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Foreign Relations on the Road to Recovery

Foreign Relations on the Road to Recovery

Foreign relations may have deteriorated in recent years, but Donald Trump’s election is already starting to patch up many of the rifts opened up by Hillary and Obama. 

As I wrote on Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte have both offered their congratulations to the President-elect, the latter even promising to reverse his decision to cancel military exercises between the two nations.   

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov stated that Russia is ready to begin repairing relations with the US despite knowing little of Trump’s policy plans. Authorities realize there will be differences between Trump’s election campaign promises and the policies he will implement once in office, and Ryabkov reminds us that Russia remains in full support of the nuclear deal with Iran despite Trump’s vow to dismantle it. 

Chinese President Xi Jinping was less enthusiastic with the election results, but seems ready to move beyond past grievances. “The facts prove that cooperation is the only correct choice for China and the United States,” said Xi. 

Trump was not kind to China during his campaign, promising to tax imported goods by as much as 45% and label the nation a currency manipulator.  

There has been much speculation as to how Trump’s victory will affect issues facing the world’s two greatest economies, but according to Trump’s presidential transition office the two leaders have “established a clear sense of mutual respect.  

We must work together to “promote the two countries’ economic development and global economic growth,” said Xi, and “push for better development going forward in China-US relations.” 

Trump’s election was a death knell for the US-led TPP, but China hopes to establish an Asia-Pacific free trade area and plans to promote this idea at an upcoming summit in Peru.

Meanwhile, The Global Times reports that China would “paralyze” bilateral trade if Trump makes good on his promise to tax imported goods. The paper pointed out that such a move could have disastrous effects on Apple and US auto sales in China. 

“Trump, coming from a business background, is very astute. We do not believe he will treat China-US trade so childishly,” the report continues.

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