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Flashback to the Atrocities of WWII

Flashback to the Atrocities of WWII

A friend posted this on Facebook.  I don’t know where it came from but I thought I would share it. Its very powerful.


In the final moment of her life, she waits for the bullet to enter her brain, and she does nothing. She knows there’s nothing she can do.

I wonder what she’s thinking. Does she wish she fled when she had the opportunity? Does she wish she fought when it was still possible? Maybe she did. Is she wondering what people will say in the future? Does she have relatives? Does she have children? Did any of her relatives survive?

And what about the monster in the form of a human being, holding the gun? Was she ever punished? Did the world look at her as just another hypnotized drone that was only following orders?

Here’s what I know. That woman is my wife. That woman is my mother. That woman is my sister. That woman is my daughter. When I look at that picture that woman is every Jew in the world. We didn’t run when we had the chance. We didn’t fight when we had the chance. And those of us who were not caught behind the gates of hell, did almost nothing to help our brothers and sisters as their bodies went up the chimney.

The Nazi with the gun? She is every Jew hater in the world who wishes they can go back and repeat this. There is no guarantee that it won’t happen again, but here is one promise that I and many more like me have made:

We will never go willingly again. You may come for us again, but this time we will be waiting. We will fight with everything we’ve got, and we’ve got plenty. You may succeed, you may not. That is in God’s hands. But we will never again stand helplessly waiting for your bullet. That scene shall never take place again. We will never again get on our knees and beg for our lives. We will never again ignore the suffering of our brothers and sisters no matter where they are. And if our Jewish leaders try to convince us to stay calm and “not do anything rash,” we will not follow them.

Remember the Warsaw Ghetto? There’s a reason this day was designated as Holocaust Memorial Day. It is the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. Today is the day the Jews of Warsaw rose up and killed Germans who thought they would walk into the ghetto and peacefully transport the cooperatives Jews to their deaths. Today is the day we honor those who taught us the meaning of ‘Never Again’ and held off the mighty German army longer than France.

Today was the day designated as Holocaust Memorial Day, to teach the world that we will no longer go peacefully into the ovens. We have an Army, we have an Air Force and if any country wants to put us back in the ovens we have the ability to turn them into one big microwave oven.

The Holocaust taught us a terrible terrible lesson. We do not intend to learn it twice.

Editor’s note:  I keep a copy of Mein Kampf on my book shelf, and I have indeed read it.  A first reaction might be that this is horrible. But believe me I’m no fan of Hitler, the opposite in fact.  If you never want this kind of monster to rise again, you had better know enough about Hitler to see him coming. Its a two word answer “Never Again.”

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  1. JOHN

    I’m a historian who’s field of study is the Two World Wars and the Socialist movements that dominated that time period, Can you tell what is you’re source material for this interesting photo? I would like to research it origin further. I thank you for any assistance you may be able to offer.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      random facebook post, no further information

      • JOHN

        Any information on the Facebook user who posted it?

        • Joe Gilbertson

          It was a post from someone who posts 10 items a day, not a good enough lead to track down…

  2. philip warden

    Just Stand there .I don’t care what you say.this is one old boy that would have fought them tooth and nails biting and scratching .I’d took at least one of those SOB’s with me.


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