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Former Intel Officer: Want All of Hillary's Emails? Ask the Russians, They Probably Have the Full Set.

Former Intel Officer:  Want All of Hillary's Emails? Ask the Russians, They Probably Have the Full Set.

I’ve written about this a few times, Hillary Clinton’s use of a private and unsecure email server is a devastating problem for her in her bid for the Presidency. Two minor developments.

First, according to Breitbart, emails have been discovered between Mrs. Clinton and former General Petraeus in Jan/Feb of 2009. This contradicts her signed affidavit swearing her use of the private server began in March 2009. While I doubt this will add years to her prison sentence, but it shows yet again her lack of integrity. According to press reports, the FBI continues to attempt to pull information off of the confiscated server.

In the meantime, in testimony on cybersecurity before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Mike Rogers the Director of the U.S. Cyber Command of NSA and Chief of the Central Security Service reluctantly admitted Hillary Clinton’s use of a private (and unsecured) email server presented an “opportunity” for foreign intelligence services. Really? 

As a former officer in U.S. intelligence, I can tell you the Director’s comments were grossly understated.  As noted in previous articles, to get the private conversations of the American Secretary of State is an intelligence coup that would make the career of any intelligence officer in the world, including Russia, China, Iran, ISIS or others, both friends and foes.  Believe me they were on top of this.

While no official report has been generated, and court cases abound, the suspected damage includes the revelation of sensitive information about the whereabouts and travel plans of USG officials in Libya (that could have contributed to the Benghazi attacks), top secret information from spy satellites regarding nuclear capabilites in North Korea, sensitive conversations between Clinton as Secretary of State and other diplomats and much more.

Author’s (sarcastic) note: Press reports indicate Clinton is being evasive and not providing all of the information from her email server.  Can we just send a note over to the Kremlin?  I’m sure they would be happy to provide us a complete set from their archives.

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