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Feinstein Needs to Resign before Her Own Party Puts Her Down

Feinstein Needs to Resign before Her Own Party Puts Her Down

With the FBI’s weeklong foray into investigating Christine Ford’s claims against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh winding to a close, all indications point towards no further validation of the nebulous allegations. Of course, the nation’s political elite couldn’t help but almost universally jump the snap count, as Democrat and Republican Senators took to the microphones to lay down their respective narratives.

For Democrats, the message seems to be that Kavanaugh is too tainted for the high court at this point, even absent evidence of his various misdeeds. But while even proven sex offenders like Corey Booker seem to have avoided the ire of the public, by and large, less unscathed and perhaps soon to be besieged on more sides than she might anticipate, is Senator Dianne Feinstein.

The Right Hook:

Republicans in Congress have called for Senator Feinstein, and her office/staff to be investigated in the wake of the Ford testimony in light of strong evidence suggesting Feinstein and Co. engaged in egregious and criminal misconduct.

“This sensitive document was leaked to the media without Dr. Ford’s consent while it was hidden from the majority staff of the Senate Judiciary Committee. These acts demand an immediate and thorough investigation to find out who is responsible,” they wrote.

GOP Reps including Andy Biggs, Louie Gohmert, and Steve King submitted the letter to the ethics committees of both legislative houses contending what by all rights seems to be the clearly apparent case that Feinstein deliberately exposed Ford despite her explicit pleas for the contrary. This is already after mishandling the letter in failing to submit it before Kavanaugh was even yet nominated, which could have saved Ford, and America, dignity.

The scathing allegations read “Dr. Ford testified that she delivered a letter to Rep. Eshoo who forwarded it to Senator Feinstein on July 30, 2018 detailing allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh,” they continue, “In that letter, Dr. Ford asked that her identity remain confidential.”

While Rep. Eshoo at least appears to have kept that promise to their credit, it doesn’t take but half a swing of Occam’s razor to deduce Senator Feinstein broke word, and perhaps the law, in light of Ford’s testimony.

The Left Hook:

If that weren’t enough Feinstein has been facing dissent from her own side of the battle lines as well, in the wake of the 85-year-old seeking yet another 6-year term. While the elite of the Democrat party unsurprisingly haven’t budged on one of their most dominant aristocrats, the commoners of team blue have apparently deigned that enough is enough when it comes to the crumbling Congresswoman.

When Feinstein officially announced her candidacy… yet again, it wasn’t only Republicans groaning at the prospect of 6 more years of immorality and incoherence. Democrats themselves were downtrodden, having failed to convince her to step aside for a younger fresher more progressive face to take the near guaranteed win of a California seat. 

Instead, Feinstein announced her intention to rule into her 90s, unpopularly announcing her candidacy against the wishes of her own supporters. Despite leaving her own state convention with exactly zero endorsements, Feinstein still carried the primary handily; likely largely thanks to her 10-million-dollar war chest used to douse the hopes of upstart ‘poors’ that figured maybe an ancient multimillionaire isn’t the ideal representation.

If you find it hard to fathom that leftists dislike Feinstein too, don’t take my word for it listen to them.


Dianne Feinstein needs to go. Her opponents know it, her allies know it, and Ford and Kavanaugh sure know it, both being denied any semblance of justice by her holier than thou hands.

But while the portents finally now seem to be turning against her, Feinstein has been an immoral overlord for years. She hasn’t just overturned the lives of families like Ford’s, she’s robbed citizens of millions, using her power to make herself and her husband rich.

While Feinstein often enjoys boasting of her achievements to help the poor and underserved sects of America’s citizenry the truth is far less rosy; some might call it criminal. Take this for instance where during the utter depths of the recession where the average American was in a constant state of economic terror and anxiety, Feinstein helped her husband get even richer selling foreclosed homes at extortionate prices thanks to Feinstein’s finagling within the FDIC.

Senator Dianne Feinstein is universally unpopular. She’s facing criminal charges and an investigation with actual potential merit against her. Even before this was the case, she failed to obtain the support of a single party name in her own state. While spending ten million dollars against her own party’s future has gotten Feinstein in all likelihood another term, she desperately needs to take a hint from literally everyone around her friend and foe alike; Feinstein needs to resign.

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