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FBI Removed From Election Briefings

FBI Removed From Election Briefings

The FBI will no longer be responsible for conducting election security briefings with presidential candidates after a decision by Acting DNI Richard Grenell to assign that duty to the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC)

“US elections are the foundation of our nation’s democracy,” said NCSC Director Bill Evanina. “We are committed to supporting this Administration’s whole-of-government effort to secure the 2020 election.”

Grenell’s decision comes as the FBI faces increased scrutiny over its political bias relating to Michael Flynn and the Trump Presidency. Last week, we learned Joe Biden himself was one of the Obama officials who sought to unmask Flynn’s name in a classified intelligence report.

Exposed documents suggest FBI agents attempted to get Flynn to lie during an interview. As late as this February, that same agency briefed Bernie Sanders about Russian efforts to aid his campaign.

Moving forward, Mr. Evanina will be responsible for speaking with candidates about developing national security and intelligence matters that could affect their campaigns.

Evanina was confirmed by the Senate as head of the NCSC this month, but has been serving in the role in an acting capacity since 2014.

Evanina will coordinate and lead the briefings to Democratic and Republican candidates, but members from the FBI and DHS may attend. “Bill and our center over the years [have] been involved to some extent,” said an official from Evanina’s office. “This has to be a team sport and we had a role working with others in this space.”

The change in procedure does not affect the role of Shelby Pierson, ODNI’s Election Threats Executive. Pierson’s credibility was thrown into question in February after she told lawmakers that Russia was attempting to interfere in the 2020 election on the behalf of candidates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Pierson was accused of omitting important details and jumping to conclusions that were not included in the intelligence community’s assessment.

According to officials, the intelligence community has determined that Russia is in fact trying to interfere in the 2020 election. The community has separately determined that Moscow views Trump as a leader with whom they can work, but does not have proof that Russia’s interference is designed to boost Trump’s reelection campaign.

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  1. John Kellerman

    About time. The FBI is the most corrupt crime cartel on planet Earth, and by far. They make the mafia look like church deacons.

    • M. Jones

      How right you are. It’s like letting the Chinese attend out national security meetings!

  2. R.F. HORKA

    we need a vaccine and testing for the deep state, until they can prove they are serving the USA and not the dnc they should be locked down. we will wait for fucci & gates to come up with them. until the demos/commies can pass that same test they should be locked down or allowed to move to china or ven.

  3. Betty L. Smith

    How you trust Shelby Pierson after what she has done. You say this doesn’t affect her job which it should.I say get rid of her, also. I believe in every thing Trump is doing, and Obama should be tried and convicted with Biden and all of the others. But we all know this will never happen. The Obama’s will continue to lie and crab money from anybody they can. How did these people get so rich? He didn’t have anything, now he owns a house on Martha’s Vineyard, most likely bought by George Soros, who should have been kicked out of the USA years ago. I’m sure he is wanted in other countries.

  4. Richard Kellar

    Criminal activity is not part of the communist manifesto. It is the basis.

  5. Pamela Corpuz

    I am so glad thAt the FBI is out of the loop . The President needs to rid of Chris Wray NOW the FBI is corrupt he is the pitbull of Andrew Weismann AGAIN RID OF HIM NOW that is why nothing is happening Chris Wray is stopping stuff from getting out there HE NEEDS TO GO . He is an Obama lover not doing the right thing . Until you rid of him he is covering up the FBI PERIOD . Great job RICK GRENELL . I have said from the beginning rod all of Obama holdovers they are corrupt assholes . And now the FBI is hiding Obamas crimes time to see what the FBI is hiding .

  6. Bob101stVet

    Criminal Activity is also the basis of the Democrat Party and numerous high profile democrats, in high ranking positions within the federal government. Unless the Justice Department charges all parties, including Obama, Hilary Clinton and Biden, who were involved in the “criminal conspiracy to overthrow an elected president” and the criminal conspiracy by Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and others, to make false allegations and investigations to destroy President Trump, are brought to trial, I will have no faith in the FBI, no faith in our justice system and no faith in any aspect of the government controlled by the democrats. I have been doing major criminal investigations for more than forty-five years and what I have seen done by the democrats, is truly criminal. You will hear the Attorney General and others in Congress say, they have to have proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Well America, you can take it to the bank, if you or I would have been involved in anything close to what these democrats were involved in and are still involved in, the justice department would find the evidence to convict us. I am a Vietnam Veteran, a retired Police Lieutenant and operate a private investigation company, specializing in murder cases, and I can tell you what the democrats did is criminal, regardless of what Washington tells you. Keep your Powder Dry America, you may end up needing it. We all certainly hope not, but the Federal Government is so corrupt at this time, you may have to fight for your Freedom and Liberties. God Bless America.

  7. Mike

    Alice-As per usual, you missed the boat in your opening statement about the FBI. They knew it was likely that Flynn would lie to them when they questioned him, as it had already been reported that he had misinformed administration officials regarding the substance of his call with the Russian ambassador. There was no “trying to get him to lie”, they simply asked a question and he responded with a lie. As for the second part, how dense do you have to be to know that 2 + 2 = 4. The Russians are interfering in our election-fact #1, the Russians prefer Donald trump because he is somebody they can work-fact #2. And the conclusion is-they are helping biden??? Don’t think so.. I realize conservatives are short on logic, but this defies me…

    • Tit Tat

      It would defy you – it’s more like dividing by 0 where you can come up with any result you want. That’s CNN in a nutshell except that you only hear half of any story so you couldn’t possibly make a reasonable assessment.

  8. GME

    The only fly in the ointment here is why was Shelby Pierson left in place when she’s already been found to have been actively passing misinformation, and attempting to interfere in our elections in a manner unfavorable to both Bernie Sanders and President Trump, claiming any activity by Russians would be solely for the purpose of turning the election in their favor…???

    How is someone so obviously biased and incapable of accurately assessing election interference allowed to remain in the role of the Executive in charge of ODNI’s (Office of the Director of National Intelligence) Election Threats, when she promoted false and misleading information so egregiously only 3 months ago…???

    This totally needs to be addressed, and her either being reassigned to anther position or simply removed from her post… such an individual should not be in such a critical role when she has already exposed herself and proven herself to be so biased and agenda driven herself.

  9. Stephen Box

    The FBI is Corrupt and needs to be Dismantled and shut down fir good. When an Agency heads up a Coup against an elected official everyone involved needs to be Arrested and PUT TO DEATH!!!