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Former Clinton Enemy Donates $1m to Clinton Foundation

Former Clinton Enemy Donates $1m to Clinton Foundation
In 1997, Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy tacitly accused Bill and Hillary Clinton of murder. In 2015, Ruddy donated $1 million to their foundation. As for what happened in between, it’s not entirely clear.

After Vince Foster, an adviser and friend of the Clintons, apparently committed suicide, Ruddy wrote a book entitled “The Strange Death of Vince Foster.” This book chronicled the events surrounding Foster’s death and called into question how exactly he died and whether there might be something the media or the Clintons were hiding. The implication is clear from the text: Ruddy believed that there was foul play involved and the Clintons were responsible for Foster’s death.

Ruddy then became acquainted with Richard Mellon Scaife, a sworn enemy of the Clintons. For years the two fought side by side against Bill, then Hillary Clinton. Scaife invested in Ruddy, giving him millions of dollars to build Newsmax. Ruddy built his right-leaning website, billing it as a softer, gentler, version of Fox News.

Why Ruddy had a change of heart and began backing Clinton is not known. There is no obvious reason why a CEO of an ostensibly conservative site would suddenly start supporting a liberal Democrat, especially the same liberal Democrats he’d previously fought so hard against. We can only speculate on his reasoning.

The million-dollar donation went to the Clinton Foundation, which takes on a series of global health issues and is meant to empower women and girls worldwide.

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