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'First Lady' of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge dies at 83, killed 2 million to create 'agrarian utopia'

'First Lady' of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge dies at 83, killed 2 million to create 'agrarian utopia'

Ieng Thirith, sister-in-law to Cambodian dictator Pol Pot and a leader of the communist Khmer Rouge, died Saturday.  She was one of the few women behind the horrors of the “killing fields” era in Cambodia. Her victims never saw her face a trial for her heinous crimes, she was judged incompetent and released in 2012 after being diagnosed with progressive dementia.

Overall the Khmer Rouge killed over 2 million people through starvation, forced labor and execution, roughly a quarter of the population of Cambodia (1960’s through 1997).  The intent was to create an “agrarian utopia” in the socialist/communist tradition.

Author’s note:  Our purpose for writing this is to show the folly of socialism and communism as a poltical-economic means of government.  The commonality is shown though history, Lenin killed about six million people, Stalin killed 30 million people, Mao killed 25 million people, all in an effort to force a population into a socialist/communist mold that was not compatible with human nature.  In every case, it has failed, human nature will not be denied.

I find it ludicrous that Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, is gaining ground based on political-economic proposals shown to not work over and over again. And it’s not just the uninformed who support him. Can we please get democracy and free enterprise added back to our education system so we don’t fall into this trap?


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