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FBI “Out of Control Culture of Corruption?” – Poppycock

FBI “Out of Control Culture of Corruption?” – Poppycock

I read with interest an article in the Washington Times about the “whistleblower” who described the FBI as “out of control” and a “culture of corruption.”

I’m rolling my eyes.

You may have read in my work that I do have a problem with the FBI. I believe there is a layer of useless, corrupt, politically biased liberals at the top that needs to be scraped off. This is the group that has attacked Trump and is a genuine threat to the country.

But I believe that the rank and file agents, the SACs, the field offices and the people who support them from headquarters are true believers in justice. I believe they are the best in the world at what they do (which, if you ask them, is “investigations”), and they do a decent job of managing their caseload and solving the most important problems first.  I don’t believe the political bias extends to this level.

The FBI is a good organization.

The Times article cites a few cases and generalizes (a logical fallacy, of course). The FBI is comprised of 35,000 people. Do you not think there will be casual affairs, serious affairs, unrequited love and occasional idiotic behavior among that many people? I knew of a case in the CIA where two men were posted together in Africa and by the end of their tour, they were married to each others’ wives. An FBI agent “taking an amorous drive” and wrecking his car, as the Times reports, is salacious when you report it like that, but who really gives a crap?

And of course, the Times cites a letter from someone who believes she was “harassed.” She flaps her wings and says the FBI is out of control. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is not a trend, it is an isolated case.

The Times also cites a rule about a SAC (special agent in charge) needing a certain number of open terrorist cases. If you have ever been in the government you know how this works. Word comes from on high that there are quotas you have to meet. “On high” means people who are under pressure to report numbers to politicians who don’t understand how real investigations work.  So someone has to make the numbers work and s&^t runs downhill. It appears that this has become part of the FBI culture to start new “terrorism” cases on less than pristine evidence – I’m imagining they are targeting people they need to target for other reasons. It is poor management and could be considered “corrupt” if you are a jerk. But you would be surprised how often situations arise in government agencies in the field.

If agents were forced to sign false affidavits to be used in court, this is a serious matter.  Since we don’t know the details of this (and probably never will), we don’t know if this was just a minor difference of opinion, or if it was a major untruth.  But let’s not generalize to every field office. The Washington Times doesn’t care, they have the story.

As for the “torrent of FBI whistleblowers,” the Times doesn’t cite a source.  Again, in an organization of 35,000, you aren’t going to keep everyone happy.

I understand the political need to attack the FBI at this time. But the “defund the FBI” memes are just misguided kneejerk reactions. This bothers me more than a little that my side of the political fence would go this direction. But again, with the recent raid on Donald Trump, I understand.

My solution? Let’s fire the politically biased bureaucrats and keep the good guys who keep us safe.

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  1. edi

    Joe, how sure are you? Why, if there are so many “fine upstanding people “, nobody sees anything even a little bit odd about this raid?

    • Tara

      It has long been said, “The FBI eats its own young”. They are a vicious, corrupt organization. They are getting away with this because half the country vehemently hates Trump, and they are taking advantage of that.

      • Joe Gilbertson

        I disagree. It is corrupt at the top, was corrupted by the Obama Administration. Much to salvage here.

  2. duane

    how do you know who the good guys are?

  3. steve

    The fbi is a joke and poorly run POS . I used to think the underlings were good guys Not anymore.. Those pussies keep getting fed shit and ask for more. What good is a corrupt organization ? FK them all from he top to the bottom

  4. bobm

    The culture of an organization flows from the top down. And there were a ton of agents who resigned in protest over the fiasco that is Hillary Clinton – and Jimmy Comey.

    What kind of agents do you think were left and/or came in to replace them?

    Can you be that blind?

  5. Joe

    When FBI whisleblowers are telling us that there are certain bias and rogue leaders’agents,what are we supposed to believe. There actions in the last 20+ years prove ther something seriously wrong, with this organization, at the top down.It needs to be re=organized and the lackeys need to be removed, starting with wray,he has already proved he can’t be trusted.

  6. Jonny Vee

    Any authority that is centralized turns into a demon over time. US should go back to the basic, small government – give the authorities back to the states. There should be no more like in the movies, “This case is beyond the state border. FBI is taking over now” kind of authority. Any federal authorities and institutions, like FBI, DOJ, DoE, etc (including treasury, should merely be a coordinator and let the states cooperate with each other for cross border cases. Let the states allow to decide if the request is legitimate, constitutional or political. This will add another layer of check.

  7. Tony Bell

    Well my response is that the “foot soldiers” of the FBI had better soon start exposing and testifying facts about those that are out of hand, or their entire organization will be considered corrupted to the point of no repair.

  8. Billy W

    FBI needs investigated top to bottom. They have been used to enforce Biden’s take on the citizens of the country for Politics.

  9. Lyudmila

    The FBI organization has completely decomposed. It is required to defund the FBI, and in this place to build a new FBI cleansed of corruption and rot.

  10. Good Luck

    You have to start with getting rid of Biden and his Democrats. The corruption starts with the leaders of this country.