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FIRED! World Renowned Zoologist Who Claimed Polar Bears are not Threatened by Climate Change, Loses Job

FIRED!  World Renowned Zoologist Who Claimed Polar Bears are not Threatened by Climate Change, Loses Job

In May, the University of Victoria rejected the renewal application of Susan Crockford, a world-renowned expert in animal bone identification who had represented the school through its Speakers Bureau for 10 years.

The denial, which Crockford claims is related to her controversial claims about polar bears, revokes her affiliation with the school and deprives her ability to apply for research grants.

In her 2019 book The Polar Bear Catastrophe that Never Happened, Crockford explains that polar bears are thriving (despite melting ice) and that scientists have concealed polar bear population growth after the species was falsely listed as “threatened.”

“When push came to shove, UVic threw me under the bus rather than stand up for my academic freedom,” says Crockford. 

Her situation is the perfect example of a growing trend called “cancel culture,” when professors and scientists who fail to agree with popular ideas are pushed out.

“Professor after professor has been hounded, silenced, censured, or fired for speaking out against the approved man-made climate crisis narrative,” argues author Marc Morano. “The message to any climate dissenter in academia is once again reinforced: Stay silent with your skepticism or risk endangering your career.”

Susan Crockford has an impressive resume. She earned her doctorate from UVic in interdisciplinary studies (biology and anthropology) in 2004 and was awarded a Ph.D. for her research on dog evolution.

In 2006, she published groundbreaking research about the thyroid and how it drives evolutionary change. One year later, she was featured in a PBS documentary on dog domestication.

Crockford is a signatory of the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change’s Manhattan Declaration, which claims human activity and greenhouses gases have had little effect on global temperatures.

Between 2011 and 2013, she was paid by The Heartland Institute to share research that was overlooked by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

For example, the IPCC’s report “Global Warming 1.5°C” (which is often cited by activists as proof of impending doom) contains nothing to suggest the world will burn or that humans will become extinct. Nearly all claims in the report are listed ‘medium confidence,’ which is essentially a rating of 3 of 5.

In 2017, UVic canceled Crockford’s lectures after activists complained her talks ‘lacked balance.’ One year later, her work was featured in Science, one of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world.

“Put it this way: religion, race, evolution, gender, indigenous peoples, nuclear power, polar bears, deforestation…Any views on these topics that don’t fall in line with the ‘consensus’ are taboo,” explains UVic Economics Professor Cornelis van Kooten. “Think the extent to which free speech has been banned from campuses across much of the West in the name of political correctness.”

Citing a headline in the National Post of Toronto, Crockford argues she was fired for “telling school kids politically incorrect facts about polar bears.” UVic Associate Vice President Michele Parkin denied the accusation but failed to provide a reason for Crockford’s termination. 

This month, Crockford begins a five-country speaking tour in Europe, where she will talk about her research as an internationally-recognized scientist not affiliated with any university. 

Author’s Note: The iconic image of a polar bear ‘trapped’ on a chunk of ice is often used by activists to suggest the harmful effects of global warming. The problem with this is that polar bears can swim – regularly 30 miles or more, and as far as 220 miles – so they are not trapped, they are just fishing.

Furthermore, the official population of polar bears has been estimated between 22,000 and 31,000 (not the few thousand that activists claim).

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  1. Tilly Ardeal

    Justice has been served! Idiot of a “professor”

    • J. R.

      I see you’re one of the “useful idiots” of the left. No scientific rationale for your comment, just regurgitating what you have been indoctrinated

    • Bruna

      Who are you? Better than a professor since you feel so entitled to call hervcd names? Who is the idiot really

    • JanD

      idiot of a commenter, Tilly, when was the last time you were in the arctic or earned a PhD? Or do you just blindly follow the overwrought, tearful autistic wonder? Or pink haired masked morons?

    • Tikvah

      “Justice”? How?

    • Claude Armstrong

      Ardeal, what a dis-informed rant YOU make! IF wisdom had the slightest respect in your brain, there would be utter rejection of the man-caused climate change by ultra wealthy oligarchs whose agenda is to USE DUMBED down people like you to overrun nations and enslave their entire citizenry.

      Get educated and savvy of the hidden agenda, then talk.

  2. Curtis L Jacobs

    This example is one of many that never get highlighted by the PC media and academia. Very disturbing of the direction in all education.

  3. Sheryl

    The days of not getting a job because you are NOT qualified are gone. Now you only get a job when you agree with the management and are willing to lie for them.

    • Roger Kobleske

      Climate change is a scam. There is all kinds of evidence that says so. It isn’t permitted to be published or made known. Who controls this? Elite globalists seeking to establish a one world totalitarian socialist government. That would be EU style. In US it’s focused on taking down our economy by destroying the fossil fuel industry. Truth is fracking and natural gas have reduced our carbon foot print to a number below the expectations listed in the Paris Climate Accord. Can we use solar and wind? Of course we can but not because government requires it but because we freely choose to do so. If activists feel the need to take on someone, go to China the worst of the worst polluters.

  4. Jesse Tiede

    Well, the more that the Leftist controlled academia destroy their own, the more the professionally educated will move to our side! This story, once again, proves that just because you want it to be, doesn’t necessarily mean it will be…

  5. Mike Briseno

    What I’ve heard about this picture, was that a group of scientists were measuring the thickness of icebergs to show how icebergs are melting due to global warming. When the results were not what they expected they took the picture and went on to tell the willing media that things were worst. That icebergs were breaking off so fast that the bears were getting trapped on them.

  6. JC

    This is why you cannot trust the left/liberals. They are all liars and try to suppress real information and data for their greedy goals. The climate change issue is a hoax. The temp changes are not an issue, the water level is stable,none of the dangers have ever occurred. The real measures are those like Obama buying shore line mansions . You know he wouldn’t if there was a real danger. The university in Victoria should be ashamed and their leadership replaced with one dedicated to knowledge not political stupidity! World governments should not dedicate any resources (money etc) to global climate change, warming, whatever. They should continue to encourage environmental responsibility.

  7. JC

    BTW, a group of climate activists had to be rescued from an icebreaker locked in ice in the Barents Sea because the ice was so much further south than they expected. Helicopter crew had to tell them that there were polar bears near their trapped ship!

  8. Warren A Hall

    Absolutely proves the intellectual dishonesty of those associated with the “warmist” bent. A reprehensible action taken to save the corrupt paradigm of the new world order where the elite cleptrocrats take what they want and distribute it to those they like… themselves is exactly what we have here.

  9. Rivahmitch

    This must be considered in light of the Warren policy that ONLY “approved research” will be allowed. Hence research will no longer be about a verifiable search for truth but only about indoctrination of the public. It’s going to be funny (though I won’t live to see it, when, after all this global warming…. er global change crap has destroyed our economy and standards of living, the next glacial age begins 🙂