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Food Stamp Enrollment Has Plummeted in the Last Year

Food Stamp Enrollment Has Plummeted in the Last Year

According to recent data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA,) food stamp enrollment has dropped in 47 out of 50 states over the last year.

Specifically, some states saw more drastic drops than others. Texas saw a 32.2 percent decrease in food stamp recipients, North Carolina saw an 18.9 percent drop and Alaska saw a 15.2 percent drop.

The USDA also found that over 3.5 million Americans are no longer collecting food stamps since President Donald Trump took office.

In February of 2017, 42,134,301 Americans were collecting food stamps through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP.) But in September 2018, this number dropped significantly to 38,577,141.

Food stamp enrollment has seen a consistent decline for 11 straight months.

Breitbart claims this is “attributed to the Trump USDA’s efforts to reform SNAP and other welfare programs, as well as an improving economy, but there are also other less concrete reasons why food stamp participation is on the downswing.”

Breitbart also said that this may be also because of impending immigration policy that keeps immigrants from getting permanent residency if they are accepting welfare.

But the booming economy has also fostered a market great for those looking to get a higher paying job. The demand for workers is particularly high, meaning wages have increased as more employers try to lure in new talent.

This also means those with less education are being considered for positions they would not have been considered for in the past.

Author’s note: As the economy continues to improve, the fewer Americans will have to collect welfare benefits. The Trump administration also has plans to reform the welfare program, so less are taking advantage of the system.

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  1. Ben zomok

    you walk around the store looking for sale items .you buy the baceis, you get your basket about half full .wishing you could splurge and buy a few treats for the family. but you don’t, you have a light bill, water bill, gas bill, and you know you need gas for your car too go to work. then you get behind someone in the checkout line with a huge basket full, and guess what!!! they pay with food stamps.

    • John Mackey

      I know this all to well as I see it when I go to do my own shopping. The lady in front of me can barely speak English and she’s got a cart of about $200 plus of groceries many things which I’ve not been able to purchase for a long time and would love to. And she pays with her EBT card. It’s pretty bad when a veteran can barely pay for the bare essentials to live on and the illegals come here and they’re living the good life.

  2. Marcus

    I’m 65 and live alone on $1118 per month Social Security. Nothing else. Tried getting food stamps about six months ago but was denied because I make too much money. Bit perplexed how that happened.

  3. JoAnn Harvey

    As for the issue of who is paying for food stamps? I worked for years and help others for years. As for when I stopped working I only received a little bit of stamps .I can hardly make it. SO as for having a shopping cart full of food is not me.As for treating myself yes I do sometimes.But not all of the times. As month to month food stamps being cut,so the little bit that I get is cut down even more.

  4. shelba herring

    If the illegals were cut off from food stamps there would be more for the US citizen

  5. Shelba Herring

    funny I filled in the required fields you just didn’t like my comment

    • Joe Gilbertson

      I truly, deeply, passionately love your comment…

  6. Shelba Herring

    funny I filled in the required fields you just didn’t like my comment and it is not a duplicate comment this is the second one I made the other was about food stamps so I dare you to publish this one unless you don’t have the courage to do it

    • Joe Gilbertson

      I swear, on my grave, that I have both the true love and the undying courage to post your comment.

  7. mousekiller

    Cut off the illegals from any welfare and the savings for one year is far more than the wall will cost to build.. when our citizens work a life time and then retire and cannot have much of a life due to SS and the rising costs it is time to rethink who we vote for. the illegals are simply out criminals. Why support them when the willingly break the law. If an american citizen did in any other country I hate to think of how their life would be. NON existent.

  8. Pete Estrada

    When will the welfare food basket instead of cash go into effect? That will drop a bunch of fraud