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FBI Whistleblowers Expose Agency’s Retribution Tactics

FBI Whistleblowers Expose Agency’s Retribution Tactics

Speaking to members of the House Judiciary’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government last week, three former FBI officials warned lawmakers about the retribution they faced after voicing concerns about some the agency’s decisions.

“The FBI will crush you,” warned suspended FBI special agent Garret O’Boyle. “This government will crush you and your family if you try to expose the truth about things that they are doing are wrong, and we are all examples of that.”

O’Boyle testified alongside suspended FBI official Steve Friend and former FBI State Operations Specialist Marcus Allen, all of whom had their security clearances revoked for speaking up about issues including:

  • The FBI’s prioritization of the Jan. 6th investigation over all other cases, even those involving child abuse. 
  • The manipulation of statistics about domestic violent extremism in order to better support the Biden Administration’s political narrative.
  • Discrimination against conservatives both within and outside the FBI.
  • The agency’s investigations into anti-abortion activity following the 2022 Dobbs v. Jackson decision.
  • The FBI’s response to the increasing involvement of Republican parents at school board meetings.

O’Boyle was asked to relocate from Kansas to Virginia for an assignment shortly after he spoke up about some of the above issues. His assignment was cancelled almost as soon as he arrived and his family – including a newborn – was forced to live on charity for nearly two months because the FBI prevented them from accessing their belongings in Kansas.

“I know for a fact that my former supervisor had a meeting with my squad shortly after I was suspended, and he told them that I was going to be arrested, fired, and charged,” said O’Boyle. “So if that’s not chilling, I don’t know what is.” 

Allen, who was suspended after expressing “conspiratorial views” regarding the January 6th riots, told lawmakers that he had received little-to-no word from his former colleagues after being suspended. “[I was] ghosted by everybody.”

Allen added that the FBI ‘weaponized the security clearance processes to facilitate his removal from active duty within one month of his disclosures and initiated a campaign of humiliation and intimidation to punish and pressure him to resign.’

As many have noted, such behavior from the agency will make it almost impossible for Allen to find another job within law enforcement.

‘Instead of hundreds of investigations stemming from an isolated incident at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, FBI and DOJ officials point to significant increases in domestic violent extremism and terrorism around the United States,’ added Friend, whose security clearances were stripped last September after he expressed concerns regarding the inflation of statistics on domestic violent extremism.

The whistleblowers’ testimony was heard on May 18th during a hearing scheduled by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. The hearing supports facts and opinions contained in a 1,000-page report published last year by the committee on unlawful politicization within the Justice Department and the FBI.  

“It’s clear to me that the Justice Department and the FBI are suffering from a political infection that – if not defeated – will cause the American people no longer to trust these storied institutions,” lamented Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), who also testified at the hearing. 

Speaking about the hearing on Fox News, House Weaponization Subcommittee member Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) said that both US Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray should be impeached over the FBI’s treatment of whistleblowers.

Garland and Wray are guilty of ‘egregious abuse, misallocation of law enforcement resources, misconduct at the highest levels of the FBI, and making statements under oath that are complete outright lies to Congress,’ said Steube, who went on to compare the FBI’s partisan behavior to that of Communist China and Russia. “What the FBI has become is the law enforcement arm of the Democratic Party.”


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  1. Tom

    I am not sure that people understand the gravity of having your security clearance taken away. It means that you basically cannot work on anything because most cases at minimum will probably have at least a “Confidential” green marking which means you must have a clearance to view the file. Basically if your security clearance is taken away, about all you can do is get coffee for the boss and sharpen pencils.

    I do reject the notion stated that the FBI has become the enforcement arm of the Dem party. Trump used the FBI and DOJ in a similar fashion. Its all about the org chart as I posted in a previous comment. Look at the org chart and see who the DJO reports too. The DOJ includes the U.S. Attorney General (AG). And the AG is in charge of the FBI. And it all reports to the Executive Branch which right now is Biden. So they will do the top guys bidding. This is the case with all org charts of all companies. The key is to get the DOJ moved under a different branch. I suggested the Justice Branch where the DOJ has a committee that evaluates cases properly to see if enough “qualified evidence” actually exists to move forward with an investigation. And the DOJ committee has a head that reports to the SCOTUS. As long as the DOJ reports to the Executive Branch there will be a problem with weaponization. Its that simple!