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Former Intel Officer: Drone strikes inside the U.S.? Ben Carson, doesn't quite get it…

Former Intel Officer:  Drone strikes inside the U.S.? Ben Carson, doesn't quite get it…

In a story from WND, Ben Carson is quoted as recommending drone strikes on caves that illegal immigrants use to cross the border.  He quickly added that he would not use drone strikes on people.

At PBP, we love Ben Carson, he is compassionate, straightforward and a great human being.  But this really had me rolling my eyes.   It shows he really hasn’t a clue when it comes to military and enforcement matters.  Where are his advisors in this?  This is an embarrassing gaff. 

Ben, the problem isn’t destroying the caves. It’s finding them in the first place.  There won’t that many because caves take a lot of work, and then you have to be sneaky in hiding all that dirt.  And they are actually easy to destroy, you don’t need to disturb your constituents by flying armed drones inside America.  Most of us don’t want military weapons flying over our heads on a daily basis.

If you do manage to find the caves, why not drive up to the cave with the local sheriff, have him plant a couple hundred bucks worth of dynamite and blow the cave out of existance.  Perhaps after exploiting the hole for intelligence or maybe even staking it out to catch the “coyotes” (criminals who facilitate illegal immigration) who dug the cave in the first place.  Easier, faster cheaper and completely compatible with the law enforcement mission.

We are talking about U.S. territory, that we control and have access to every inch.  A local sheriff, DEA or border patrol will do just fine.  

Drones with special sensors may assist in finding where people are crossing (successive overlaid images with illegals lit up in infrared, leads you right back to the crossing point…), but they can’t see underground (there are other techniques for this, we’ve been working on finding caves a long time…).  The very expensive missiles a drone carries have nowhere near the explosive capability to destroy a cave underground.  They are meant for blowing up cars and people.  The ground is hard…

This may be too much of a learning curve for Mr. Carson.


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