Last Friday I wrote about the Inspector General’s investigation that found several dozen SAP emails on Hillary’s server. SAP (special access programs) is a step above TOP SECRET; as a law enforcement member told Fox News, it’s “the most sensitive of the sensitive.”

And now this woman, this traitor, is attempting to seize control of the United States by becoming president. What’s even more unbelievable is the fact that she has remained the frontrunner of the Democratic Party despite her lies, scheming, and treasonous behavior. 

Editor’s note:  We made this call back in March when the story broke, but we are glad Mr. Gates (former CIA director as well as Secretary of Defense) finally stepped up and admitted this was a grossly naive and dangerous act by Hillary Clinton.  Other’s have speculated, but Gate’s admission is confirmation of this horrible crime.

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