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Florida GOP Bill May Outlaw the Democratic Party

Florida GOP Bill May Outlaw the Democratic Party

A Florida Republican is pushing a bill that could eliminate the state Democratic Party.

State Sen. Blaise Ingoglia introduced a bill to require the state Division of Elections to reject the electoral filings of any political party that “previously advocated for slavery.”  

Dubbed “The Ultimate Cancel Act,” state Sen. Blaise Ingoglia’s plan would automatically notify members of a “canceled” party that it had been dissolved and to change their party affiliations to “no party affiliation,” NBC News reported.

The measure would apply to parties that had “previously advocated for, or been in support of, slavery or involuntary servitude,” meaning it would affect the Democratic Party, which traditionally advocated for slavery prior to the Civil War. It does not explicitly mention the Democrats, however.

Ingoglia indicated that the measure was in retaliation for Democratic activists “trying to ‘cancel’ people and companies for things they have said or done in the past,” the outlet noted.

Florida has increasingly skewed Republican in recent years, with Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis winning reelection in 2022 by a decisive 19 points in the formerly purple state.

In the wake of that electoral rout, state Democrats tapped Nikki Fried to lead a party teetering on the edge of irrelevance. The Florida Democratic Party was predictably irate over Ingoglia’s proposal.

“Presenting a bill that would disenfranchise 5 million voters is both unconstitutional and unserious,” the party told NBC News. “Under Ron DeSantis, Senator Ingoglia is using his office to push bills that are nothing more than publicity stunts instead of focusing on the issues that matter most to Floridians.”

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  1. Tom

    I agree with the Dems on this one. The bill is goofy. Besides, all they would have to do is put the word “New” in front of their party name to get around it. The whole thing is rather stupid. I expect more intelligence from the GOP.

    • R. Hamilton

      I disagree with the left on everything including their existence. Still, the rename trick has been done before. West Germany banned the KPD (Communist Party of Germany) as extremist in 1956, but a portion of them came back in 1969 as the DKP (just shuffled the words in the name). Meantime they became pretty much irrelevant though, which is not as good as being totally gone but better than nothing. Besides, in the US case it would be a grounds to pound home the idea that the Democrats are STILL just about as racist as back when they were the party of slavery.

  2. Wyatt Earp

    Yes! Push it through! Democrats only know how to LUES, CHEAT AND STEAL, FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

  3. Richard Young

    I would like to see the Democrat Party banned in America and I am pretty certain the Democrats would LUV to see the Republicans banned as well.

  4. frank stetson

    Morning Glory! I see you picked up on today’s Florida fantasy from the tin foil hat state. Retribution is in! Disney is out. Retaliation is cool! Gays are not cool. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Republican. Do unto others however it floats thy boat. He who lives in glass houses should throw the first stones, a lot of them.

    • Florida Phil

      Anyone whom chooses the name of a legendary article of clothing to be should spend their surname should be banished to Hell forever.

      • Tom

        Any anyone who chooses their surname to be the name of a ground hog should be there with them in hell.

        • Theodore

          Anyone lame enough to get into a word game like this should quit posting. (That includes both you and the brain-dead hat guy).

  5. allan enkin

    The legislation is not the point. The history of the Civil war in the United States is not being taught in schools with all of the political implications of today. The Democrats were the party of slavery but now call Republicans ,who were responsible for freeing the slaves,”racists” and Trump supporters “the unwashed”. The truth will set everyone free knowing the Democrat party never changed, and now views all Americans as “slaves” to the party of fascism and totalitarianism introducing and implementing “The Green New Deal”

  6. frank stetson

    As everyone knows, the Stetson hat was named for the maker, John B. Stetson. His name was on the rim. As a name, it’s gender neutral, and means fist fighter, boxer. Frank means to be free, free to express yourself.

    Florida is Spanish for flowery or covered in flowers. Phil is Greek (of course), for horse-lover, one who is fond of horses.

    So, my name describes a fighter for free expression. Phil’s is for a flowery guy fond of horses.

    Way to pick a fight Dude :>)

    • Theodore

      Any time lame-ass.

  7. Infiniteright

    There is nothing democratic about the democrat party. Please stop giving them credence by referring to them as the “Democratic” Party.