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FEC Sued for Ignoring Clinton-DNC Money Laundering Operation

FEC Sued for Ignoring Clinton-DNC Money Laundering Operation

A pro-Trump PAC is suing the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for ignoring its complaint regarding a money laundering scheme that allowed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign to bypass legal donation limits. 

In a complaint filed last December, the Committee to Defend the President (CDP) claimed the Hillary Victory Fund instructed big-name donors to send money to state parties, which would send that money to the DNC. In some cases, the entire transaction took less than 24 hours. This method enabled deep-pocketed donors to circumvent federal campaign donation limits by sending money to state and local organizations rather than donating directly to Clinton, even though the money ended up going back to her campaign. 

The FEC in December said it received the CDP’s complaint and would conduct an investigation, but, like most crimes involving Crooked H, nothing happened. 

“The Clinton machine has escaped accountability for its illegal practices for far too long,” CDP chairman Ted Harvey told Fox News. “After months of review, the FEC has refused to address the Clintons’ $84 million money laundering scheme that violated several campaign finance laws.”

In a lawsuit filed Monday, the CDP refers to the FEC’s inaction as “arbitrary, capricious, contrary to the law, and an abuse of discretion.” The CDP is now urging the DC District Court to exercise its statutory authority to step in and demand action from the FEC. “The American people demand that our most corrupt political figures answer for their transgressions,” said Harvey.

A lot has happened since the 2016 presidential elections, but the American people haven’t forgotten about Hillary’s crimes. While a mere $84 million in money laundering pales in comparison to her other atrocities, punishing her for it would be a good start. 


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